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E/O Challenge: Balcony. 2 x 100-word drabbles with a connection to the stage. #1 Never underestimate older brothers. #2: It's time to get things started.


All the World's a Stage

"…And all the men and women merely players/They have their exits and their entrances/And one man in his time plays many parts" – 'As You Like It', William Shakespeare


A/N: Never underestimate older brothers ;) Set a short while after 5.08 Changing Channels.

Wherefore art thou Castiel?

Dean scraped away the anti-angel wards and stepped onto the balcony

"Hey Cas. Where are you Cas?"

"Oh, that's so sweet, it's just like Romeo and Juliet," Sam chuckled, "So what, you're Juliet?"

Dean's incensed expression changed to a cunning smirk. "If you were so smart you'd know 'wherefore' means 'who'. She's despairing he's a Montague, dumbass."

For a moment Sam considered drawing his silver knife, but it figured that Dean would know Shakespeare given his librarian fetish.

"Aw, like you despair Castiel's an angel?" Sam taunted.

Dean scowled. "A pox on you... Oh, wait, Gabriel did that already... bitch."


A/N: It's time to get things started.

It's Time to Raise the Curtain

Dean realized he was naked... on stage... in front of a huge audience.

He felt green with nerves and coughed trying to clear whatever was stuck in his throat.

Sam came on and told some really bad puns, but looked kinda adorkable in his necktie and hat.

The two cranky old men up in the balcony disagreed and heckled abuse.

"Call this a show? I hope it's cancelled"

"Ha! Just kill off the acts a little quicker!"

Dean woke up, sweating, What a weird dream...

No idea what he was wearing, but boy did Cas have some killer karate moves...