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Just a little bit after 7 o'clock, the town was flooded with people shuffling around, trying to maneuver their ways through the crowded streets. Every once in a while, a few cars passed and junior high students can be seen pedaling on their bikes.

The noise, the close space and the suffocating air; he hated them. That was why Yamazaki Mutou only settled himself at a corner of his frequent cafe and observed the chaos behind the glass window, even if a clear view was nearly impossible with all the words that were glued onto it.

The cafe was not the best and was a little old, but it was enough to his liking as rarely did many people stop by.
The lighting was dim, only a head light hovered above each table to increase the brightness.
One or two business men loitered around the back, asking for more drinks as they rushed through their late reports while the owner only grumbled, upset how he was interrupted during his reading time.

No one paid any attention to the university student sitting in front, and certainly no one cared enough to listen to the quiet conversation that he was exchanging over his cellphone.


"You are an idiot." Mutou, with his calm voice, said to the person on the other line. "You were only to confirm his location, so why the hell did you pull a civilian into our business?"
Holding a fork in his free hand, he finally reached out to the untouched piece of cake sitting before him. He swept his fork across its surface, bringing up the icing on top, then smoothing it back down as he continued his conversation. "The Vongola would gladly hand over a few thousands for information on his whereabouts. But now you went and knock out a random girl, alerting him that something is going on-"
He frowned and stabbed into the soft texture, making a clang sound on the contact with the plate. "-he won't be there by the time Vongola come." He leaned back and pushed the plate away. "How's the girl?" He sighed. "Good. Keep her there, she must have some information... I'll be back in soon." He stood up and hauled his bag over his shoulder.

"And Akatsu-" He stopped when the old owner's eyes were fixed on him. He flashed a smile, a simple stretch of muscle containing no particular emotion, "Mister, the usual please. To go." The old man kept on his scowl and left to the kitchen. "-are you still listening?" He turned facing the street and stuffed his hand into his pocket. With the same smile he said to his subordinate "Next time you make a mistake, I'll personally take care of your other eye."

He shut off his phone and turned back to see the old man's wife bringing out a plastic bag. He took out his wallet as she handed him the bag and took the money. "Here, tell that girlfriend of yours to come visit this old woman soon. I miss her." She smiled kindly.

"She'll be back soon." He nodded. "I miss her too... Thanks for the cake. I'll be going now." He gave a slight bow and headed out, a respectful act that a good student would pay to his elder.


Well dressed and well mannered, in her eyes, he knew that he was no more than an ordinary enrollee of Tou University.





Standing and gawking before a plain looking house, Squalo still couldn't believe his boss was here all this time.


The man rumbled through his mind searching for the owner of the name. None popped up, Squalo was certain none of their Japanese clients were a "Sawada". Yet why did the name sound familiar on his tongue?

Well his boss should have the answer.

"...That bastard." He mumbled feeling his blood starting to heat up at the thought of that person.

"W-what is your order sir?"

"Stay and wait what else?!" He barked to his subordinate, who was standing next to the black Mercedes behind, and stormed to the entrance.

He slammed the door open.


"DON'T BE SO FUCKING LOUD YOU STUPID TRASH!" Immediately he heard a familiar voice roaring in response. His mouth opened, getting to another smartass comment, when suddenly a ziplock bag was speeding toward his face. The small, yet surprisingly heavy thing knocked painfully on his forehead.

"OW!" The bag fell onto the floor. "FUCK!" He held his head. " BOSS OR NOT, WANT ME TO KILL YOU?!"

Xanxus stood in the hall, face lifted up arrogantly and wearing a scowl. He was now clad in his black slack and dress shirt, looking more official, even if his tie was hanging casually around his neck and his sleeves were rolled up. "Like hell you can"

"Oh yeah?!" Squalo quickly flicked out his sword and charged at Xanxus, swinging down the blade. "THIS IS FOR THE TROUBLE YOU CAUSED ME." Xanxus stepped to the side, avoiding it. "I LOOKED FOR YOU EVERYWHERE!" He swiftly turned and aimed a kick at the other's head, though it was blocked easily. "DO I LOOK LIKE I GIVE A SHIT?!" Xanxus glowered and threw a punch at his face. "YOU SHOULD!" He dodged it before another fist coated in flames headed straight to his face.


Squalo widened his eyes, and in haste of avoiding the punch, he landed himself on the floor.

"What do you mean...?" He looked up to his boss' eyes. A hint of panic was there. 'What the-' The man turned away. "VOIII WHAT THE HELL DO YOU MEAN, BOSS?!" He jolted up, sensing something was off.

"The shit I threw at you, get fingerprints from it as soon as possible. Search our database for any matches." Xanxus only ordered and walked away.

"VOIII! XANXUS!" He stomped up in front of Xanxus and grabbed his shirt collar. "You haven't answered my question."

"Just shut your yapping and do your job." Xanxus pushed him away and continued on his way.

"HOW AM I SUPPOSE TO DO MY JOB IF I DON'T KNOW A FUCKING THING THAT'S GOING ON?!" His frustrated scream was blocked out as Xanxus disappeared into a room.

Being left alone in a stranger's house, he had no choice but snatched the bag from the floor and made his way outside.

"Send this to the lab and check for fingerprints. Get the results back to me right away." He switched back to Japanese fluently then tossed the bag to the subordinate, still standing outside. "Also, contact the ninth, tell him I'll drag his stupid ass son back soon." He glared. "Now GO."

"Y-yes sir." The man hurried off, sensing his superior's displeasure.

Squalo let out a terse sigh and stared after the car.


It was dark now.

Night time was a time to relax, but with his boss around, he doubt he'll have any real rest tonight.

"What a pain in the ass." He stretched his neck and came back in the house.





"I'm home!" Tsunayoshi beamed happily as she entered the house, quite content that her supplement classes were over, she was finally at home sweet home.

It was a long tiresome day, she could just sprawl on the floor and nap right there, but having a housemate seemed to put her in conscious of her action. Speaking of said housemate, she hasn't receive a greeting from him like usual. Which was strange, she figured he must be hungry enough by now to yell out 'You're late!' or something.

She stepped in after sliding off her shoes. "Xanxus-san?" She blinked, hearing a quiet hallway answered her. She then headed to the living room, a most logical place for the man to be.

Stepping into the room, she smiled when realizing that she was indeed, dead on.


Outside of the living room, on the deck; the glass doors were wide open and he sat there, casting a long shadow behind him as the orange sunset outlined his broad build.

Either he was ignoring her or he somehow became deaf. But for whatever the reason was, Tsuna put down her bag and tip toed up and cupped her small hands over his eyes.

"Guess who?" She grinned but it faltered as a hand latched onto her wrist and tugging forward before she could even blink. "HIIIEEEE-" The fact that she was flung through the air didn't get into her head until her body hit the ground harshly. "-oww..." And everything ached.


Did she ever mention he wasn't exactly the gentleman type?


"The hell you're sneaking up on me for?!" He frowned, not happy with being startled. Nonetheless he stood up and reached out to her wrist but this time he intention was to pull her up.

"Y-you didn't have to flip me over!" She let herself be lifted up.

"Don't surprise me then!" He dusted off her hair and clothes and walked her back to the deck.

"T-that was kind of the point!" She sat down, rubbing behind her head. Yet the action only added more to the throbbing sensation she was experiencing. Her eyes couldn't help but tear up and getting his attention for a second before he turned away, clearly attempting to ignore the guilt budding in his chest.


"Weakling." The reply came automatically out of his mouth, earning a sniffle from the younger one.
He let out a desperate sigh. "Fine, fine! I'msorryokay?" slurring the last few words before turning to her and finding a stupid smile plastered on her face. "...You brat!" A knuckle tapped her forehead. She only grinned.


He slid over to her and grazed over the forming bump.

"I'll get some ice for it later." She smiled, appreciated the apologetic action. "...You're so strong..."

"Of course I am." He smirked, dropping his hand down the wooden board and leaned back. "It probably didn't hurt much due to that thick head of yours."

"I'm sure your head is thicker. Since you didn't even hear me calling you."

"You don't talk to your elder that way you pipsqueak."

"Since when have you acted like an adult?"

"All the time? And you just admitted you're a pipsqueak." He snickered, stared down.

"I don't think so, and I'm growing!" She glared up to him challengingly.

"So you won't be flat anymore?"

"W-what does that have to do with me being little, you perverted old man!" She shoved his shoulder lightly, a pink shade spread across her cheeks.

"Why do you keep calling me old man? You just said that I don't act like one."

"...t-that's ...just because!" Obviously not a great reason, but she refused to lose to him.

"Then how do you want me to act?" He scoffed but then a mischievous glint flashed in his eyes.
"Like this?" He shortened the distance between them, surveying her changed expression.

"W-wait, w-what...?" She stuttered out, even when somewhere in her mind, "Xanxus-" she knew exactly the answer as his breath brushing at her lips suddenly disappeared, a total different sensation was left behind.


Their relationship was really a strange one.

The hand at the back of her neck, holding her against him probably had no meaning. How her body instantly shifted forward to him probably had no meaning either.

There was really no reason for this to happen as this started from a pointless conversation between the two. Yet here they are kissing like lovers. The term, which of course, did not apply to them.


It was soft? No.

Sweet? Not even close.

But this...wasn't exactly bad.





The silent hospital room enveloped Mutou as he walked in. The only sound was from the machine next to the bed, beeping continuously. And maybe a little bit of shallow breathing if one listen closely enough.

As much as he hated the rowdiness of people, this quietness clogged his lungs, making it painful with each breath. He set the bag onto the small table at the side of the bed near the window and stood, gazing down at the motionless body on the mattress.

"I brought you cake. Eat when you wake up okay?" He said to the sleeping one. His fingers reached out to the other's hand and gave it a squeeze. His thumb grazed on the hand affectionately. "Just a little bit longer..." Hesitantly he pulled away. "I'll be back tomorrow."

How pathetic...he couldn't even muster up a smile for her.
And the fact that he was the reason she became like this...
The money from Vongola... It became a need for him to acquire them.

He turned to leave after letting out a little sigh.

Now, how much does that girl know about Xanxus?
Akatsu better not let her escape or anything.
That useless bastard.





Lights on the ceiling seeped into the orbs making the brown pupils dilated, bringing everything blurred into focus.

It appeared Tsunayoshi was in a small living room, no, more like an office. She was propping against the wall in a corner quite uncomfortably, with tape sealing her mouth and restraining her wrists. Her limbs tingled when she sat up properly.

Immediately her eyes darted around the room.


There was no one.

That man wasn't here.

Her eyes widened, alarming. 'He was looking for Xanxus!' Then they suddenly teared up as she swallowed down the fear that was starting to grow.

Was he alright?

But why was she here? And where was this place?

She slowly got on her knees then stood up.
'Xanxus is strong...he fought with Hibari-san... he will be okay...' She believed so.

She was the one that stuck here. She needed to leave. And so she had to be strong too.
No use sitting around right?

A small hesitant step, then another and another with more confidence. She advanced to the door quietly, but she wasn't even halfway there, when the door handle twisted open and someone stepped in. Her body froze.

But she caught the man's eyes and her stiffened shoulders dropped.

'It's you.' She let out the breath she didn't know she had been holding.





Meanwhile, in the Sawada's living room, Squalo stared at his computer screen with a frown, clearly not very happy with whatever he was reading. The fingerprint results were sent to his laptop moments ago with 3 matches; Xanxus' and 2 other people.

The first was a Japanese man. Kayaba Akatsuki, 37 and divorced. The rest of the profile detailed petty information of said man; medical records, charges for gambling and drinking. But the thing that caught Squalo's attention was the man's picture. One eye was missing... There was no doubt he had or has have affiliations with the yakuza.

"Tch." But that wasn't the annoying part.

The second print found a match in the main database, a profile picture of a girl came up, but everything else was filed as 'Classified'. He had tried several different administrators' codes but only getting an 'Access Denied' every time. He was a hairs away from slicing the damned thing in pieces if it wasn't for the opening door that revealed Xanxus; with the familiar uniform resting on his shoulders and guns tugged neatly in their holsters.

"What's with the noise trash?" Xanxus lifted his eyebrow.

"I couldn't open something." Squalo complained.

"Your problem. Now give me a gist of everything." Xanxus leaned against the door frame.

"3 matches. You, a man and a girl." He said.

"I know the girl." He paused, before expression turned murderous. "That leaves the other unlucky bastard. Which family?"

"How do you know her?" Xanxus' glare screamed out 'NO QUESTIONS.'

"Fine, I'll bug you about it later then. Fucking pansy." The subordinate tapped on the keyboard, switching back to Akatsuki's profile.

"Keep spilling shit from your mouth and I'll end that pathetic thing you call life."

"It's not my fault you decided to become a pregnant woman-" The 'pregger' pulled out his gun. "-fuck boss, I was joking!"

"Just tell me about the damn guy before I kick your sorry ass." The guy grumbled.

Squalo turned the laptop to his direction. "He doesn't belong in any family or group, but there's a few places he frequent..."

"Then what the hell are we waiting for?" Xanxus glared at the image on the screen before turning and walked out.

"W-wait! Boss!" Scrambling off the cushion, he grabbed onto the laptop and swiftly followed the other. "Who the fuck is he?! And tell me about the girl!" The only respond he got was a car door slamming loudly.


Squalo settled in the passenger seat with an exasperation grunt before the driver started the car.

He glanced at the man in the backseat.

Remember how he said he won't have any real rest? Fuck that. Judging by the situation, he won't have any rest at all.





'I'm the one who loves you.'

Tsuna's eyes snapped open as she pushed against his chest, distancing the space between them. Her head dipped down, completely ignore the gaze cast upon her, she, however, did know about the burnt color in its way of diffusing from her face to her ears was getting darker by second.
"I e-erm... T-the food is burning!" She stammered, standing up and ran into the house.


"Hey wait! You weren't even cooking!" She heard his voice and footsteps followed her.



She quickly grabbed the onions from the fridge and slapped them on a cutting board as she reached for a knife. Not even bothering to wash them; her mind was now filled with nothing but-



"I'm not dumb, you stupid brat." He came into the kitchen.



"I-I didn't say you were." It was suddenly hard to cut properly anymore.



She felt him coming up behind.
"Listen," He started, chin topped her head and his hands laced together in front of her stomach.



"I c-can't cook like this..." She squirmed.

"Well dinner can wait, now shut up and listen to me." He tightened his hold.



"What happened back there was nothing, okay?"



"H-huh...?" She turned slightly, looking up to him.



'...How can you say one thing and suggest another?' She looked away from his expression...which now had a tint of pink that wasn't noticeable if one wasn't standing at such close proximately.



"Y-yea...nothing." She agreed.

Like how her rapid heartbeats was nothing too.





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