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Previous chapter:"She's in danger do you understand that?"

So he knew.

"How do you know she's in danger?" Hanna asked, was he a fan of the Freaky Games? One of the psychos?

" I know about A and everything, I noticed your sneaking around, your lame excuses everytime your phones buzz in the middle of class. You girls can keep a secret but all I want to know is that Spencer is ok. Please." He said almost begging

Hanna could see that Noel felt bad, about what? Who knew, there was a whole mystery around him.

She looked at him even more confused, a second ago he looked like he going to punsh her.

" You know you're freaking me out right? You look disturbed, like a lunatic or something. Are you on drugs?" She asked convinced that he wasn't sober

" Hell no, why is it such a big deal to tell me if she's ok? You just have to say yes or no? It's as simple as that." He shouted this whole situation started to piss him off.

"Because I don't know, do you get that? I have no idea where she is! No one does, we can't reach her, the last time we spoke to her on the phone we were cut. And how do you know about A anyways?"

He was sad to hear that Spencer wasn't at the lake house. It meant that he really screwed up.

"I really am sorry, I didn't want for it to happen" He looked at the floor and tightened his jawbones. He looked pissed and in pain at the same time. Without looking at her, he ran to his car and drove away as fast as he could. Hanna was still on the parking lot confused, this conversation with noel left her with a lot of questions. She never saw Noel like that, he used to brag and always make himself look like a man of all situations, fearless. Acting like that didn't look like him. Something was wrong.

The lake house external POV

Hanna got in the lake house and saw Emily in tears in Toby's arms. What happened?

"What is going on, is everything ok, did something happen to Spencer?" She inquired feeling her stomach starting to burn.

"I'll never forget what you are doing for her, I am sorry you have to go into so much trouble. Oh man, I wish I could do something, anything to keep you with us. You don't know how brave you are right now." Said Caleb with pain in his voice.

Aria was in Ezra's arms, crying, and Ezra looked shooked almost like he was going to pass out.

But none of them looked as bad as Toby, his face was pale and evn though he kept himself together for Emily's sake, you could see terror and hate in his eyes.

"Hanna, sit, Toby talked to Spencer today, she's ok but she had to answer another dilemma."

"What was it, why are you all so afraid?"

" She had to choose between two things, whether Toby was spending a week in hell, or you would be spending two days in hell" Said Caleb devastated.

She felt like someone just hit her with a huge hammer on the head. " What is hell for A?" Caleb raised his shoulders, nobody knew, then she realised Spencer had the choice to spare Toby and make her go through horrible things, and she didn't, she decided to let her boyfriend risk his life instead of her.

"Why you? Why didn't she choose me? I could have made it. Why did she have to do that. Now I'm going to worry about Toby every 2 seconds when I'm not worrying about Spencer." She said bursting into sobbings

"Hanna, you shouldn't have to go through all this, Spencer is my girlfriend and I need to save her. That's the only way I could feel useful, it kills me to watch her without being able to do anything to help. And, it's the best solution, you didn't get to decide any way, sending you there was never an option so say thank you and sit." He stated not trying to be mean.

Hanna gave up, he was right, there was no way any of them would have let her go, especially Caleb.

She put her hands in her pockets, it was freezing suddenly, her left hand touched the note Noel gave her earlier. Oh, right! Maybe Toby knows something about Spencer and Noel, she thought. Toby was busy talking to Ezra and Caleb so she decided to talk to Aria and Emily first.

It was 6 pm and Toby received a text message from telling him that he'd be called at any time to endure hell so they had no clue when it was going to happen.

Hanna looked at Aria and Emily and got them to join her, they went in a room and began chatting.

Hanna made her best to keep herself together, Toby was so brave, and she would always feel grateful to him. She quickly shook her head to get rid of her tears and focused on her friends.

"Ok, so girls I have something really strange to tell you" She stopped for a few seconds looking at Aria " It's about Noel, it's so odd!" She said looking at the ceiling, she sat on the bed and put her hand on her face "He's been asking all kinds of questions about Spencer he got so sensitive and emotional it almost made me feel bad for him"

Aria and Emily looked at each other, they had no idea what relationship Spencer and Noel had. And Spencer was gone missing for a few weeks why did he only ask now?

Hanna noticed that her friends were as confused as she was.

" I know right? He even knows about the new A. I swear I never told him anything. I'm shocked girls, I assure you he looked genuenly worried even sad. So I figured Toby might know something about it."

" He might but it wouldn't be clever to bring this up now. I mean, he has a lot to think of. This Noel thing isn't as important don't you think? It'd just distract him and he needs all the focus he can have." Warned Emily really nervous about her friend

"Yeah, you're right. But do you think there was something between Noel and Spencer? A love interest or something?" Asked Aria

" Maybe he liked her but she didn't." Guessed Emily. After all, Spencer was pretty successful with guys, even older guys.

They were all confused about Noel's reasons to ask about Spencer but the more they spoke about it the less it made sense so they decided to call Noel and have a chat with him. To get the informations straight from the source.

While the girls were chatting in Spencer's room, the guys were still talking and exchanging about the situation they were in.

You could feel the tension between the three men. How Caleb and Toby looked at Ezra, he knew they didn't approve his relationship with Aria but they'll get over it someday.

They obviously didn't talk about girlfriends because this topic was a no-no.

Ezra always felt uncomfortable when they looked at him, especially when he brought up Aria in the conversation. They always looked like they were about to punch him in the face or something. But they never looked at him like in was treated in Australia. That was a good thing, they didn't see him as an old pervert taking advantage of a teenage girl. They saw him as a teacher dating his student, the age didn't mean anything. Aria could have been 20 it wouldn't have made any difference. What Ezra liked about Aria's friends was that even though they didn't agree with the choices he made in his life, even though he made some non moral things. They never disrespected him, not as their teacher and not as anything else. But he could tell they were angry at him, he could tell they felt protective towards Aria. It was actually reassuring for him to see that his girlfriend was surrounded with such carring people. He knew that if the time came, he could be sent elsewhere by A and know that there would be people to look after her. He didn't care if they liked him or not, he was their teacher not their friend. He only cared about Aria.

"I honestly don't know if I'll survive this, I don't even know what will happen to me. Maybe A will like throw acid on me. Or maybe she'll decide to drown me, or she'll put mines there and I'll just blow. My mind goes everywhere right now, and it's really scary." He was ashamed to confess his fear, he felt weak and unworthy for a moment.

" It is normal to feel like that, it's normal to imagine the worst things and the best way to prepare yourself to what is going to happen to you is actually imagining. It is really frightening, I don't even know how you can stand on your feet right now. But you need to now how to get out of there, never forget that you are doing this for her. It's the best way to deal with pain. It sounds cheesy but it'll actually work. Now that you can, treat your body well, try to get some sleep, drink a lot of water, save your energy. Build some energy with protein and keep repeating to yourself that it's the way to see Spencer again. There will be times when you're just going to give up, you'll even want to die but keep Spencer in mind. Remember that dying won't save her, on the contrary, it'll make more veiws of the Freaky Games online and therefor it'll be worst for everyone." Ezra tried to prepare Toby, to give him some advice even though he didn't know what to say, he just spoke his mind.

"I'll look for hell in the website, maybe some other guy from another season has already been through this." He scrolled down the web page and nothing came up, just a short 30 seconds sneak peek saying : Soon, the newest Freaky Games ordeal, Hell. Will Toby Cavanaugh get out of it alive?

"Great so we have no information about this thing." Thundered Caleb.

The Dilemma Room Spencer's POV.

I was wondering when would Toby face the horror I couldn't even imagine. And I didn't want to imagine it. It killed me to know that my friends suffered especially Toby. I wanted to be around him, get out of this room that made me sick and just live my life as it should be. I felt nauseous most of the time just thinking about Toby. I could never look at him in the eyes without blaming myself for what he'll go through.

I noticed that the screens were flashing on and off again and went to see what was happening.

It was a video, I could breath again, I could see Ezra, Toby and Caleb talking.

They were comforting Toby because he was nervous, he must hate me, he should hate me. I'm causing all of this, maybe A only wants to see me suffer. Maybe A is someone who's holding a huge grundge against me and wants me to pay for what I did. I never did anything so bad that it'd create this much hate, none of us did. Even when we were with Ali we never did something to earn this pain. Except maybe for the Jenna thing. Oh my, I never thought of it, Jenna could be a part of the A team. Yes she had some stuff to bury, but she had more stuff about us and we never found the videos of her forcing herself on Toby after I threw it to Ian. Just thinking about it made me want to punch her. I became so violent in here I could actually kill someone with my bear hands. I had no idea the lack of food, water and the isolation would have such effects on me. I felt weak, my nails looked so unhealthyand my hair was covered with dust. I didn't take a shower for almost a month now and it was a horrible sensation. I looked so bad, I could tell. My face was dirty and I had hairy legs, hairy armpits and everything unattracive.

I couldn't see the girls, it was the first time I noticed that I only had acces to one of the rooms of my big lake house. Why? Didn't A get the time to install her little spying devices all over the rooms? Maybe she didn't think they would actually move in the lake house to cover up a story for my disappearance. If so, they were smarter than her and had an advantage over A and they didn't even know about it. How could I warn them without revealing it to A too? It was nearly impossible.

A's bitch came in the room again, he had a meal tray in his hands. I got so happy when I saw that there was actually a whole plate full of food in it with a bottle of water and an empty glass to drink it with. I smiled and waited until he put it on the floor when I got next to him, I noticed that he stepped back everytime I got close to him, he was wearing a hoodie and a mask so I couldn't see his face.

"What's with the hoddie and the mask?" I asked before I put my arms in front of my face to be protected from any hit or punch I was prepared to receive but it didn't happen. I was surprised but glad.

Than I realise that maybe I smelled bad, not maybe, I smelled bad. Even I could smell it. I could almost see the green smoke behind me.

"I wouldn't stink that much if you guys actually let me use a shower!" I complained; it was true after all, just because they tortured me, it didn't mean they had to get me all gross and dirty!

I sat on the floor and began eating, again and again, and again. The plate was empty when I was done with it, I ate so much I had a cramp in my stomach. I got used to being hungry, so now when my stomach was full it felt like it was too full. I didn't even have room for water. A's bitch got out of the room and I was glad to see that he let the bottle of water.

I didn't know what to think, may be they gave me food and water because I needed to stay alive for a long period for them to finish their plans, or may be they kept wearing masks because there was a chance that I could get out of this room alive, and they didn't want me to be able to recognize them.

External POV The lake house

"Noel is supposed to come in like ten minutes, I'm surprised he accepted to see us." Said Aria

" Yes, but he has questions to answer and so do we, we need each other. Maybe he knows a lot about A. But I still don't know why he is so interested in Spencer suddenly." Replied Emily

" Don't you think it's weird that he only accepted to see us if it was in a secret place? He even told us to leave our phones at home and take a taxi to go there." She said rubbing her hands against her arms. It was so cold today.

"Yeah, sure, it's scary. But I don't think he would hurt us. He always played bad boy and everything but when we were dating, he was very sweet and kind. I think he just pretends to be violent and mean." Said Aria trying to reassure her friends.

"I hope you are right! But we need a plan just in case things get too frightening." Proposed Emily, they had to protect themselves and just like Noel said you can't trust anyone.

They discussed and planned a way to protect themselves, they concluded that Emily would punch him in the face since she was the strongest of all, while Hanna kicked him in the stomach. Aria would call for help and they would all run away as fast as possible.

They got to the place where Noel wanted to meet them and noticed it was in the middle of nowhere. They didn't even know this place existed until today.

Noel was standing against a tree, no signs of his own car or any other ways to get there. He looked worried.

"Girls, I know you must be wondering what is happening. But do you have your phones on you?" He said scaning them with a detector, when he finally was sure they didn't take their mobile phones with them he calmed a bit. " I know about A, the texts messages, the notes, everything. Where is Spencer?" He asked

Hanna, Aria and Emily looked at each other weirded out. So he knew about A and her texts but had no idea where Spencer was.

"Ok, then you don't know everything. How do you know about A?" Emily asked

"Answer me first where is Spencer?" He replied

" I will, once you told me how you figured out about A" She answered keeping her voice calm and strict.

He looked at the ground, like he was ashamed of himself " I am a part of the A team"

Aria couldn't believe what he just said, she stepped back and stared at him with disgust in her eyes.

She could imagine that he was a part of all this misery around her, and he dared stand in front of her. Ask her about spencer when he was the one making her suffer? She jumped at him and started hitting again and again, she was crying and punshing. She knew it didn't hurt him really bad but he didn't hit her back, he just stood still. Hanna and Emily were shocked too but they tried to stop Aria.

They still needed answers.

" Let me finish, I was forced to join the A team. They were about to kill me." He said looking at Aria " You need to believe me" Even though he knew she loved Ezra, he still cared about what she thought of him.

"Whoa! A wanted to kill you and you are still alive? How did you do that? Why did she want to kill you? Was it for the Freaky Games too?" Asked Hanna surprised that he was still standing in front of her.

He looked at her confused, he had no idea of what the Freaky Games were.

" Your turn" He said confused

" Spencer was kidnapped by A. That is when we figured out about the Freaky Games" Said Aria

He was shooked to learn that Spencer was captured by the A team.

" I never knew about it I swear! I am just taking pictures everytime you girls do anything secret. I even had to take pictures of Mr Fitz. They don't tell me anything. I am just a tool. But the more I spy for them the more I know things. I think this is how we earn their trust. By doing what they want without asking why. A few days ago I even had to run over a girl on the street. A controls me, they make me do things I would never do on my own."

"The girl you had to run over, it was me! I thought I was going to die. If it wasn't for Caleb I wouldn't be standing here!" Cried Aria, she was angry with Noel, she never thought he would do that.

Hanna understood that it was hard for Aria to hear him say that but they had to know more.

" So do you know anything about the Freaky Games" She asked

" No, I've never heard of it, but I could help you once they let me inside to meeting office." He said " I'm almost there, I only have to do one thing and I'll get there" He said confident

" What is that thing?" Emily inquired worried, what if he had to hurt one of them again?

"I don't know yet, but I want you to know that no matter what they ask me to do, I am on your side. I am scared of what they might ask but I'll make everything I can to save Spencer.

Right what was this thing between them? Why did he care so much?

Hanna opened her mouth to ask about his relationship with Spencer but Aria cut her off with a different question.

" Why did you want to meet us here and no cell phone allowed?"

"A has a whole spying system around her victims and her minions, GPS, cameras mics all over town. But nothing her, so we are safe. No one is watching.

but I follow Lee's orders. We never get to see A, not even officers see her. Lee is an officer, he follows the master's orders. The masters command a few sections of the A team. You have no idea how structured A is. The AIS aren't that big. There are 3 masters which command 2 offers each and each officer has 5 minions.

A minion get inside the office room when he validates his partnership to AIS."

" What does AIS stand for?" Asked Hanna,

"I have no idea! No one knows. Not even Lee."

"Where do you meet this Lee? Do you have like a hideout or something like that?" Asked Emily

" No, he always contacts me with an unknown number and tells me where to meet him."

"Is there anyone else we know working for A?" Asked Aria with disgust in her voice.

Emily and Hanna too were curious about that. How many people were involved? Did he know them all? What did he know exactly?

"I don't have any contact, I just see people they want me to see, we are anonymous to everyone even to other spys like us." He answered almost chuckling.

Aria still didn't realise that he was part of the A team, if he was their friend of the just a traitor.

"You can't mension my name in front of A's cameras, nowhere near he technology. I will always get in touch with you. If A finds out I am helping you I'll get my head cut off for sure"

"I'm not really sure if I care" replied Aria without realising she said out loud.

He looked at her, he was so sorry for disappointing her and almost killing her. But he wasn't cruel because he wanted to. Hanna and Emily felt tension between the two. Aria was ready to knock him out at any time whereas he looked at her feeling guilty as hell.

The dilemma Room Spencer POV.

I was lying on the floor, sweating like a pork, the roof was spinning as I felt like my stomach was about to come out of my body. I felt nauseous, so nauseous I could throw my organs up. I felt so unconfortable, but strangely, nothing hurt. I just felt nauseous, I ate too much, I knew I would throw up but it didn't come out. My head kept spinning until I finally crawl to the very corner of the room to empty my body. This food they gave me was good, but my stomach got smaller, so it couldn't take this kind of amounts anymore. I felt a little better after except for the bad taste it left in my mouth, I took some water and rinsed my mouth with it.

My stomach was still pretty heavy but it was bearable, I took a breath and sat against the wall, facing the two screens that were about 2 or 3 meters away from me. I hoped they wouldn't flash again, not now, not ever.

External POV, The lake house.

It was late at night, the girls got back from their meeting with Noel 3 hours ago. They were sleeping now. It was 1 am and Toby got a text, it woke him up.

2 Fellow star, Rosewood in 30 minutes... A

Toby knew it was time for him to face his ordeal. He decided to leave a note for his friends on the kitchen table. He knew he couldn't take saying goodbye.

He was walking across the street when he saw a black car stop in front of him.

"It's time" He shrugged terrified.

A guy got out of the car, he didn't even pay attention to Toby, he walked and opened the passenger's seat. It was a couple back from a date. He was releaved even he knew that A was coming for him.

He walked fast, he was nervous. He thought about Spencer and everything he was willing to do for her. He thought about A and how much he wanted them to die. He thought of his friends which never gave up on Spencer. He tried to reassure himself, repeating to himself that they would all be ok. He was afraid, so afraid no one could ever see that. He was thinking about death and how much he wished he could change things. What things he was proud of in his life, and what he wanted to change. This A situation helped him grow and see the important things in life, it helped him see that he was lucky to have a family even though he had his part of misery, he knew he was lucky. Lucky to have people who loved him, people like Spencer. And his friends too. Before A he was a weirdo noone liked and everyone feared. Even Spencer hated him. Who would have thought he would find the best thing he has ever had in the worst moment of his life? He thought he saw the worst of life when Jenna forced herself on him but he only saw a hint of it.

He could only count on himself to get out of this alive, he had to give it his best shot. He couldn't die and let Spencer deal with A and her Games. He would never allow it.

A's minion took a tissue filled with drugs put it on his nose to knock Toby didn't struggle, he knew it was coming. A's minion was wearing a black hoodie and a mask. He took Toby and put him on the backseat of his car.


It was the text message Noel khan sent Lee. He knew that this task meant he earned A's confidence. He would now participate to the meetings. Now he could really know what A prepared.

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