" Honey, I think it would be wise not to move an inch, because if you do, I will shoot."

The voice came from behind me, too close for my liking. I felt some thing cool being thrust up against my neck.

A gun tip. The gun in my hand felt useless.

Right now I was in an abandoned warehouse the last place I had envisioned myself to be earlier in the day. I laughed.

"You find your death to be funny?" said the voice.

"No" I said. "I figured that if I were to die here, I might as well die laughing. Instead of begging for mercy." I didn't want to die a coward, of course.

"Did you always picture yourself saying those words to a ruthless villain that you hope to defeat?"

"I never pictured myself having a conversation with a villain." I dropped my gun, to show that I was done fighting. I kept my arms in the same position taking him literally about the non-moving thing. Maybe I could disarm him, if I moved fast enough. Both me and my attacker stood in the same position, not moving or breathing. Then as fast as I could I turned around to dis-arm him, but found that no one was there. Where was he? I spun back around to see him smiling and holding my gun in his other hand. All was quiet, eerily quiet. I could only see a silhouette of my attacker because of the moonlight sliding through small window that was too high up for escape. He was big and bulky, reminding me of a bear. There was no way that he could have moved so fast.

"Aren't you going to shoot?" I said my voice quivering just slightly. I had been in situations like this, but this was the only one that I had the feeling that I wasn't going to get out. Alive. He huge man cocked his head slightly, as if thinking whether to kill me or not.

" Nah, you are too cute to shoot" he said as I felt a bag being forced over my head.

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