It was quiet as I opened the door to my Fathers house, now mine. It was dimly lit from the sun outside and there was dust everywhere. I knew I was going to have to clean before I got to buliding Beautys' stall. I picked up a broom and started sweeping the living room floor. It wasnt a big house and for that I was grateful. I walked from the living room to the kicthen to the bathroom and bedroom sweeping. After all the dust and cobwebs were gone it started looking like it did when I was a kid. I moped the floors so they would shine just like they used to and wiped down the mud caked walls. After hours and hours of cleaning I did a final walk through and was happy. It was roomier then my tiny loft back at the Yard. I kept my Dads door closed though and everytime I walked by it I felt like he was still in there getting ready to race. I walked through the kicthen and out to the barn my Dad had built with me. Corr's stall was still as we had left it so I mucked it out and scrubed the walls and his trough. After I went to the wood pile my Father had cut, I started to build another stall. It was easier than cleaning the house was and I had it done within the hour. I would need a trough though...I wonderd if Puck had an extra? With nothing left to do I wondered through the empty house and finally I just settled into my bed for the night.


After a goodnights sleep, I headed outside to tend to the horses. Beauty was, well, a beauty. She towerd over Dove and could even be a little smaller than Corr. Finn was icthing to ride her but I wasnt sure if Sean would like that. So I hooked her up to a lunge line and had Finn trot her in a circle. Everything about her screamd capaill uisce. Her ears were longer then Dove and her nostrails were thin. Her strides were long and she had been trotting for a half hour and still hasnt shown any signs of slowing. I still made Finn get off and we brushed Dove and Beauty down. Ever so quielty Finn asked,"You said you would buy me a Morris if you won the races." I nodded because this was true, I did say that. He studied my face and continuded talking," I dont want a car. I want a horse." I looked at him, I couldnt say I was surprised by this because he had taken to Beauty. We stood there in slience as I considerd the options. I did still have quite a bit of money left but it wouldnt be anough to buy on of Malverns expensive horses. I finally answerd," You wouldnt be able to get one of Malverns horses. Youd have to find a cheap island pony." Finn nodded but I can tell he was bubbling with excitment. We stood there, just brushing the horses down until alittle after we were done Sean knocked at our door. I invited him in for lunch and Finn was pleased.

Finn started the conversation with, "Sean, Guess what. You wont guess I know it!" Sean looked around and then studied Finns face for a goodl ong minute before answering the question," I dont know. Are you getting a surprise?" Finn bounced from wall to wall and Sean glanced at me before Finn blurted out,"Puck said I can get my own horse." Sean looked at me to confirm it was true and I said," He asked and I dont see why he cant get a island pony like Dove." Sean agreed with this idea and We all gatherd around and had some left over Shepards Pie. Sean spoke and said," Maybe Mr Holly will give you a yearling." I shook my head no," You know how much thoes must cost!" Sean agreed and let the subject go. When he was about to leave a light went off in his eyes and he said," Corr is having his let reset tommrow and then the Vet said he should be feeling better. He said that with regular therpy he should be able to at least trot again." I remeber the first time I rode Corr, how breathlessly fast he was. I nod because I dont know what else to say.

Beauty was with us one last night and Finn was so happy when Sean gave him the okay to ride her. Later, Finn challenged me to a race. So we saddled up the horses and galloped away. We took the same path we would have if Finn still had the Morris. Beauty was fast and I would see Finn struggling with keeping her next to me and Dove. When we got the the sea, I looked out to the beach. A little bit back from the water stood a small form. It looked like a horse but it couldnt have been a capaill uisce, It was way to small. Finn saw it to, I slid off Dove and tided her to a near by pole nad Finn did the same with Beauty. Quielty we made our way down the cliff and when we did made it down I could see that the form was a horse, but it was a colt. The colt was small and couldnt have been a few days old, without his Moms milk he would die. I reached out to touch his rump and he was slippery and wet. So he was a capaill uisce. I made him stand and lead him to the sea. However, he wouldnt go into the water and I was stumped. The moon lit up to beach and I got a good glimpse of the colt. He was a pie bald and the memory of Mutt Malvern and his pie bald mare came into my mind. For some reason, I picked up the colt and carried him all the way to Dove. Finn never talked the whole way but he helped me load the foal onto Dove and untied us. I waited till he was on Beauty before we begun our journey back to our house.

It was late when we got there but the foal had been quiet and I got scared he had already died. When we took him of Dove though, he shook his little head. We settled Dove and Beauty in for the night before Finn asked what we were going to do with the foal. I didnt know though, so I brought him inside. Finn helped me warm up goats milk and make a bottle to feed him. Finn giggled and laughed as the foal gulped down the milk. In the light, it was easier to tell he was a capaill uisce. He was larger then a island foal and his ears long. His nostrials were slim and he had sharp teeth and no flat ones like Dove and Beauty. It was hard to remeber what he was so we put him in Gabe's empty room before locking the door.

It was early in the morning when a knock at the door woke Gabe and I up. The colt was knickering all night and I was relieved to see Sean at the other side of the door. Finn was happy to and he bounced into the room yawning. "I could tell something was wrong."


When Puck lead me into the empty room, I didnt see anything out of place. Then I heard hooves on the hardwood floor and I looked to my right. A capaill uisce colt stood wobbly and made its way towards us. I listened to Puck and Finn tell me about how they came across the foal. I know whose foal it is. Its Mutt Malverns aweful mare, Skata. Which means Skata survived Mutt cutting her neck long enough to have the foal but not long enough to care for it." Its hers." Puck nodds because she already knew. We stood there huddled together trying to think of a plan. Puck told me he wouldnt go back to sea. "Tank" says Finn. Puck looks puzzled and I just stare blankly at Finn. "The ship Mum and Dad died on. Thats his name, Tank." Puck sighs soflly,"" Finn, I know you want a horse but this isnt a horse you water. Water horses kill people." Finn looks to me and to Puck and to me again." But hes young and Sean will help me train him up." I ponder this idea and it could work. I look at Puck and nod, she looks sternly at Finn nad then to me and says" How do you think that could possiably work?" There are a few moments of slience before I say," Finn is right. He is young and we can work with him. Maybe even..." Puck stares me down and I smile weakly at her." You want him to ride in next years' races.' I nod because it wouldnt be a bad idea. Finn smiles brightly as Puck admits defeat and I am finding myself smiling too.