This is all a work of FICTION. These characters are fictional and from my imagination. Not intended to offend anyone. I just wanted to add my own ideas as to what I wish for Robsten's future. I do believe they can make it through this tough time if they really love each other and if they want to make it work. But time away from each other can be good as well and that's where I got the inspiration for this story. I hope you enjoy! Comment please!

It had gone two years since they had last seen each other. But it was as if it was just yesterday, the connection and the love, it all came back to him as soon as he saw her face. They were at a gala for the creator and author of Twilight, Ms. Stephanie. It was an honorary event that Summit was holding to congratulate her on all her success and work. The books were still selling even though they had come out years ago. And Breaking Dawn, the last movie made, had just hit a new record in the movie industry. Most bought movie ever or some extravagant title like that. Rob didn't really know the exact reason they were celebrating. No one ever did in Hollywood, people were just always celebrating. Partys, galas, shows. That's all there was to do in this town. He hadn't thought of going, not because he didn't want to face her, but because he just didn't see the point. It had gone two years already, when were they going to let go of this story so that he would be able to move on? Seemed like never. But his agent convinced him to go and at least show Stephanie some appreciation. She was, after all, the reason he was a well-known actor in Hollywood. He did appreciate Stephanie, he just couldn't understand why he couldn't tell her that himself, just the two of them and not at a huge party. Eventually he gave in, and that's what led him to this moment. To him standing in front of her.

As said before, it had been two years. Two years since that Breaking Dawn premiere. Two years since he heard those last words she said "I will love you forever. I will wait for you forever, Rob." He wondered if she really had waited for him. He doubted it. But at this moment, he didn't really care. There they were surrounded by old friends and just like that, just like it had always been between them, a bubble formed. It was just the two of them again.

"Hey Rob! Nice looking tux man! It's been way too long. How have you been?" Kellan said while hugging Rob, breaking their contact.

"Oh hey Kellan. Nice to see you haven't changed! Yeah I've been good. Really good. How about you?" Rob answered.

"Oh you know, same old same old." Kellan then spotted her.

"Kristen! How did I not see you there? Have you gotten smaller? Come here!"

She came over to us slowly. She was stunning. Draped in a navy blue gown with her hair famously thrown to the side but there was something different about it. The way it was wavy reminded him of old hollywood glamour. She was breathtaking. She never took her eyes off him, the whole time. Only when she caved into Kellans hug did she look down.

"Hey dude, I think you're the one who has gotten taller and way more buff! Holy crap look at your muscles!" She said while lifting his arm up.

The sound of her voice, it made him almost shudder. It made him wake up from the haze he was in. What was he doing? He couldn't get himself caught up in her again. He wouldn't let himself. He had to get away fast. He quickly turned away and walked into a crowd of people. Was he delusional? Of course he couldn't face her again. What made him think that things had changed? He still wanted her, he still missed her and to his dismay, he still loved her. He wandered onto the balcony. As he looked out over LA, he thought back to the night he had found out about her affair. He remembered the pain he felt when his publicist called him asking if he was ok. He remembered feeling like a fool to be the last to find out. Then he remembered her face, tears streaming down as she tried to explain. But there was nothing to explain. It was too late, she had already broken his heart. Months passed and she wouldn't stop calling. When the promotion of Breaking Dawn started, he avoided her at all costs. Never being interviewed at the same time, making appearances at different premieres, and never talking about her or to her. He was going to erase her completely from his mind. Or at least that was the goal. She showed up to one of his premieres (they're publicists gave her L.A, him London, her NY, him Berlin. Etc). It was in Madrid and it was his premiere. He hadn't let himself think of her, speak of her since the affair went public. But there she was, standing in front of him looking heavenly and he let her talk to him. She said sorry, she said she loved him more than anyone, she said it was the biggest mistake of her life and then she said those words "I will love you forever. I will wait for you forever, Rob" and with that she disappeared. No more phone calls or texts. No more sneak appearances. She was giving him his space, his time. Hoping that he would give in and come running after her. But that was not the case. And it wasn't about to be now.

"It's cold out here."

Her words interrupted his thoughts. He turned around and faced her and she smiled. She smiled at him like he was her favorite person in the world. Like he was everything to her.

"What do you want Kristen?" He said sharply and swiftly turned his back to her. It would be easier to push her away if he didn't have to see her green eyes staring up at him.

"I just wanted to know how you are. I mean, I just wanted to see that you're good. I know your movies are good. Really good. I saw Mission: Blacklist. It was amazing. You were amazing… I miss you, Rob" Her voice cracked on that last word. She breathed in and tried to control her herself. She wasn't going to ruin this chance for him to hear her out.

"Anyways, I've been focusing on my work too. I, uhm, read some scripts that I thought would be perfect for you. For us. Though here we are two years later, still celebrating Twilight." She laughed and he found himself smiling. His back was still to her as he slowly turned around to face her, to see what else she had to say. His curiosity was taking over. He didn't want her to stop talking. Standing there with her arms crossed, looking right at him, she continued.

"I, uh, I read this one script about these two people who fall in love. I mean, it wasn't one of those fucking cheesy shit love stories. It was pretty good. But then one of them fucks everything up and leaves this huge mess behind." She looked up into his eyes and when they met she tried not to cry.

"She tries to fix things but every time she just fails. He, uh, he won't forgive her and she understands. She totally understands. But the story ends good, the two of them become great friends again. Because they'd forgotten that's what they used to be before they fell in love, and uh.." He leaned down closer to her face. He could feel her heart beating faster. She blinked her eyes and her lashes fluttered, like she always does when he leans into her.

"they sort of work it all out and.. fall in love all over again" She practically whispered that last part and with that he rapped her up in his arms and kissed her.