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Chapter: 22

Tori's P.O.V.

Cole and I, the next morning, had a small discussion over what had happened the previous night... It wasn't as awkward as I thought it was going to be. It was actually really funny and cute towards the end...


I had woke up with Cole against my back, basically surrounding me like a blanket. I was so warm... It was like I was laying in a pool of magma... But without the burning sensation. It was so... great. I loved the sensation, and didn't want it to end... As if on cue, Cole started to wiggle around behind me, pulling me closer in his sleep. This made me smile wider than I was already. I tried to cuddle closer to him, but this only failed to wake him up. He stretched himself out, making himself look quite big in comparison to me. Not like double the size of me, but he could easily hold me down...

"Goodmorning Beautiful..." He said smiling and kissing the top of my head, making me blush and hold back a giggle.

"Did you sleep well? I didn't crush you did I?" He asked smirking.

I shook my head and smiled.

"But you did sleep well?" He asked again.

I rolled my eyes, smiled, and nodded.

"Good..." He said smiling.

I stood up, and he gasped silently, rolling onto his stomach.

I turned to look at him and tilted my head, asking what was wrong through a gesture.

"Nothing's wrong... Just uhhhh... S-Stomach ache..." He said blushing.

I walked over to him to try and push him onto his back so I could rub his stomach. You know, try to make him feel better? Instead of him letting me, he moved away.

"Uhhhh what are you doing...?" He asked me laughing nervously.

I sat down, rubbed my own stomach, then pointed at him.

"T-That's ok, it'll go away eventually... The pain! The pain will go away eventually...!" He said laughing nervously.

I gave him a strange look and shook the thought away...

"So uhhhh... Subject change. About last night... I wanted to thank you for making me so ha-"

I smiled and rolled my eyes, already knowing what he was going to say. I cut him off with a passionate kiss...

I watched as his eyes rolled back into his head, his tail wagged, him smile, and kiss me back. He must have been madly in love with me for him to be this hypnotized. It was so cute... I broke the kiss and and he whimpered a little.

I couldn't help myself, and giggled winking at him.

"You such a horrible wolf... Why do you have to be so gorgeous...?" He said smiling at me.

I blushed, and smiled at his compliment.

"Hey... Does this mean we're... You know... Dating...?" He asked.

The thought about us dating had crossed my mind a few times the night before. Not enough times to actually worry about it though... I shrugged at him.

"You don't know... Well then..." He rolled over so his back was towards me, looked down towards his belly, then stood up sighing a breath of relief.

"If it's not certain we are dating... Would you like to howl with me? At the next Moonlight Howl? You know... As my girlfriend?" He asked me walking towards me.

The word 'girlfriend' really stuck out to me... No one had ever really asked me out before, so this made me feel really nervous... But there was no way I going to reject Cole. I nodded quickly, blushing up a storm. He gave me a hug, and went to give my cheek a kiss, but I stopped him with my paw. I wagged my finger in front of his muzzle.

"No kiss until tonight huh?" He asked me smiling slyly.

I nodded, and gave the tip of his wet wolfy nose a kiss.

"Oh, so you can kiss me but I can't kiss you?" He said playfully.

I nodded and smirked. I wanted to get back at him for all those times he flirted with me...

"Well that doesn't seem to fair now does it?" He said smiling at me.

I stuck my tongue out at him playfully, and he chuckled.

"Real mature... Your such a pup. Then again, I'm no better, heh heh. I suppose you have work today?" He asked.

Now that I think about it, I did have work to do... I got a little disappointed, but quickly hid my emotion, and nodded instead.

"Awwww... Ok. Well, I'll see you later won't I...?" He asked.

I nodded, and started to walk away, running my tail from his neck, up the bottom of his chin, and up to the tip of his chin, making his whole body lift with his head as my tail did. I couldn't help but giggle. It was so cute... I just wanted to tackle him and kiss him to death. Of course, I wasn't going to give up my kisses so easily when they had such an affect on him...

"Ohhhhhhh I'll get you back later..." He said smiling evilly at me.

I waved at him, smiled back, and walked off to do whatever work I had for the day. Before I walked to far, he called out to me.

"Remember not to use your voice, ok?! You'll need it for the Howl!"

I nodded, and walked off.

End of Flashback/Four Days Later

It was only an hour before the Moonlight Howl and my date with Cole, and I was freaking out. It wasn't because I wasn't ready, I had Lilly and Kate help me get ready... It was because it was my first date... Not only that, but it was with Cole...!

"Jeez Tori your fidgeting worse than Humphrey was on the train back from Idaho... You need to relax." Kate said to me.

It was true, I was fidgeting a bit... But I couldn't help it. I was going on a date with the wolf I love...!

"Yeah Tori, just relax... There's no need to be nervous." Lilly said backing Kate up with a light, cheerful tone.

I nodded, and tried to calm myself down breathing in through my nose and out through my mouth slowly. It worked... To a certain extent. I may have stopped the fidgeting, but I couldn't help my pounding heartbeat.

"Tori... It's really nothing to be nervous about. My first date wasn't so bad... Sure it sounded like there was a dying frog in Garth's throat, but..." Kate started.

"Hey! His howl is perfect now!... Besides, I think my first date with Garth was perfect. I acted like myself, and he accepted me. That's the only thing you have to do Tori... Just be yourself. I bet you that's the reason Cole fell in love with you in the first place." Lilly said, interrupting Kate.

I couldn't help but smile at what Lilly said... I was sure hoping Cole fell in love with me for my personality, and not something silly like looks...

"She's right... My date with Humphrey was... magical. It was my first REAL date with somebody, and it was the best I'd ever had... And I was myself throughout the whole thing, just like Humphrey. That's one of the reasons I love him so much."

I nodded at them, smiling slightly. I knew they were right... I wasn't going to try and be someone I wasn't... I wouldn't want to have our relationship be an act my whole life.

"Ok, were done!" Lilly and Kate together.

I was almost scared of what I looked like... I was hoping they didn't make me too girly...

"Come one, come on, come and seeeeee!" Kate and Lilly said.

I rolled my eyes at their puppy like attitude as I walked past them towards a small puddle. As I looked down into the puddle, I was a bit shocked. I looked... Girly, but yet, I didn't look like a princess. I loved it! My head fur was parted perfectly down the center of my head right between my ears, the silver streaks in my fur seemed to glow in the moonlight, my body fur was perfectly groomed, and my eyes stood out so well... I couldn't help but smile widely and hug them tightly, meaning to say thank you.

"No problem Tori." Lilly said giggling.

"Yeah, it was nothing. Just a friendly favor." Kate said smiling.

I broke the hug and looked back into the puddle. I couldn't get over how... new I looked! I smiled wide again, unable to hold back my happiness. I couldn't wait to see Cole's reaction... I hope he'll like it...

Cole's P.O.V.

As I groomed myself the best I could, I thought to myself what Tori and I's date was going to be like tonight... I was kind of nervous, considering I'd never howled with someone before... I'd be practicing my howl lately, and I thought it sounded ok. I looked myself over in the lake close by.

"Maybe I should see what Humphrey think of my appearance..." I said to myself before turning around to walk to Humphrey's den.

Just as I did, Humphrey was standing right behind me. Apparently, I wasn't the only one who was trying to look fancy, considering Humphrey looked more groomed than his normal, rugged, laid back self.

"I think you look just fine." He said with a smile.

"Creeper... Your stalking me aren't you?" I asked with a smirk.

"Yep, ever since you told me about your adventure away from Jasper, I haven't let you leave my sight once." He said in a sarcastic tone.

I rolled my eyes and shook my head smiling as he chuckled.

"No but seriously, do I look ok? First date and all..." I asked again.

"Is that why your doing that? You have a date? That's great! Who is she? Reba? Janice? Eve?" He said smiling evilly at the end.

"Yes, no, no, and NO. If I ever dated Eve, I would be on my toes ever second of the date. I'm not afraid of her, it's just... She's a bit easy to set off sometimes."

He laughed.

"Yeah yeah, I know. You, Winston, Lilly, and Kate are the only wolves who aren't scared of her... I swear, it's like your her son or something..."

"That would make you her son too you know... Heh heh..." I said chuckling to myself as his eyes widened.

"Scratch that last part. Your NOT like her son. I don't want to have an over protective mother..."

"Technically you are her son... Son-in-law. Your married to Kate." I said to him.

"Wouldn't that make you her son-in-law too?" He asked.

I shrugged.

"Whatever, we're off topic. Who's that lucky girl anyway?"

"Well, I'll give you a hint... I've loved her ever since we were pu-" I didn't get to finish.

"Tori..." He said interrupting me.

What was with everyone not letting me finish my sentences lately... Am I that predictable? I'm spontaneous every second of the day!

"Yep. I'm so happy I feel like I could explode!" I said in a half yell.

"That's awesome, just don't explode on me. I just got done grooming myself." He said smiling.

"Heh heh, ok. You look quite fancy by the way... Not something I'm used to." I said, complimenting him.

"Thanks. I don't know if I like the fancy look... I'm more of the freaky natural look."

"Yeah... Same here. I like my long, wild fur." I said touching my head fur.

"No, your fur is freakishly long, cut it."

"No, it makes me, me."

"Cut it."


"I'll take it from you in your sleep."

"I'd like to see you try."

"Ok, you'll have to sleep sometime."

"So will you. Remember who your brother is." I said chuckling, ending the discussion.

After our small play argument was over, I decided to ask him about his first date.

"Hey Humphrey... Can I ask you something?" I said.

"Of course, what's up?" He said looking down into the lake to make sure his fur was still groomed.

"What was your first date with Kate like...?" I asked him.

"What was it like...? What was it like?! It was one of the best days of my life! I swear I'll never ever forget that day... My first date... With the love of my life no less! Cole... You could say it was like heaven... And I bet yours will be too..." He said ending with a warm smile.

I smiled at him... Slowly at first, but it soon became a big, wide, smile across my face. I couldn't wait until I got to see Tori...

"Thanks Humphrey... I'm sure this will be a night to remember."

"No problem... You are my brother after all." He said smiling again.

I nodded, and he gave me a small push on my shoulder, making me smile again.

"Well, I think I'll go and see if Tori wants to go now... Are you going to go get Kate?" I asked him.

"I am. Good luck with your date Cole. I'll see you at the Moonlight Howl... Have fun!" He said walking away.

"Ok, thanks, you too! See you there!" I yelled as I walked in the direction of the pack hotel, also known as, my den.

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