I rubbed the tears out of my eyes as Corr limped towards Sean and away from the november sea. George Holly sniffled a bit before making his way down the cliff side. I followed him until we reached Sean who was now crying softly into Corrs' neck. We stood there like that for a bit before Sean said to us in a barley aduible voice," I dont know what to do. He cant walk without being in pain and he wont go back to the sea." Sean started to lead the limping water horse back to his temporay stall and Geroge Holly called out,"Lad, We all can see you love the beast. I couldnt bear seeing you without him. So when I get back to my hotel room I will call a good friend from California and see if he can fix his leg and tend to his cuts. I make no promises but I will make the effort." Sean looked up with hopfully eyes and said,"Really?". Mr. Holly smiled with bright white teeh and said," As long as I get my colt." Sean nodded and almost let a smile pass his lips.

Gerorge pulled an arm over my shoulder and led me back the way we came. We walked together for several mintues talking about his one love, Annie. Until we heard hooves stamping up ahead and we walked alittle bit faster. Dove stood grazing and Finn lay next to her on a pacth of grass. My mind raced and I ran calling Finns' name. He sat up laughing and offerd a shurg, " I was getting lonley at home. So I waited here for you." Mr. Holly was happy to see Finn and gave Dove a pat on her whithers. Finn came up with the idea of ridding into town so he can go to Palssons to get november cakes. I let Finn and Mr Holly ride on Doves' back while I led her. We all made small talk until Finn quielty said," Gabe wanted me to get you. He says that he wants to have a family dinner one last time." Nobody said anything for awhile but George finally said," You know, at least he is making the effort. Puck, He didnt want you to ride in the races and yet you did. You dont want him to leave but still he is. He promises to come back and visit. I think you should be happy for your brother." I nodd becuase I know he is right and I know I am going to have to be on my own looking after Finn and Dove and even Puffin. When we got to the bakery everyone was in better spirits and we all chowed down on the dripping cakes. Mr Holly though remeberd his promise to Sean and left to call his friend becuse he said the time there was diffrent from here. A deep wind was blowing in by the time we left Phanotom and Sons. I didnt want to but I asked Dove to canter the whole way home even then a drizzle had settled down on Thisby.

The house was warm and smelled of Mums' home made Shepards Pie. Gabe came out of his room with his head slightly tilted down and looked up as he heard Finn washing his hands. He gave a weak smile and pulled us into a family hug, not caring Finns' hands were wet. "Beech is coming and then were leaving. I thought youd guys would be home earlier." He had tears in his eyes has he told us," I know you guys proably hate me for leaving you and I can understand that. Ill visit for Easter and I will send over money and some stuff you guys might like. I just cant stand Thisby knowing that Mum and Dad died by a capaill uisce, the very thing this whole island is centerd on. I know you guys love Thisby and Im not asking you to leave. Its just, I love you Finn and I love you to, Puck." He pulls us into another tigher hug until there is a knock at the door. We all know its Beech and Gabe turns to let him in. Finn and I make sure Gabe has all his things before were hugging one last time and then wacthing Beech and Gabe drive away.

That night Finn slept in my room and I listend to him sleep talking whispering Gabes name. I dont wake him up and soon Im drifting to sleep. I wake up early and give Dove some of her expensive hay and clean her wound behind her ear. I give her a goodbye pat and walk inside to make Finn breakfeast.


George Holly came up to my loft first thing in the morning and told me that his friend would be out on the first ferry he could catch. I nodd as a hello and also as a thank you. I sat up and rubbed my eyes. It was only 2 days ago that the races were held and my body still hurt. Today was the day that I would move out of the Malvern Yard and into my Fathers old house on the northwestern cliffs. Mr Malvern came up and Mr Holly gave us both a smile goodbye. Mr Malvern said,"Im sorry you lost the races on account of my son. I will still sell you your beloved stallion and will let you have pick of my yard. Corr will not be able to carry you on his back and after all you have done for me I will not have you walking around everywhere." He shakes my hand and adds," Ill be back in an hour to hear which horse you want."

True to his word Malvern came back and collected my money I owed for Corr and I decided to pick a mare called Malverns' Beauty. Beauty is a black thoroughbred with a single blaze running down her face. She was one of the few horses that has qualities of a capaill uisce. Her height is one of them, Beauty stands just over 17 hh while Corr tops out at 19 hh. Beauty isnt scared of Corr and Corr can tolerate Beauty. I bid my goodbyes to everyone and saddle up Beauty for the ride home ,before though, I stop at Pucks house. She answers the door and I wacth her eyes sparkle as she sees Beauty.

"Woah." she manages to stammer. Dove whinneys to Beauty and I ask." Can I leave her with Dove ofr a few days? Mr Holly has a vet coming for Corr and I still ahve to build another stall at my house for her." Kate seems overly joyed to have another horse at her house and leads Beauty to the paddock. She clicks the gate shut and we wacth as Dove and Beauty prance around each other. Finn comes out just then and squeals as he sees the strange horse. He grabs a ball and throws it into the pasture and we all laugh and giggle as Dove and Beauty kick it around. "Your crazy, Sean Kendrick." Puck declares. We wait in slience before I reply,"Crazy for you, Kate Connolly"