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"So, what is it about?" Chris nonchalantly asked as PJ asked him to meet about a week later, on the same bench where Chris had first returned the wallet to PJ. He blinked a little when PJ passed a binder of papers to him.

"This is vital information for you, Chris." PJ answered hopefully. "There's some information of Daughtry that may or may not be of important help to you." Chris' eyes bulged at the first few papers, and tossed a look at PJ, who smiled cheerfully.

"There's a few more…" Chris mumbled, looking past the papers filled with pictures of compromising nature to reveal some documents. "…GCSE application papers?"

"Yeah. I thought you would want to; you know, go to university and study something. Phil agrees with me on this." Chris chose not to question how did PJ wrestle the information from his best friend, but he pursed his lips and stared at the papers for a minute.

"Where will I get my money, Mr. Rich Boy? University requires a lot of studying and I have close to none."

"Well, Mr. Entertainer, I still owe you pay. We agreed to pay you for your role the other day." Chris's fingers paused when he reached the end of the binder, a sealed envelope perched in there. "After all, our cooperation is a business partnership." PJ grinned. "Open it, take a look."

Chris's breath hitched as he unsealed the envelope and looked inside.

"What the hell." Chris shot a look at PJ. "So you were tricking me the other night?"

PJ's smile was questioning. "You are so gullible, you know that?"

"Fuck you." Chris whispered under his breath, but the smile threatening to rise from his lips was unmistakable. "…Fuck."

"So, you can focus on becoming a legit entertainer now, acting and the lot. No more sex with old men, you hear me?" Chris raised an eyebrow as he turned to look at PJ.

"What, you jealous of me being highly attractive to more mature men?"

"Well, not really." PJ mused. "But I do want you in one piece if we are to continue have sex." Chris' face flared and he slammed his hand on the opened binder in embarrassment. Standing up, Chris shot PJ a leer, which the latter returned with a self-indulgent smile. "Oh Chris, you are so cute when you get super angry."

"I don't really understand what you mean, Mr. Liguori. I do charge a lot of money for proper service." Chris's tone was level, but a twinkle was apparent in his eyes. PJ stood up and placed his arms around Chris, pulling the other close so that their shoulders bump.

"Ah, is this what you say to someone who likes you?"

"…What?" Chris sputtered, eyes blinking. PJ gave a sweet smile and bent over to Chris' ear… and gave it a hard nibble.

"What the fuck?" Chris sat up from his bed, taking in a deep breath as he realized that he was not in Hyde Park, but his own battered bed somewhere in East London and there was no PJ, just PJ in a dream that dissipated the moment he opened his eyes. "Oh great." Chris spat as he stared at the rising lump on his pants, stretching his pants rather uncomfortably. "Fucking thank you, Peej Liguori." Grumbling, Chris stretched a little, reaching for the familiar penknife before walking into the bathroom.

On the bedside, where his phone was placed, a new voicemail beeped amid all the unread ones.

"Hey, Chris! It's been a week, how are you?"

"As miserable as ever." Chris mumbled, new lines of his wrists evident of his words. Phil bit his lip as Chris stared into the empty space with a blank stare, leaving his coffee untouched.

"You shouldn't cramp yourself in the apartment too much you know." Phil muttered. "It worries me."

"I'm okay, don't worry about me." Chris' tone was unconvincing, and Dan gave a light sigh as he came by with toast for the boys. Dan furrowed his eyebrows at Phil, who shrugged as he took a sip of his coffee.

"Has Liguori gotten in contact with you?" Phil murmured after a few moments when Chris was unresponsive and Dan walked off to serve other customers in the restaurant.

"No, I don't want to talk to him at all." Chris answered levelly as he took a bite of his buttered toast.

"But you liked him!" Phil's words were whispered, but it bought on a sudden effect to Chris' gaze and he stared at his friend, who flinched.

"Don't talk about him." Chris answered softly. "It's his fault for feeding me with an offer of fake hope and security."

"But he is different from all your other clients, I can see that." Phil's voice brought concern. "Even though he is technically rich like the other people, he gives off a feeling I got off you. Being lonely. Building up appearances for people to see. And he hasn't really taken advantage of you, has he?"

"Not advantage, technically." Chris took a sip of his coffee. "Why are you so interested in the random guy? Dan will get jealous, you know." Chris blinked at the vibration in his pocket and sighed as he made a larger chomp on his toast.

"Daughtry?" Phil need not guess. Chris ignored him. "He has been rather persistent lately, hadn't he?"

"His birthday is in a week." Chris answered solemnly.

"Dammit." Phil's voice hitched. "You should issue some sort of police warning, get him away from you."

"He supplies me with money." Chris' eyes diverted. "It's a source of income."

"What the heck?" Phil stood up from his seat in the booth. "You are just putting yourself in this destructive cycle and you just can't let yourself go, can you?"

"You are wrong-"

"No I am not! Even I managed to save up for university. How could you not when you earn more money than I do? It's not that you want to avoid poverty, is that you cannot escape yourself from serving people. And you are letting yourself stay in this miserable state because that is what you know best. And unless you yourself break from it and mean what you say when you talk about a better future, nothing will change." Phil's eyes were filled with sorrow as he shake his head. "Where was the old Chris I knew?"

Chris exited the booth and pushed Phil away roughly as he headed for the door.

"Fancy you coming here." Dan's words sniped at the curly haired guy before him.

"I want to look for Chris; he hadn't been returning my calls." PJ answered seriously. "He doesn't answer the door either. I need to talk to him."

"He came this morning." Phil came to the counter and leaned on the ledge. "But he doesn't want to talk to you."

"I know he is very angry. But I only wish to explain myself." PJ explained simply. "Is there a way I can go into his house or something?"

Phil sighed. "Liguori, why are you so persistent?"

PJ's eyes sharpened. "Because there is something I need to clarify to him."

Dan and Phil turned to look at each other, before Phil reached into his pocket and tossed a key. PJ intercepted it.

"His spare key."

"Thanks." PJ mumbled before exiting the restaurant. Dan placed a finger under his chin and smiled thoughtfully at Phil.

The door creaked before opening; Chris relaxed mid cut. He leaned back into the bathtub as the red water engulfed half of his body.

"Phil?" Chris asked from the bathroom door that was partially ajar. PJ pushed it open.

"Is this the way you make Phil continue feeling guilt, by hurting yourself and then flashing it off at him so that he will continue to care for you?" PJ's tone was stern.

"Why are you here?" Chris' eyes frowned as his free arm sunk into the water, adding more red speckles to the already amber colored water. "I have no business with you anymore."

"I do." PJ sat down by the side of the bathtub and leaned close into Chris, who did not budge. "I want to help you."

"You don't need to. Take care of your mom." Chris' tone was quiet as he stood up from the water, back facing PJ and grabbing a towel to cover himself. "Now, please step out so that I can dry myself."

"How sure are you that what you are feeling for Phil and what you are feeling for me is the same?" PJ placed his long leg on the ledge of the bathtub, obstructing Chris' from walking out of the bathtub.

"Why are you even sure that I feel something for you?" Chris shake his head in disbelief. However, he turned away when PJ did not stop staring at him. "Please, go away. I don't want to talk to you."

"This is not helping you or me, the rate this is going." PJ stood on the bathroom tiles and rearranged his white checkered t-shirt.

"Then why come?" Chris's towel on his side has produced red lines from his wrist. "You don't need to care."

"Why are you so freaking stubborn?" PJ pulled Chris out from the bathtub hastily and twisted his wrist to take a good look. "Are you completely blind to what I feel for you at this point? Or do you want me to keep repeating it for the sake of digging your own self-contentment?"

Chris' eyes were glassy as he held back sobs.

"Chris? You awake?" A warm hand touched his forehead, and Chris opened his green-brown eyes to peer into PJ's green ones.

"…Yeah." Chris turned away, as PJ retracted his hand and turn to thank a man in black suit. The man muttered something in return before giving Chris a smile and exiting the room. He gave a loud groan. "I cannot believe you got me a shrink."

"Well, you need to help yourself, sooner or later. Your shrink's name is Dr. Joseph; he suspects bipolar, depressive and suicidal tendencies from you and recommends that you go see him again in a week." PJ announced as he popped out a glass of orange juice from his back. "And I got you something to make you better! So drink this!"

"And how am I going to pay the fucking shrink?" Chris sat himself up on the wall of the bed, grabbed the glass and gulped it down.

"Oh he's my family psychiatrist. Don't worry about it." PJ answered coolly and Chris placed his half empty cup by his bedside, grumbling "rich boys" under his breath. PJ grinned and grabbed a chair, sitting down beside Chris, leaning his face on his palms as his elbow seated itself on Chris' bed.

"You are a weirdo, you know that?" Chris leaned down the bed again and turned away, his back facing PJ.

"So are you going to care for me more than Phil now?"

"…What the hell."

Chris really is tongue tied when it comes to PJ, that guy is good in talking isn't he. Anyways. If you had seen this coming then yay! :) There is a toll to someone who has to do stuff they are unwilling to, and to Chris the toll is not obvious to him, but it is to PJ. [and Phil and Dan. They had a conversation about this once, remember? Somewhere in one of the chapters...] And after reading PJ's POV, what do you think he is being nice to Chris now? Does he really like Chris? Or is there another reason? [I'm sorry. I just like making people think don't I.] And what about Phil and Chris? :P Answers will be revealed next chapter/next next chapter. I think I may write a POV from Phil or Dan or just another PJ POV for the heck of it. Though if I write from Dan's POV it will definitely be a chapter full of Phan goodness. That said, I have been going on Omegle lately and RPed Phan more than I would want to, and sometime it interferes with the way I think when writing Kickthestickz. I don't know. :o