Winry didn't know why he loved her. She'd never been a particularly sensitive girl; not really self-conscious. In fact, if anything, she had an over-abundant amount of self-confidence. She knew who she was—Winry Rockbell Elric, automail engineer extraordinaire, wife of ex-alchemist and genius Edward Elric—and had never, not really, cared how she looked.

But yet…when Edward looked at her—when those gorgeous, amber eyes gazed at her, so powerfully, lovingly, and so focused—as if she was the most fascinating, wonderful thing in the world—Winry found herself…speechless.

It was as if every time he caught her in their bedroom, prowling upon her with that wide, toothy grin, or every time he would stare at her after he had laughed at something she said (that somehow was hilariously funny), or every time he would beckon her closer to see something that he had made with his own two hands—alchemy no longer an option—that her mind would slow into something like shock, and simply fail to function.

That look…those eyes…that love…

is that for me?

Because the thing is, Edward Elric was a hero. Edward Elric was a genius. Edward Elric was a man who had seen the Gate, and walked away from it—three times, now.

Who was little Winry Rockbell compared to the legendary man?

Why should he love me?

There were so many women in the world. So many women he knew, who he encountered, and who he had adventured with—and so many more who had probably tried to make advances on him—because who wouldn't want the famed Hero of the People as your partner for life?

Who wouldn't want that sunrise gaze looking upon them every morning, smiling like last night had been the best of their life? Who wouldn't want those hands—both of them whole and soft and flesh—hands which had saved the world and performed incredible, impossible alchemy and survived time and time again—to just as gently worship your body, knowing every curve and line? Who wouldn't want that voice to murmur sweet nothings in your ear, and to laugh and laugh, and make you laugh while making the sun shine brighter? Who wouldn't want to run their fingers through that golden hair, feeling its softness and its tickles as those lips pressed over yours?

Who…who wouldn't want Ed?

But who would want me?

And that's why the gaze left her speechless. That's why his touch, his smile, his eyes left her so utterly sluggish—because when Edward Elric loved her, Winry Rockbell couldn't find the reason why.

But she could find ten thousand other reasons why she would smile, and love him back.

And yet, because thou overcomes so,
Because thou art more noble and like a king,
Thou canst prevail against my fears and fling
Thy purple round me, till my heart shall grow
Too close against thine heart henceforth to know
How it shook when alone. Why, conquering
May prove as lordly and complete a thing
In lifting upward, as in crushing low!
And as a vanquished soldier yields his sword
To one who lifts him from the bloody earth,
Even so, Beloved, I at last record,
Here ends my strife. If
thou invite me forth,
I rise above abasement at the word.
Make thy love larger to
enlarge my worth.

-XVI, Sonnets from the Portuguese, by Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Crystal's Notes: EdWin. I must say, I love it dearly. Just another little drabble-y character investigation, this time looking into Winry Rockbell. Yes, I set this after the Brotherhood series this time. Yes, I made them get married. Yes, for the first time, I've made hints towards a sexual moment. But hey, let's be honest-sex is romantic. Err, it can be. However, I'm firmly a sex-after-marriage fan. So.

PS: I heavily, HEAVILY love that sonnet by Elizabeth Barrett Browning-and can't help but think it fits Edward and Winry so well. Don't you agree? Oh, Elizabeth. How I wish I had your talent for words!