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"Come on, guys! It's starting!" Zack shouted from his seat on the couch. "Do you have the popcorn?"

"Of course I have the popcorn! What kind of idiot doesn't have popcorn!" Cole responded, walking over to Zack with a large bowl of popcorn. He hopped onto the couch next to Zack, placing the bowl in between them.

"I still can't believe that we can watch the first 39 episodes of FMA on Netflix! For only $8 a month!" Zack smiled. "They used to only have the original. Bleh." He pretended to vomit in the popcorn bowl.

"Dude! We have limited popcorn! Crystal took the rest and refuses to share." Cole scolded.

"I HAVE MY NEEDS!" Crystal's voice came from the kitchen, followed by the sound of over-exaggerated crunching. "Yum! This is good popcorn!"

"Shut up, Crystal!" Zack shouted.

"Make me!"

"I will!"

"How?" Cole asked. "You could barely stand your ground when the ice cream truck comes."

"That was one time! Will you stop teasing me about that! Just because Crystal was in a rush to get a Choco Taco and literally threw me aside, doesn't mean that she's stronger than me!" Zack complained.

"Well, there was also the time when Crystal beat you up when you beat her at Super Mario Bros." Leila piped up. "And the time when she beat you at wrestling when the prize was $200. Also the time when she beat you up for-"

"I get it! Crystal beats me up a lot!" Zack interrupted. "Now can I watch my anime now? Please?" He asked, annoyed.

"You're the one with the remote." Cole noted.

"No ones stopping you." Leila shrugged.

"I don't care!" Crystal called from the kitchen. "Just let me eat my popcorn in peace!"

"Meh, women." Zack muttered.

"I heard that!" Crystal shouted.

"I know!" Zack shouted back. "Jeez Louise." He rolled his eyes and hit the play button on the episode. As the opening credits played, Leila, Zack, Cole, and Crystal's phones rang.

"What the?" Cole frowned at the message. "Are you guys seeing this?" He held up his phone, displaying the message.

"I have it too." Leila said, waving her phone in the air.

"Damn phone! Leave me and my popcorn in peace!" Crystal shouted.

"Holy frijoles..." Zack gawked. All four had gotten the same message:

Dear humans,

In about 10 to 15 minutes, you will all die. Not by my hand, no, no. But by theirs. If you accept my offer, you will have another chance for life, and the future that will happen will never have. If you refuse, well, you still die. Make the right decision, or you will all feel the repercussions.

With less love than you'd like,

The Truth, The World, The Universe, God, All, One, and YOU

"I knew it!" Zack shouted. "The Universe, the World, and God have been conspiring against me this whole time! But what does repercussions mean?"

"Psh, it's probably fake. Those stupid chain text messages get stupider all the time." Cole said, waving it off. "And repercussions mean consequences."

"Who the heck is 'they'?" Leila asked. "And why are we going to die?"

"As I said, it's probably fake. Let's go back to anime, shall we?" Cole asked nervously.

"NO! Leave me and my popcorn alone!" Crystal growled.

"Enough with the popcorn already!" Zack shouted.

"NO!" Crystal shouted back.

"Guys!" Leila interrupted. "Can we just calm down?"

"Sure, Leila." Crystal said, coming out of the kitchen with about a dozen bowls of popcorn stacked in her arms. She stumbled to the couch, spilling popcorn all over the floor. She paused, and she and Zack glared at each other for a few seconds, before both going to scrape all the popcorn off the floor and eating it.

"That's slightly strange." Leila noted.

"Are you surprised?" Cole asked, an eyebrow raised.

"No, not really." Leila shrugged.

By the time Zack and Crystal had finished all twelve bowls of popcorn, (yes, even the ones on the floor,) the episode was just about half over, and Cole and Zack were cheering for Edward to beat the crap out of Greed.


"YOU CAN DO IT, PIPSQUEAK!" Cole cheered.

Meanwhile, Leila and Crystal weren't paying attention, but instead having a deep conversation. You know, homework, boys, certain idiots, that stuff. They were in the middle of talking about the stupid mean girls at their school, when a gunshot fired, and a bullet lodged itself in the wall behind Leila.

All four pairs of eyes widened, and they scrambled away from the door.

"I-isn't your family home?" Leila asked Zack nervously.

"Nope. Both at work." Zack replied, shaking.

"Neighbors?" Crystal asked.

"In their beach house in Miami." Zack gulped.

"Pets?" Cole asked. "Where's Scruffy when you need him?" He asked, referring to Zack's dog.

"At the Vet." Zack replied.

"Then we're royally screwed." Crystal said as another gunshot fired, and another bullet appeared by Cole's head.

"No where to run, and no where to hide." Leila shuddered as more gunshots fired and more bullets appeared in the wall.

"Actually, I do have one hiding place..." Zack noted.


"And this was a good idea, why?" Crystal growled. The four teens were squished inside of Zack's closet, where there was little leg room, and a bad smell in the air. "Your closet stinks!"

"Hey, you asked for a hiding place!" Zack retaliated.

"Actually, I asked for one." Leila said quietly.

"Oh, right."

"Wait a minute..." Cole frowned, looking at the floor of Zack's closet. "Is that?" He picked up a red and black rectangular device. "MY DS!" He shouted, and hugged it. "I thought I lost you! Wait, if you're here, then... ZACK!"


"DID YOU STEAL MY DS?!" Cole shouted.

"Um, no?"

"You're lying! I can smell it!"

"You can't smell lies!"

"Yes I can!"


"Can too!"


"Can too!"


As they were bickering, Cole dropped his DS, and Zack accidentally stepped on it, breaking the device. Both of them stopped cold.

"My DS..." Cole whispered, picking up the shattered remains of his electronic device. "YOU KILLED IT!" He shouted, and flung himself at Cole. Between Cole's attacks and Zack's lame excuses for mercy, Leila and Crystal were trying to keep the two apart.

"Guys, stop! If you keep going, they're going to-" Leila started, but was interrupted when Zack's closet door slammed open. "-find us..." As their eyes adjusted to the light, they saw three men standing at the door, each wearing masks and gloves, and holding guns.

The lead man pointed his pistol at the four. "Now, I want you all to come out of the closet. Nice and slowly." He said, glaring at them, daring them to disobey. Cole came out first, then Leila, then Crystal, and then Zack. The two other men pulled out zip ties from their pockets, bound their hands behind their backs. Next, the men led them downstairs, and shoved them on the Living Room couch.

"Now, you're going to be good little children, and tell me where your parents keep their money. Got it?" The leader snarled.

"No." Zack said. "I don't know where they keep it. My parents don't trust me enough to let me know. Of course, I don't blame them. Would you let an ADHD kid like me know where valuables are? Only an idiot would do tha-"


The gun fired, and a gaping hole appeared in Zack's shirt, right in his heart.

"ZACK!" Crystal shouted. "YOU MONSTER!" She screeched, and lunged at the leader.


All three guns went off, and three bullets found their way to Crystal's head, heart, and stomach.

"CRYSTAL!" Leila shouted, and scooted over to her friend. She glared at the men with an intense hatred. "YOU KILLED HER!"

"LEILA, NO!" Cole shouted as the men's guns fired again.


Leila slumped over the body of her friend, her back oozing out blood. Cole's eyes widened with fear as the guns turned to him.

The leader laughed cruelly. "It only takes one bullet." He said, and aimed his pistol at Cole's chest. "Good night, boy."


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