Tank was growing faster than any normal colt would. He was less than a year old but was already taller than Dove and cacthing fast up to Beauty. He could already hold Seans' weight and ran faster then any water horse Ive ever seen. I had to give props to Finn. I didnt think he able to rasie a foal let alone a water horse. Then money I got from the races was still holding us stong but I remebered not to splurge. Dove ate expensive hay and despite what Sean said he never took Beauty back. I didnt mind though, she was good to have around. Her and Dove plowed the little land behind the house for crops well. She was fast and sturdy for the long ride to town. Sean pusled through my head. Im worried becuase latley Sean wasnt the same in-control-person I knew post races. I wacthed as Sean whizzed past on the early October beach. The water sprayed up at Tank but he didnt mind. I wouldnt let Finn ride him. He came around the bend galloping safley pass on Beauty. Dove was behind knickering towards the mock race. I wonder if she was recalling her racing days. Finn came over gashing for breath,"Lets...All..Race...Together!" I grabbed Dove who was tired of being on the side lines and went over to where everyone else stood. We were all about to go when a guy, in his early 20s came trotting up on a large bay water horse. The horse was pushing towards the water and I could tell it had been caught not to long ago. I looked warily at Sean who lead Tank up to the man. Sean nodded and the man spoke up saying,"Im riding for the Malvern Yard this year in the Scorpio Races. Do you mind if me and my horse do a mock race with your horse." Sean eyed the horse warily making the same note I did, that it coudlnt be trusted. I also knew he was startled by the fact Malvern had a new rider. He had a golden crew cut and green eyes. He was slim but fit and rode well. Sean nodded and came over whispering in my ear,"Im going to race him on Tank. Leave Dove and Beauty on the sidelines." I nodded and motioned for Finn to follow me. Tank and the bay danced in there spots. I noticed the bay had bells on its legs and I shook my head. Malvern was clearly nervous. Finn whisled with his fingers starting the race. The young rider who was named Max let the bay mare run freely as she swearved all over. Sean held Tank back who ran in a straight line. Max started to lose control of the bay mare who lunged for Tank. Sean exploded foward with speed and reach the end of the strech. He let Tank dance back to wear we waited. Max came by commenting,"Thats quite a beast you got there. Trained mighty fine!" We all nodded


Corr surgery is today,George Holly had brought all sorts of things I had never seen before. He was telling me all the things that can go wrong and I decided to I make the brisk 15 minute walk to Pucks house. I knocked on the door and Finn let me in. I made my way thorugh the house to Pucks' room. I knocked softly on the door and I opened in just a crack to see her laying on her bed. My heart pounded as I walked towards her. I sat next to her and took her hand. She whispered softly,"He will be alright." I nodded to scared to talk or else tears might come flowing. I laid back next to her and pulled her into my arms. I looked her in the eyes and said,"I know" And just like that I was so sure he make it through. We laid there for awhile. I listened to hear steady breathing and stroked her soft hair. Finn came in and smiled. "Are you to love birds going to ride the horses today? I rode the pony cart into town and Dory says the beach is starting to crowd." The scorpio races were begging this is it. I mouthed,"Is she sleeping" to Finn. He shook his head yes and I told him Id be out in a minute. I closed my eyes for a few seconds and wished I could hold Puck in my arms forever. I lightly tapped her shoulder and said,"We have to go." She closed her eyes as if saying no. I softly laid my lips on her and kissed with every ounce of energy I had. I turned her on her back and kissed down her neck and nuzzled her,"Are you up now?" I teased with a smile. She rubbed her eyes and said,"If thats how Im going to get woken up Ill go back to bed"

The winds whipped around the beach. I sat on Tank with Puck looking over the choas. Sure enough blood would be spilled. Beauty pranced with excitment and Finn face was wild. "Lets not run them today" Everyone nodded and We cantered the whole way to Pucks' place. Today just felt like the type of day to lay in bed all day. Finn went to his room right away and Puck took my hand and lead me to hers. We lay back in our spots and listened to the rain pitter on the roof. Pretty soon Kate and I were kissing and warmth spread thorugh out my body(awks) I softly stroked her exposed arm amilessly not wanting the moment to end. She pulled away slightly out of breath and said,"Take off your jacket" I gave a lopsided smile as my stomch had butterflies. Did guys even get butterflies? I shrugged out of my jacket and made my way back to Kate.