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Previous chapter : I wake up in a startle, my eyes filled with tears, I look around me. I'm still in this crappy room and I still have that swollen eye. But the despare I felt before just vanished. I gathered my breath and it took me a while to understand that this all the most realistic and terrible nightmare I have ever had in my whole life. What a relief !

Spencer's POV the dilemma room, present tense

My heart was still racing, this dream was so vivid and felt so real. I thought I was dying. I look around me to make sure I am awake this time. I even pinch myself pretty bad. The screen begins flashing on and off, at this sight, I get so worried I unconsciously rub my hands together. I go and sit on the stool slowly. I check the screen to see if it's a dilemma or just a video. I sure hope it's a video ! I hold my breath reading that it's another dilemma.

External POV High school

Hanna was walking towards her locker alone, she had forgotten a book important for this class. She opened her locker as she was startled by a masculine voice.

« Don't ever do that again ! You scared me. »

« I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you, have you seen Aria ? » The young boy asked her curious.

« Noël, don't even think about it. » She said looking at him, seeing that he was insisting « She's in class, look Noël, she really liked you when Ali was alive and you didn't even notice her. You tried to date her, but she always got back to him. You need to move on now. She's very happy with him and you should be happy for her » She told him, wanting him to leave her friend alone.

« Listen, I don't know why you think I never moved on, but I did, a long time ago. I just wanted to know if she came in highschool. You know since Spencer disapeared for a while now, I figured you'd all make the same » He said suspiciously

« I have to get to class » Hanna said trying to push Noël out of her way. He blocked her and kept her move walking.

« Look, we have a lot going on right night, so the last thing we need is a so-called suspicious guy on our back. Now get off me or I scream ! » She stated calm but firm.

He let her go but once she got a meter away from him, he grabbed her arm. She turned her head towards him.

« I know a lot more than you little girls think. You better watch your backs. You can't trust anyone » His eyes became darker as Hanna's face betrayed her fear. She jerked out his arm away form her and got to class.

An hour later, he got in her spanish class.

« So, where would you locate spain on a map ? » The teacher asked as Hanna wasn't paying any attention. What could he have possibly meant ? Did he know about A, about Spencer ? Was he a member of the A team ? If he was, it wasn't really a smart move to confront her like that.

« Miss Marin, do you have any idea ? » Asked Mr Martinez, the spanish teacher.

« oh, uh, I am sorry, I didn't get the question. »

« What is the spanish for Carlos met a girl and fell in love ? »

Honestly, she didn't know why she chose spanish in the first place, she always used to just add o for a male and a for a female for all she knew it could have been Carlos, metto a chica y fell en amor

She kept silent, her spanish was really bad.

Noel shouted from behind her " Carlos ha encontrado a una chica y esta enamorado."

She looked at him surprised, she had no idea he could speak spanish, he winked at her noticing how astonished she was.

The teacher gave them some exercice to work on as groups, Noel got in her group. She focused on the exercice and they finished it before the teacher's deadline. Well, he finished it, she was no help to him apparently.

" You know I could help you find out what happened to Ali, but you have to tell me where is Spencer!" He said trying to make a deal.

"We need to move on from Ali's death if we don't we'll just keep living in the past and that's not good. And what makes you think Spencer is anywhere else but home?" She said looking at the ground, she didn't mean any words she said, of course they wanted to know what happened to Alison but how would he know? And she didn't want to drag him into it.

He forced a smiled annoyed " I know Spencer isn't home, her parents talk to mines, they said she didn't come home after a fight she had with them. They really are worried and I need to see Spencer"

Hanna started to look at him pretty closely, what happened to him? Did he have a crush on her or something? He seemed extremely concerned about Spencer, it hit her, he really was worried.

"Please Hanna you need to tell me where she is, otherwise I'll just get crazy" He said almost tearing up. Hanna could see he was sincere, it broke her heart to see him like that. What was going on between him and Spencer?

The bell rang and he ran outside seeing Caleb outside the classroom. Hanna couldn't believe what she just witnessed. She never noticed any interest he could have had in Spencer, he always looked at Aria.

"Come here sweet baby, so when are you taking the Spanish test?" Asked Caleb before kissing her lips

She smiled still preoccupied "oh, uh we are taking it next week, I'll get a F for sure" She answered distracted.

Caleb wrap one arm around her shoulder and she felt a little better but she knew she'll spend the rest of the day wondering what happened in Noel's head to be so concerned about Spencer. Plus he was acting strange, at first he wanted to scare her off and now he's getting very emotional. That was so weird.

They were headed to their next class when she found a little note in her jacket's pocket.

Meet me at 4 in the parking lot, come alone. Noel

The lake house vs The dilemma room External POV

Toby was on the couch still looking for clues, he was the only one who stayed so long in front of the computer. The last time he got out was when they were all at Hanna's house. It has been a long time since he spoke to her, may be if he tried today he could get her to answer the phone.

He dials the number and waits to see he she answers.

" Allo, Spencer?" He said hopingly

"Toby, toby, thank god, I thought my head was going to explode." She said panicked

"I love you so much, don't worry we'll get you out of here. Are you ok?" He asked frustrated, he wasn't able to see her.

"Yeah, physically I am fine, oh my gosh, I'm so, so glad you called" She said almost crying

"What? Why? What is happening Spencer?" He asked starting to feel his heart racing faster

" I got a new dilemma, Toby, it's bad, really bad. Help me Toby, I need someone. I am going crazy out here, I might do something stupid" She said before bursting into tears

Toby felt his soul melt as Spencer's tears were droping on the screens. They had to stay strong, both of them, otherwise it would mean that A won. Once again, they couldn't let that happen. They were determined to be the first Freaky Games season with everyone surviving at the end, except for Ali and Maya. They couldn't take loosing anyone else.

"Tell me what is this dilemma, Spencer, it's going to be fine, everything will be alright" He said fightint his own tears, he hated to hear her cry, he wanted her next to him and in his arms, not in a psycho's game.

"I have to choose between" she answers with sob in her voice " 2 days in hell for Hanna or a week in hell for you"

His heart stopped beating for a few second as he realised how hard were the decisions Spencer had to make. How were they supposed to know what hell meant for A? Will they get out of it alive or will they just disappear?

The answer to this dilemma was simple for Toby, he could never let Hanna go through anything instead of him, even for two days. Spencer had to choose him, he had to go fight for his significant other. The hardest part would be to convince Spencer to do it. He took a deep breath before talking her into it.

"Spence' you need to choose me, it's the only way" He said trying not to show how terrified he was.

Spencer understood why he wanted to do it, but Hanna would be done in two days, he'd be there for a week.

"But Hanna, she could be done in two days" She was trying to keep him safe, she didn't even measure her words, her love for him left her completely blind.

"Hanna couldn't take it, I could. Nothing will happen to me, you have to trust me. I won't allow it. Don't worry, Spencer, you have to make the right decision. Choose me"

With tears in her eyes, she couldn't help but hesitate, she finally reached to button and made her choice. He was right, Hanna wouldn't take it, she couldn't expose her to such a risk. Even though her soul would never rest in peace if he didn't make it, she had to protect her friend Hanna. She probably would have made another choice if it was between Caleb and Toby or Ezra and Toby, but it wasn't. And Toby had more chances to get out of this new torture, it was the right decision.

She kept repeting it to herself over and over again and everytime, she wished she could have made another choice, maybe go herself of put A's minions in it instead of Toby. But she had to face reality, it wasn't going to happen anytime soon.

The High School parking lot External POV

Hanna got in the parking lot, looking for Noel, she was intringed. She didn't say anything to Caleb, mostly because she had no idea what was going on.

" Hanna, thank you for coming" He said serious.

She nodded and asked him what was going on.

" I know I've been a jerk with you and your friends but I'm not a horrible person, I am not. And I feel so bad for what happened to your friends. I didn't do anything. Please tell me where Spencer is, she's the only one I need to see."

Oh crap, so he was really in love with her. She thought to herself.

" I am sorry, I can't help you with that, I don't now where she is" She answered honest but confused

" It's important, is she ok? Are you in touch with her in any way? Please answer me"

" Why do you even care? You never showed her any attention when she was here, now what? You love her or something?" She replied getting a little annoyed by his nonsense. She couldn't tell him because of A but why was he being so secret, he never answered any of her questions.

He rolled his eyes " Hanna, where is she?" He asked in a more threatening voice

She started to feel a little unconfortable so she decided to end the conversation by heading to her car. He strongly grabbed her arm again, just like earlier.

" You 're hurting me, let go off my arm!" She shouted

"She's in danger do you understand that?"

So he knew.

"How do you know she's in danger?" Hanna asked, was he a fan of the Freaky Games? One of the psychos?

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