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Chapter 1:

Lynette's POV

I sat down at the back of the car patiently looking forward, I'm coming home… I smiled. I stayed in London for a few weeks dealing with some business while visiting one of my friends called Lauren who was studying medicine. I smiled at the thought of my best friends,

"Hey Lauren, how are you doing?" I thought.

I know most savants could never go this far but me and Lauren was an exception, we practised for a while and could go long distance for a while before getting tired.

"I'm fine, I have test in half an hour. I don't suppose you can give me hints can you?" She asked hopefully.

I shook my head amused and thought back, "Sorry no can do."

"You're no fun." Lauren stated and I could tell she was pouting.

"I'm near Rome, I have to cut off soon, you might not be awake for the exam," I rolled up the window of the car. "I'll see you soon."


"See you."

I cut off the link and looked at the Rome; I looked at the colosseum and smiled. Each year, lots of people would pay lots of money to see that, my family once took me to see it and I still had a small model of the colosseum at home.

I looked around and saw the cars zooming past us and people riding their bikes frantically, I saw the sun embracing us with heat and chuckled at the people near the beach getting a tan. I muttered to the driver, "Andrew, take me to my company." I stated and the he nodded.

I saw the car change direction and my eyes widened in realisation at the shops and stalls I went to when I was kid. I noticed the hill behind the buildings which my mom used to take me and I looked down when I thought out it.

"Miss Wilson," Andrew stated as he pulled to a stop. "We're here."

I nodded and stepped out of the car, "Thanks," I muttered and closed the door. He drove off and I looked up, the building was still the same. It had many floors for different purposes and different jobs, lots of people go in and out with work in their bags and the reception was still the same as I walked in.

I looked around and noticed the two counters there with the two people waiting for people to come in and out for help while the janitor was brushing the floor wiping away the dust. I headed towards the elevator and pressed on the fourteenth button.

As the doors opened, I waited until I heard the number fourteen. I stepped out and looked around; this floor was for fashion and design work while the others were for accountancy, medicine and other work.

The room was very decorative, there were many fabrics stuck onto the wall for samples of the clothing and different patterns to make it look trendy. There was a wall of all the different clothing we made and a small catwalk for the clothes that we made.

There were small mannequins at the back with the clothes on waiting to be published on our magazine called .x

"Miss Wilson!" Someone spoke shocked at my arrival.

I turned around and found a person who I did not recognise looking at me in awe, I frowned, "Forgive me, but I don't seem to recognise you." I stated confused.

My assistant, Elaine came and told me, "She's one of the interns that you told me to hire." She stated.

I thought about it and nodded, "Alright then," I turned to look at her, "And you are…" I trailed off.

She said, "I'm Diane Lange." She spoke quickly, "I'm so glad you hired me!" She squealed, "I really wanted this job and-!"

I cut her off, "Alright, I'm thrilled to have you here." I smiled, "But I have work to do," I stated sternly, "Why don't you follow Elaine and she can explain to you the terms of being an intern?" I gestured to Elaine.

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