The Demon Princess.

Queen Serenity you did it you beat them say's Luna. i save them all but now they are all trap in the power of the crystal now i will have to send the to a new future on Earth say's Serenity. but you saved them so why are you so said asks Luna. because of none of them well reameber anything from this time or place and i will never see by sweet daughter again or you two also my friends say's Queen Serenity. oh Serenity Say's Artermist. but someday Princess Serenity will do great things and she will be safe and that all i want for my Daughter say's Queen Serenity. then she put her hand out and let go of the Crystal to where it egan flying up into the air, goodbye Serenity, you are in my heart always say's Queen Serenity and like that everyone who went into the Crystal was sent to Earth but Serenity, was Sent to the forest and the others were all rised by Humen in the village's So Princess Mars was rise with a Priestess Family like Kikyo came from, Princess Vensus was a Princess with a Lord who took Her in His wife and Him couldn't have children so when she found vensus they thought that there prays were awarsed for a child so they took Princess Vensus into there family, and Princess Mercury father that took her in was a village doctar he help the people out with healing and meds for people health, then Princess Jupiter was the same has Vensus's family she was rise in the wast by a lord as well.

on Earth let the story begin.

Awwwww,,,,,,,,crying,,,,,,,,,,Honey do you hear that asks a Female Dog Demon yes I do where it coming from say's the Male over that say's the Female Dog Demon, so they walk over to the River and found a Human Baby at least they thought she was Human till they got closer to it.

Honey look it a baby say's the Female Dog Demon. honey we should prombley leave it who know what a Human could do to us if they think were taken there child say's the Male Dog Demon. no there not even a fire going and a human sent no one would just leave a Baby on it own say's the Female Dog, being very Motherly at the moment. honey I know it look bad right now but Maybe a Human could find it and take it to a human Village say's the Male Demon. No we have to help it say's the Female who walk over to the Baby and pick up Serenity, and look down at her Honey come Here you have to see this say's the Female Demon. what is it asks the Male Demon. look at Her isn't she the most beautiful Baby you ever saw say's the Female Demon. He look at her too I guess she is Beautiful in way say's the Male Demon. can we keep Her please I always wanted a Daughter of My own and i already have 3 son's please can we keep her say's the Female Demon. Now Morning Glory, we have to think smart about this and what it could do to the pack say's the Male. Soutin, We can't just leave her say's Morning Glory. ok you know i hate to see that look say's Soutin. Honey i don't care the pack can learn to take Her in this i know you like to laugh at Me for silly things but this is Important to Me to protect this child and She will be are new Pup as of right now I'm taken Her home with us and she going to be apart of are family you get that say's Morning Glory, walking away from Him with the child in Her arms. oh boy the pack not going to like this say's Soutin.

At Crystal forest Kingdom.

Oh Dear let get you all Clean up now ok Sweetie say's Morning Glory. Ah,, Has Serenity, made little babys laughing sounds.

Momma, your home yelled there 3 pups Fang, Shadow, and Kiba were the name of there pups hello children i like you to meet your new baby Sister say's Morning Glory. we get to have a little sister Alright! say's the pups were all happy to have some one else in there life's to play with.

Now Morning Glory, I don't know about this say's Soutin. look Soutin I'm not going to take Her back she well get eating by a Demon before some Human find her say's Morning Glory. OK I lose you win say's Soutin. Awwwww crying again Baby she crying Momma say's Shadow. I know dear say's His Mother, Hey Honey you hold her well I get some milk for her say's Morning Glory. No Honey I want Her Morning Glory, say's Soutin. Has Morning Glory, put Her in His Arms anyway. then the Baby just stop crying when she put her in His arms He look down at Baby Serenity's face and then she was just smiling at Him. Daddy She like you say's Kiba. yeah she does say's Fang. He just look down at her and Smile back at Her He had change His mind and He was ok with Her becoming apart of His Pack sure He had to get the others to be ok with it but He is the Leader of the Pack so if He say she one of them then they all well do what He say to do.

that all for now sorry it alittle sort but there well be more soon.