Epilogue. You Are My Dream Come True

One year later

Celebrity, five star life was a lot for Bella to get used to. She wasn't familiar with owning unlimited credit cards, driving sports cars, and vacating in gorgeous, luxury hotels while Jake was on location filming or flying around the world promoting new films; but, it was something she-with time- adjusted to. He was often concerned that it was overwhelming her, so he tried his hardest to shield her from the constant onslaught that accompanied fame and fortune. However, that didn't stop the buzzards from finding loopholes.

When word got out that Jake had proposed to her and she had said yes, they were quite literally swarmed. Press, TV shows, radio stations, magazines, journalists all wanted in on the action. Were they going to have a big, grand wedding? How many guests? How did he propose? Were they selling the wedding photos? Who was designing her wedding dress?

Then, of course, there were the more personal and targeting questions...

Was she pregnant? Why her? Why would he want to commit himself to some coffee shop waitress? What did his parents think of him settling for a "common fan"? Why did he even want marriage at such a young age?

They just wouldn't stop probing. It was becoming ridiculous. Once or twice over the course of their engagement period, Bella had decided enough was enough. She loved Jake, with all her heart, but being slammed and trashed constantly by people who didn't even know her, and judged her without reason was really starting to wear her down. She started to question whether this was all worth it, and found herself listening to their venomous questions. Why did he want her? Was it just the thrill of the chase? But that thought quickly vanished from her head. No, it couldn't be that. After all, they had been together for over two and a half years.

If he only wanted her to gain a thrill of adrenaline, he would have ended it as soon as they started becoming serious. And, he certainly wouldn't have met her family and proposed to her.

Each time she had these doubtful thoughts, Jake would pull her in close, kiss her with everything he had in him, place his hand over her heart, and vow that he loved her and he would until the end of time. Nothing would come between them. He would fight anything that threatened to break them. He wanted her by his side, as his partner and wife for the rest of his life.

Until her heart stopped beating.

Jake was furious with the way his fiancée had been treated. She had done nothing to warrant any kind of bad publicity, yet she repeatedly received it. And every time his spoke to his agent, he was brushed to one side and told, "any publicity is good publicity."

Well that wasn't enough for him. She was going to be his wife. He was not going to have the woman he loved thrown under the bus like this. He would protect her physically and emotionally if it was the last god-damned thing he did!

And that's what happened. After filing for a restraining order to keep the press and journalists away, Jake was later informed by a friend that Sam, Jared and Paul were the ones who tipped off the press regarding where he and Bella would race. With his blood boiling with rage, he confronted them and told them to stay the hell away from he and Bella or there would be consequences. Of course they weren't intimidated by his threat whatsoever, so as back up, Jake asked Alice to do a little digging on them; he needed some leverage of his own. Alice later found that Jared had been having a six month affair with Emily, Sam's girlfriend, while he was away with work.

Jake smiled wickedly; he knew he was stooping to their level, but if he and Bella were going to have their happily ever after-and they were-he knew he needed to sort it out as soon as possible.

He later confronted Jared and told him in a calm and collected manner, that if he ever sees any of their faces again, he will tell Sam exactly what his "best friend" and girlfriend get up to when he's away on business.

It's safe to say Jake hasn't seen or heard from any of them since.


Bella became Mrs. Black on August 5th, on a private and secluded part of Venice beach at sunset. The ceremony was decidedly intimate; the only guests were his parents and sisters, as well as her parents and her nan. She walked barefoot along the warm, sandy beach and wore a simple yet incredibly stunning strapless, full length, chiffon dress designed by Vera Wang. Shelly and Alice were her bridesmaids, who each wore a sage green, satin, one shoulder dress by the same designer. Jake and his groomsmen: Quil and Embry all looked low-key in comparison to Bella. They chose to wear identical, all white, linen, Armani. She carried a bouquet of pure white anemones.

He could barely contain his emotions as a blissfully happy smile broke out on his face, and elated tears stung the backs of his eyes. He watched in amazement as she floated down the beach; the warm summer's breeze lifted her 16ft-long train and allowed it to fly behind her like a delicate mist descending. Jake had never seen her look more beautiful and angelic than she did in that moment.

Tears of adoration, love and devotion blurred their eyes as they gazed at each other with intent ardor. They had waited for that moment for months, hell; their entire lives, but nothing, nothing would ever compare to that moment. The beautiful, life-altering moment when they took their vows and promised to love each other 'til death do them part and they slid beautiful platinum bands onto each others fingers; it was perfect. The world was silent for that brief period of time. Nothing else existed except the newly married Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Black.


Present Day. Two days after the wedding.

The honeymoon.

"I love you so much, did I mention that before?" Bella vowed with a breathtaking smile, standing on her tiptoes and draping her arms around her husband's bronze, broad neck, placing a slow lingering kiss on his lips.

Jake gave a deep, throaty chuckle and kissed his wife back. In a flash, he dropped their luggage, making it crash to the freshly buffed, dark wooden flooring of their honeymoon suite with a loud thud, and pulled her in close. "Really?" He mouthed against her lips with a sexy smile, pecking her once, twice, three times before running his large hands up and over her silk dress, and leaning to whisper in her ear, "I was beginning to wonder," his teeth nipped at her earlobe. "You haven't told me in a really long time," he murmured huskily, before moving back to her perfect lips, kissing her fervently.

Bella moaned loudly against his warm lips, and arched her body into him while her fingertips clung onto his shoulders tightly. She kissed him back with matched passion, needing to make sure he could feel all of her.

Quicker than she could blink, Jake hoisted her into his arms; his calloused fingers encasing her creamy, toned thighs as he kicked the suite door shut with his foot and walked his wife towards their bed. He gently lowered her onto the spongy bedding, his mouth still moving in sync with hers as their tongues plunged into each other's mouths. Bella moaned softly and pushed her hips off of the bed and into his hardness, making him hiss into her mouth. Jake crawled onto the bed, moving her with him and placed his knees on either side of her legs, taking her wrists in one of his large hands and intertwining their fingers.

The faint clinking sound of their rings touching and their lips smacking together echoed throughout the suite like music from heaven. The soft, erotic noises seeping from Bella's mouth just about did him in. It took every ounce of strength he had not to rip off her clothes and fuck her right then, but he wouldn't allow their first time to be some lust-fueled fuck.

Her hands snaked out of his grip and trailed their way over his shoulders, down his spine and under the waistband of his shorts, running her nails over his fine ass.

Jake tore his lips from Bella's and grunted loudly, burying his face in her neck as she wrapped her legs around his waist and began to rock her hips into him.

"Fuck," he swore incoherently, grounding out the words.

She sucked his lower lip into her mouth aggressively and bit down on it, making him hiss in pleasure. She quickly kissed the ache away and released his lips, and pulled back slightly. "Is that so?" She smiled devilishly, quirking her brow at him. "And pray tell oh gorgeous husband of mine, when's the last time I told you of my love for you?"

Jake groaned in happiness and braced himself on his elbows, hovering over her. Fuck he loved hearing that heart-swelling word leave her mouth. "God, I fucking love it when you call me that," he growled vehemently, and swiftly dipping down and captured her lips with his own. "Ten minutes and twenty-seven seconds," he mumbled randomly against her, confusing Bella.

"What's that, honey?" she asked, quizzically.

"The last time you told me you loved me: ten minutes and twenty-seven seconds," Jake replied, his lips leaving her precious mouth and moving down the creamy white slope of her neck, his hands skirting over her body and trailing down to her thighs. His hungry mouth devoured her lips, while his curious fingers crept around the the sexy swell of her ass and cupped her firmly. "Far too long for my liking."

Bella hummed contentedly into the crook of his neck, tilting her head slightly to give him better access as his talented hands and lips ran over her dress and caressed her skin. "Well, I do," she mumbled, lazily. "I love you more than you'll ever know," she proclaimed, passionately.

Jake smiled against her smooth skin, scraped his teeth along the column of her throat, before returning to her lips. She pecked his one last time, and placed a chaste but loving kiss on the tip of his nose and wiggled out of his embrace-much to his dismay. Bella climbed off of the bed and walked over to the stunning stained glass windows, casting her gaze over the mind-blowing view of the entire theme park.

Jake quickly leapt off of the bed, grabbed the "Do Not Disturb" sign, and hooked it over the handle to their suite, then shut the door and turned towards the window, gazing at his beautiful wife in awe.

He shook his head in amazement and ran his hand along the nape of his neck. How did he get so lucky? She was so fucking perfect it was almost unreal. He didn't believe in God, but whatever higher power sent her to him; he would be eternally thankful.

As he continued to watch her, he found himself falling deeper in love. Everything from the way her eyes shone with happiness when they settled upon him to they way her body wrapped around his as they kissed and embraced one another. It was almost as if she were made for him.

Yeah, they were made for one another.

Bella stood by the window, with her left hand resting on the window sill as she looked down to the thousands of people walking the pathways below them. She smiled; she couldn't help it. Somewhere down there was a little girl, much like Bella was when she was younger, looking up at the exquisitely sculptured castle with a dream dancing in her eyes and hope filling her heart. One day that little girl was going to find her Prince Charming and be swept off her feet and taken to a faraway land where nothing but love and happiness resided. He wasn't going to be perfect, but he'd be perfect for her. He'd make her laugh, smile, cry; he'd hold her close when she thinks the world is out to get her and nothing she does is ever good enough. He'd go to the end of the earth and back, climb the rainbow, walk over hot coals... anything, just to be able to say he was the one who put that smile back on her face.

He will love her unconditionally and without restraints for the rest of his life, and the only thing he will ask in return? To be the only man to ever hold the key to her heart.

Tears of joy filled her eyes and blurred her gaze as she cast her eyes down to the stunning platinum wedding band adorning her left hand, and a smile brighter than the sun broke out on her face. After years of telling herself she was jaded, nights reading romantic fairy tales, wishing she would one day find her happy ending, and endless nights dreaming of the day she would meet her Prince Charming; Bella had finally found him.

As if he read her thoughts; a warm pair of golden hands wrapped themselves around her slim waist, while his nose gently brushed along the slope of her neck. "How'd I get so lucky?" Jake said awestricken, placing long, warm and lingering kisses on her milky skin.

Bella bit her lip and leaned back into his warmth, closing her eyes. "I was just thinking the same thing," she breathed, turning to brush her lips across the smooth skin of his cheek. "Thank you so much for this." She motioned around the exquisitely decorated room, then turned her gaze back to him. "I can't believe they actually let us stay here. I mean this place is insane!" she exclaimed, excitedly.

For their honeymoon, Jake had arranged that they return back to the location of their first date: Disneyland. Normally, the one-of-a-kind Cinderella Castle suite cannot be booked by just anyone; Disney decides who can stay there. But that wasn't good enough for Jake. He wanted to take his girl back to the place of their first date, and he wasn't taking no for an answer.

It didn't take long for the them to agree-considering the newlyweds were the couple of the moment, and Disney would thrive from the publicity so it seemed a win-win situation.

They were staying in the A Dream Come True suite in the castle and with the 24-hour concierge and private elevator service, they were being waited on hand and foot. The suite sat four stories high in the iconic fairy tale structure, and boasts every amenity the newlyweds could ask for. Beautiful blood red roses were scattered over the wooden floor and trailed into the master bedroom. The four poster bed which normally held deep, coral blue, organza drapes, now held gorgeous pure white ones. Several white, red and orange candles ranging from tea lights to full length church candles we placed around the room in a romantic and intimate manner. Two crystal champagne flutes accompanied by a bottle of Armand de Brignac, and a platter of mouth-watering milk, white and dark chocolate strawberries were situated on the egyptian cotton bedding, and finishing the look were two long stemmed snowy white and ruby red roses.

The 17th Century bedchamber was built to replicate Rapunzel's private room, with a 600lb antique limestone fireplace which uses fiber optics to create a fire with glowing embers, 8ft tall headboards displaying C for Cinderella and a painting of the Disney princesses that magically transforms into a television.

The bedchamber led to a private sitting room where both Bella and Jake could admire stained glass windows telling the story of Cinderella, while the garden themed bathroom boasts a night sky full of twinkling stars. Placed around the square shaped bath tub were yet more candles and rose petals, with two fluffy Mr & Mrs diamanté bath sheets and robes.

Jake lifted his hands to her soft, silky cheeks and stroked them gently. "Don't worry about any of that stuff, baby. This is our honeymoon. This is our chance to just be Jake and Bells, the young, insanely in love, newlyweds." He smiled, placing his forefinger under her chin and tilting her face up to his. "'Sides, this is where I brought you for our first date, it seemed only right to bring you back here as our first vacation as husband and wife," he finished, proudly.

Bella smirked and kissed the tip of his nose. Nicely done, Black. She thought. Smooth, very smooth.

"This is very true," Bella smirked sexily, suspending her mouth impossibly close to his. "Tell me Mr. Black," she purred, seductively. Turning in his arms and facing him, allowing her fingers to softly, provocatively massage his shoulders. "What are two newly married, crazily in love, young adults going to do in such a big suite?" She fluttered her eyelashes at him suggestively; her lips ghosting over his in a teasing manner.

Jake growled; his body responding to her advances immediately.

"I can think of a few things to keep us occupied," his voice was low and raspy as he dipped down and pushed his lips against hers.

In a flash he gripped her tiny waist with his large hands and lifted her onto the window sill. Bella parted her legs instinctively; her entire body needing to feel the warmth of his body, and licked her lips in anticipation. She wanted those sexy lips on hers more than anything. Hell, she wanted him so badly. Before she could even blink, Jake cupped her velvety smooth cheeks in his hands and plunged his tongue into her depths-searching and exploring every single crevice of her sweet little mouth. He moved his fingers to the soft skin of her neck and twined his fingers around her hair, pulling her face closer.

Bella moaned and sighed contentedly against his mouth as they kissed each other slowly, but extremely passionately.

Yes, this would definitely keep them occupied.


"So, did I do good bringing us back here?" Jake asked quietly, as he smoothed the wet hair from her forehead and kissed her moist skin.

After several hot, sweaty and sticky hours of intense making out, and some extremely passionate and fiery foreplay in practically every room in the suite; they both opted to take a long, relaxing soak in the jetted bathtub.

Bella smiled, nodded and lifted her soapy hand from the water, lacing her fingers with his. "You did better than good, baby. I can't think of anywhere else I'd want to spend our honeymoon." She leaned back, tilted her head up to his and used her free hand to turn his face to hers. "You'll never know how much it means to me that you brought us back here. This place is truly magical."

It was true. She meant every word. Being here, in one of the most romantic and enchanting places on earth, while having her loving husband's strong and muscular arms cocooning them; it was perfect.

But, there was one thing that would make this amazing day complete. Bella wanted to be one with her husband. She wanted to feel that mind-altering connection that only lovers shared.

She desperately wanted to make love to her man.

They had both decided against consummating their marriage on the night of their wedding, as they were both so exhausted - plus they didn't want either of them to feel nervous, pressured or anxious. So they made a pact to let everything flow naturally and when the time was right; they would know.

In Bella's heart, the time was right. She loved him more than words could say. She cherished and worshipped the ground he walked on, but the fleeting, fiery kisses and the hours they would spend pleasuring each other orally, weren't enough anymore.

She needed more...

And little did she know; Jake was thinking the exact same thing.

The endless nights of hearing her moan and scream his name. The way she tasted as she came hard for him. How her body looked as she writhed and wriggled on the bed as he pleasured her. It was all too much now. He needed more. He needed to feel her warmth - be buried deep inside of his wife. Jake wanted to tell her he loved her as he thrust into her.

His body was literally crying out for her, but how was he meant to tell her how he felt and ask her if she was ready without making her feel pressured? The last thing he wanted to do was make her feel hurt or obligated to make love to him. No, he wanted her to do it from her own free will.

At some point during his musings he had absentmindedly lifted his naked, wet wife out of the tub, set her on the fluffy rug below, grabbed one of their Mr. and Mrs. bathsheets, and wrapped it around her body to keep her warm.

Bella sighed happily and leaned back lazily into his body, basking in his warmth. Her eyes languidly fluttered to a close as she allowed him to encase himself around her and guide her over to their bed. She smiled as she felt the mattress dip slightly under his weight, and felt the covers move a little as he crawled over to her and sat behind her. She reached out and idly ran the white tips of her fingernails over his long, bronzed, lean legs.

She bit her lip as she felt the taut muscles in his legs contract under her soothing ministrations. A soft purr vibrated through his chest, making her body tingle with desire.

Jake closed his eyes and bit his lip, relishing her gentle touch. "You're so beautiful," he breathed hotly into her ear; his warm lips ghosted over her earlobe and skimmed down the slope of her neck and onto her shoulder. "So damn beautiful."

Bella opened her eyes, relaxed into his touch and turned her head slightly to face him. "You have to say that; you're biased."

Jake chuckled, opened his eyes and lovingly pressed his lips into hers. "No baby, I don't have to say anything. If I didn't mean it; I wouldn't say it." He gazed directly into her eyes, resting his forehead against hers; hoping his stern yet warm eyes conveyed the truth he portrayed in his voice.

"You're so fucking beautiful. There aren't even words to describe just how stunning you are." He told her with intensity, moving her long, wet hair over to the other shoulder so he could kiss her delicious skin. The sensational combination of his lips grazing her skin and his nose nuzzling her neck drove her crazy.

His hands softly massaged her shoulders; his fingers manipulated her tender skin as her head dropped back lethargically and rested on his shoulder. He smiled, leaned in and brushed his teeth along her earlobe, while his hands halted their sensusal strokes on her shoulder and slowly traced down her body, shadowing her curves. Gently-oh so gently-his thumb brushed over the swell of her breast, eliciting a low, soft moan from her lips. They lingered there for a moment, using his fingers to draw around her entire breast.

Bella bit her lip; her head burying itself in the crook of his neck as very faint whimpers and silent pleas for more seeped from her lips.

"Mmm, baby, that feels so good."

His cock grew painfully hard under the bath towel, poking into the small of her back, showing her silently just how much he needed her.

The feel of his manhood twitching against her skin was driving her crazy with desire, and creating a pool of wetness between her thighs like never before. Before she could blink, Jake had claimed her lips for his own, crashing them together with a fierce sense of need and longing, then loosened the white towel covering her modesty and shielding her beauty from his gaze-which he didn't like one fucking bit-and letting it fall to her hips. Several faint yet heart clenching moans escaped from her mouth, all of which he swallowed greedily. As their tongues and lips danced together with the power of love; his large palm finally claimed her breasts. His calloused fingers softly, teasingly kneaded her baby-soft flesh-sending waves of pleasure to Bella's blazing core, making her squirm beneath his touch.

Bella-needing something to distract her hands with-pushed herself deeper into the kiss, her tongue darted past his warm lips and brought her hands up to cup his smooth skin. Savagely her mouth attacked his, and for a brief second he was forced to stop his ministrations on her, out of pure shock. She had never been this aggressive with him before. And he liked it. Quickly, and before Jake could protest, Bella lifted herself and manuvered her body carefully so she was straddling his waist. She draped one hand over his shoulder, while using the other hand to thread through his short strands and pull him deeper and harder into the kiss.

Jake's entire body was on fire as they kissed each other passionately. Their hearts began to race rapidly, as their breathing quickened. Bella smiled against his lips as she felt his chest heave heavily.

If they kept going like this he was going to fucking explode. A muffled and primal growl left his lips as his unconsciously lowered his hands to her delectable hips and gripped her roughly. Bella groaned against his lips and purposely and deliberately started to rock her hips against his.

Jake groaned, released her lips and dropped his head heavily into her neck. "Bells..." He murmured, thickly.

Bella wrapped her legs tighter around his waist, pulling his hips closer to her as she continued to grind. Together, with their hips moving together fervently and his gentle thrusts making her gasp, they found themselves edging closer and closer to their climax.

She tore herself from his sexy kiss and threw her head back in ecstasy. "Jake," she whimpered; her body rocking faster now from the pleasure he was inflicting upon her.

"You like that, baby?" He asked huskily into her neck; his voice panty-wettingly gravelly. He used the pads of his thumbs and forefingers to circle her hardening nipples; the mere feel of those pebbling peeks growing erect from his ministrations damn near made him come undone.

Her mouth hung open slightly as her body started to dip backwards in his arms; her long brown hair now tickling and brushing across his legs. "Oh God, Jake...don't stop," she pleaded, urgently.

He groaned at the sight of her sexy body laid out before him and bit his lip in admiration. She was so fucking stunning. Jake's hands lowered to her waist where his fingers curled around her abdomen, and he continued to thrust into her.

Bella's face contorted in pleasure as the tip of his hard cock sprang free from under the towel and stroked her burning sex.

Without further thought, Jake dipped down and latched his mouth onto the gorgeous strip of skin between her breasts, and ran his tongue sensually over the moist surface. Her hands flew up and into her hair; cradling him there. His lips and teeth assaulted her chest nibbling, sucking and biting every inch of skin he could find. He dragged his teeth over her breast, making her cry out loudly.


"You taste so good, baby," he breathed thickly against her chest.

Bella gulped down the intense fire blazing within her and marveled in the soft, tantalizing feel of his mouth. God, he had never touched her like this before. Sure, their intimate moments were always loving, but that was nothing compared to this. The pure love he was showering her with made her almost breathless. But the ache was becoming too much; too painful.

Without warning, Jake lifted and flipped her over onto the bed, so he was on top of her. His fingers descended down her gorgeous body, colliding with the sexy V-line joining her stomach and thighs, and gently nudged her legs apart.

She needed no further encouragement. She was completely and entirely ready for all he would give her.

With her legs now separated; his hand reached down and stroked her sopping slit.

"Oh, Jake..." Bella whined. Her eyes snapping to a close as she sucked her lower lip into her mouth.

Fuck, she looked so sexy.

"That's it, my beautiful wife; say my name." He growled, continuing his ministrations on her slick clit.

The air surrounding them quickly became thick and heavy with desire. He pulse began to race uncontrollably as he slowly teased her saturated lips. "Fuck, baby, you're so wet for me," he rasped, dropping his head over her breast, and licking her erect nipple sensually; his other hand still teasing and fondling her other one. "Do you have any idea how badly I wanna taste you? I want that sweet honey of yours coating my tongue, baby. I wanna slide my fingers in and out of your tight sex until you beg me for mercy, and even then I won't stop. God, I want you so bad."

Ok; enough was enough.

Bella reached out, grasped his face and pulled him up to her. "Do you love me, Jake?" She asked with conviction.

He mouth fell open and his eyes widened. "Of course I do, baby; more than anything. You know that." He gazed at her, worriedly.

That was all she needed to know. She nodded, kissed the tip of his nose and then attacked his lips, earning a moan of pleasure from him.

She dropped his lips and trailed along his strong jawbone. "Then show me," she nipped gently at his skin, "Please, baby. I want you to show me how much you love me. Make me feel so good, Jake," she asked, croakily; tears collecting in her eyes. She was so ready to be his. She wanted to give herself to him in every single way.

Bella drew back for a brief moment, placed her hand over his thumping heart, and looked longingly into his eyes, then whispered with such ardor it damn near broke his heart, "Make me yours, baby. Make love to me."

It was then something inside him snapped-something changed. They were married now; free to do whatever they wanted. He could finally give them what they both wanted. He could finally make love to his wife-and that's exactly what he was going to do.

He stopped for a second and searched her face, looking for any trace of hesitance or doubt; but he saw none, only love. Pure, unadulterated love. His heart swelled instantly. She wanted this as much as he did.

"Are you sure, baby?" He couldn't bear it if she regretted being with him; it would tear him apart.

Her gorgeous, sexy, pink lips curled into a sassy little smile, while her fingers traced the outline of his abs. "I've never been more sure of anything in my life." And with that she reached down a whipped the towel from his waist and threw it to the floor by the bed.

Jake chuckled and dipped down, pressing his lips against hers. Slowly, she slipped her hands in between their bodies and palmed his throbbing, reddened erection; encasing his length with her fingers and stroking him devastatingly slowly.

He tensed immediately, ripping his lips from hers. "Fuck, baby," he panted; his chest rising and falling heavily, as his hands flew down and gripped her hips firmly.

Bella pushed him back and turned them over so he was laying on his back, and she was perched over his waist. She pressed her palm on his washboard abs and gently shuffled down the bed, leaving a trail of hot, wet kisses as she went. Jake tried to protest by reaching down and grabbing her hand, but she quickly tore it out of his grip and slapped it away. He chuckled and collapsed back against the pillow. Clearly he wasn't winning this fight, and to be honest; he didn't want to.

She hovered her hungry lips over his pulsating tip and slid her moist tongue out and flicked it over his head. Jake's hips jerked as she stimulated the sensitive skin, causing him to groan in response.

"Jeez, fuck, baby." He hissed; his head thrown back against the pillow.

Bella smiled seductively and ran the the tip of her tongue up and down the length of his cock. While using her hand to stroke him, giving him twice the pleasure. She then lifted her mouth from his sweet shaft and extracted herself from him with a loud 'pop'. "You feel so good in my mouth, baby. But I want you to come. I want to taste you, Jake and I'm not stopping until I make sure you roar with pleasure."

And three mind-blowing moments later; she did exactly that. Jake came hard into her mouth, shooting his hot load into her and down the back of her throat. He tasted fucking delicious.

Jake struggled to tame his breathing as he laid on the bed shaking with the aftermath of his release. Within seconds he'd managed to regain some of his strength and pulled his wife up to him, wrapping his arms around her, sighing contentedly into her hair and kissing her head. "God... I love you so much, Bells," he vowed, passionately.

"I love you too, honey, but now is not the time for talking," she whispered, pressing three of her fingers against his lips.

He kissed her passionately; his tongue slipped into her mouth and made love to every corner and crevice as her hands roamed over his body. He sat up on his knees, bringing her with him, letting her lock her legs around his waist and slowly, gently, lowered her down onto the bed.

Intimately, affectionately and with complete devotion, he kissed her. He settled in between the heat of her legs, groaning into her mouth as his tip grazed over her dripping wet core. She moaned softly into his mouth, her hot sex lifting off of the bed and grinding against his hardness. Bella's hands travelled and roamed over every inch of his body, making sure she worshipped and cherished each morsel of his God-like body. She wanted so much more.

He took his time with her: licking, suckling, biting, nibbling and and touching every part of her beautiful body, starting with her neck and slowly slowing down her body until he reached his destination: between her legs. Jake sucked on her gorgeous little clit, teased her saturated folds and slipped his tongue into her tight depths, not stopping-giving her complete and utter pleasure until she came harder than she ever had before, screaming and proclaiming her love for him; her essence covering and surrounding his tongue.

That night he made long, powerful, intense love to his wife; showering her with fiery and passionate kisses and telling her in every breath how much he loved her. Becoming one with the woman of his dreams was more than anything he could've ever asked for; they rocked, rode, yelled, screamed, roared, whimpered, whined and moaned with each gentle yet firm thrust. He kissed away her tears of pain, held her as she cried out in agony when he broke through her virginity and told her he was there and he would never let go.

And he never did.

Their life together wasn't easy; it was full of trials and tribulation, ups and downs, and nights of arguments and uncontrollable crying on both parts, but no matter what happened; they never stopped loving each other. They might not have been the typical celebrity husband and wife, but they didn't care. They had each other and that was all that mattered.

Two years into their marriage Bella gave birth to their first child; a beautiful, black-haired boy they named Joey. Parenthood wasn't easy, but they made it work. Jake took a year out of work to help raise Joey, and during that year, Bella fell pregnant once again with their second child, Rosie.

Life may have thrown them many obstacles, but they were never dealt with more than they could handle. And they handled and took on the troubles and delights of life together.

Their passionate romance may have started through Twitter, but it would live forever through their heartfelt and intimate kisses.

The end.

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