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Chapter: 29

We waited about five minutes... Hoping to see him spring to life. But after those few minutes, and he didn't move, even the Angel started to lose hope... She looked at me with a look of sorrow... Telling me with her eyes she knew how I felt, though I found that hard to believe... Maybe in her old life.

"Tori... I tried... I'm so sorry." The Angel said to me.

I didn't say anything. I just kept staring at Cole's lifeless body... Humphrey joined my at Cole's side. After all this, it really was for nothing... I couldn't cry... I wouldn't cry... I shouldn't cry... And I didn't. For him, I didn't. I hadn't noticed before, but I think he was... smiling.

"At least he died happy..." I thought to myself.

I laid beside him, hugging him as tight as I could... I couldn't do much else...

"I love you Cole... With all my heart and soul..." I whispered into his ear, giving him one last kiss on the cheek...

After a few seconds, I started to feel... alone. Even though Humphrey was by my side, I've never felt more alone... Even when I thought Cole was dead before, when I didn't have his body before me, I hadn't felt this alone. It's amazing what one body can do to someone... I wanted to howl, but I couldn't feel my voice. I felt like an empty caribou carcase... Just left here to rot. I was about to give up hope... But then I heard something.


I looked at Cole again, and listened again...



That sound... I knew that sound. It was Cole heartbeat. The only wolf in the whole pack who's heart that sounded like that... I knew it was him.

Thump-Thump... Thump-Thump...

"C-COLE...!" I yelled, a bit louder than intended.

He must have heard me, because after I said that, his tail started to beat against the ground, trying to wag back and forth. I could see his chest moving up and down again! I could hear his heart beating! I could hear him breathing! He was alive! MY COLE WAS ALIVE! He started to move a little, trying to stand. His eyes were still closed, and he started coughing violently, laying back down again, almost falling... But Humphrey and I were at his side in an instant, catching him before he could.

"No Cole, please don't try to stand! You don't have enough blood in your body...!" I said, engulfing him in a hug, starting to ball my eyes out.

I couldn't hold the tears back anymore, I had to let them out. They weren't tears of sadness though... They were tears of an overwhelming joy! I was still curious as to how Humphrey wasn't crying though... Why was he so mature all of a sudden? I quickly forgot about my question when Cole wrapped his arms around me weakly, his breathing stressed.

"Uhhh, sweety?" The Angel said, making me turn towards her.

"You might want let him breathe... Hehehe!"

I had only realized then I was hugging him excessively tight, and he was having a hard time breathing. I quickly let go of him, making him gasp for air, coughing even harder.

"C-Cole my Love I-I'm so sorry! I-I didn't know...!"

He gasped, and kept coughing violently, in efforts to get the blood out of his throat. He gasped once more, taking as much air his lungs could hold, and started breathing a bit heavy. At least he was breathing... semi normal again.

"J-Jeez Tori...! A-Are you trying t-to kill me! I-I just c-came b-back to life!" He said laughing, coughing a little in between.

I smiled a little, tears pouring down my cheeks. He was still himself...

"I missed you Cole..." I said in a quiet voice in efforts to drown out my tears, if that was even possible.

"I-I missed you too Beautiful..." He said before laying his head down and closing his eyes again.

"Ugh... I'm so dizzy..." He said.

"Get some rest... Let some of your blood come back to you." I told him, brushing my paw through his long head fur, making him nod a little.

I turned to the Angel, running over to her and giving her a big hug.

"Thank you... Thank you so much...!" I told her, making her giggle.

"It was nothing... I just can't wait to get back in his body, not that there's anything wrong with this one. It just feels... different, I guess you could say."

I had completely forgot about her possessing Lilly's body! Then again, you would to if she sounded and looked just like her... Winston then called out to his Alpha's, telling them to bring Cole up to his den. It took two Alpha's to carry him to Lilly and Garth's den when we first found him, so I would imagine it would take two to bring him to his den. I was right.

After the wolves left with Cole, the Angel gave Lilly control of her body back to her, making her almost fall onto the ground. Garth was there to catch her though. She was still giggling from the feeling the Angel had given her. Her tongue was hanging out of her mouth, and she was acting really funny, making me giggle a little.

"Hehehehe...! Mmmmmm... Garth, your fur is soooooooo soft...!" She said, rubbing up against Garth's side, making him smile and blush, making it easy to see because of his creamed colored face fur.

"She'll be like that for a little while... Maybe ten minutes or so." The Angel said to us, back in her little sphere form.

"Did Cole act like this?" I asked her.

"No, because he was in such a horrible condition when I found him, and was hurting so bad, that it didn't have the same effect. Maybe once he's ready to take me back into his body, he'll act like that. Considering he's only weak, and not so much hurt. Scar's don't hurt that much..." She said.

I nodded at her, and continued to watch Lilly act like a weirdo. Licking Garth's face, nibbling his ear, rubbing against his belly and chest, making him blush an even deeper crimson. She eventually even kissed him right in front of everyone, making a few "Oooo's" and "Awww's" erupt from the crowd. Eve and Winston saw this, making them smile a little, along with me. It was only then I remembered the ball of lead. I picked up the ball, and ran towards Cole's den, having the Angel follow me. I don't think I've ever ran faster...

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