Woo-hoo! My second bethan story!

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They told me it was going to be easy. They told me I would find them on my first day. But of course, being an intern cupid isn't easy. They didn't give me any indications. They told me I needed to prove myself as a good cupid, but I'm just an intern. Of course, they told me that no other cupid was good for the job. They are right, I'm the only person who can do it, but still… They told me I needed to find the soulmates and get them together. They told me every cupid finds their job easy.


Let me explain. My name is Bethany, I'm an intern cupid. I want to be a full cupid. Cupid names are chosen after the soulmates' name mash-up. After we're born, we take a training, and then we need to prove ourselves and get the soulmates together. Of course, I had to be named Bethany! What kind of mash-up is that? Plus, I need to find the two persons alone, without any help from the Cupids. It's so not fair! Other intern cupids get help. Of course, not me! I never have luck with me job…..

So here I am, in Whitechapel high school, walking in the hallways, looking for my next class. It's the third day of school, I have no friends and I still didn't find the soulmates. I just want to get out of here!

Intern cupids get some sort of...helping powers. I can't explain them, I can just see when strangers are in love. BUT I CAN'T SEE WHERE THE SOULMATES I'M SUPPOSED TO GET TOGETHER ARE! UGHHHHHHHHHH! Sometimes I hate my job.

Supernatural also exists everywhere, so I can see if people are vampires, or werewolves, or spell masters...

This morning only I saw a vampire, a dog, a witch and a ghost!

Why are my soulmates so hard to find?, I thought to myself.

- Benny! Your chances of getting this girl are really small! said a guy standing next to me.

- Whatever E, I'm taking my chances, said this Benny dude, Hello beautiful!

I turned my head and found myself really close to… this Benny guy.

- H-hey, I answered, shyly.

- I'm benny, and can I say that you are the prettiest girl in this school, he started.

Something felt wrong with what he said. It seemed like he didn't mean it. I could tell he was in love, and that he was just pretending to like me. I didn't care, I got a crush myself on another cupid.

- Thanks, I said more confidently this time, my name is Bethany.

- Are you new here?

Now I could see that he was a spell master. Interesting people here, I thought to myself.

- Yes. Are you going to hit on me again?

Benny was shocked at my sentence, and answered:

- Fine. I feel like… I want to be friends with you, instead of you being my girlfriend. I have tingles. You're not normal, are you?

Uh-oh. I couldn't tell my real identity to anyone. . Even if he was a spell master. Cupids have this connexion with supernatural people. They are attracted to cupids, but only interested in being friends.

- What do you mean?, I asked, a puzzled look on my face.

- Never mind, you're going to think I'm weird now.

- No, it's alright. I don't have any friends here, and you seem nice.

- Thanks. So where do you have next?

- Math.

- Oh me too! Hey E! Come here! Benny shouted.

The guy that was with him was staring at me, almost angrily. When benny called him, he got out of his trance and smiled at him. He walked slowly towards us and said hi. I saw that he was in love, and that he is a seer.

- Hi. I'm Ethan, he said, looking at me with those eyes filled with jealousy.

I thought to myself for a second. Benny…..Ethan…..Bethan-y. I smiled to myself. YES! I FOUND MY SOULMATES! THIS IS GOING TO BE EASY NOW! Except… one is pretending to be Britney Spears' womanizer, the other is too shy to say his true feelings. Oh boy.

- Bethany? Asked benny, looking at me.

Ethan was looking at me with hatred-filled eyes.

- Yeah?

- You kind of… zoned out.

- Oh. Sorry. Hi Ethan, I'm Bethany!

- I know, said Ethan, jealousy in his voice.

- Oh-kay well, let's go to class! Said benny.


At lunch, I met Sarah, Erica and Rory. All vampires. Erica pretends to be too cool for the "nerds", as she calls Ethan, benny and Rory. But deep down she likes them. Sarah is really nice, and Rory is….. A geek vampire. I can't argue with Erica there.

Erica and Sarah are nice, but they kept talking secretly and sneaking glances at me. I felt uneasy for the whole hour.

10 minutes before the bell rang, Rory, Ethan and benny were arguing whether Spiderman was cooler than a vampire. Rory was always slipping up, saying stuff like " oh yeah, well we can fly! " , then Ethan and benny would find a reason why he said that, and they kept persuading me that vampires didn't exist. I just laughed quietly in my head. If they only knew. Of course Ethan and benny were saying Spiderman was cooler.

Seems like they are already in love, that explains benny not meaning to flirt with me and Ethan being mad at me when I was talking to benny. WAY easier than I thought.

In the middle of the nerd fight, Erica pulled me away from "bethan" and Rory, dragged me with such strength that it could pull a human's arm off. She started a discussion that I knew would happen, just not this fast.

- Alright "Bethany", tell us what you are, Erica said, pushing me against a wall. I could sense she was thirsty, and if I didn't answer she could drink me easily.

- I-I-I… I answered, a terrified look on my face.

- Erica, she's never going to answer us like that! Said Sarah.

- Ughh, fine! Answered Erica. I'll eat her after this conversation then, she whispered to Sarah.

I shivered, while Sarah glared at Erica.

- What she meant to say was, we know you're not normal, said Sarah.

- Uhh? As in… I'm super smart? I said, trying to act dumb.

- Not exactly, answered Sarah.

I just stared at her, a suspicious look on my face. How can she know? Can vampires sense supernatural beings too?

- Drop the act, said Erica, trying to be threatening, if you don't say what you are, I'm going to…. Well, I think you know.

She came close to me, I could see the tip of her fangs pleading to get out.

- Okay fine, vampire, I'll tell you. But you can't tell anyone. I'm really not supposed to tell, but-

- Yeah yeah yeah we get it, continued Erica, now what are you?

- Calm down Erica, said Sarah, Bethany, are you here because you want to hurt us? Because, as I think you know, I'm a vampire and Rory is too, so –

- No, no, no! I'm not here to hurt any of you! I sighed and turned my head, looking at Benny trying to make Ethan laugh with a pasta beard.

- Okay, so, judging by that sigh and smile on your face, you're in love with one of the nerds and you're trying to flirt with him?

- Oh no! Not at all!

- Then?

- I'm an intern cupid. I know, it's weird, but I got-

- Oh my gosh, squealed Sarah, I learned about them in magic history! So, who do you need to put together? Wait….Bethan-y. Benny and Ethan. Benny and Ethan! Oh finally! They've been in love with each other for years but they won't admit it, not even to us.

- I'm happy you know so much about me, Sarah, I said cheerfully. Erica, do you know everything?

- I don't care, as long as the two dorks get together.

- You care about them?

- Not really… but they're perfect for each other it's sickening to see they don't realize that. Sometimes, they flirt with each other so much I just want to sink my teeth into something to ease my anger!

- Oh-kay, I said, taking a step back from her. I turned to Sarah and said: So, I need you guys' help getting them together. I really thought it would be easier, seeing them this morning. But now I'm not so sure….

Back at the lunch table, the disagreement on Spiderman continued until two minutes before the girls came back.

- I am so glad Bethany's gone, said benny, I have tingles about her. Supernatural tingles. I think she's one of us.

- That's awesome! Said Rory, so what is she?

- I don't know, but I'm going to find out, said Ethan, a determined look on his face.

- How? Asked Rory.

- Dude! Are you ever going to learn? Said benny, face palming himself.

- I can just bump into her and see a vision! Exclaimed Ethan.

- Look! They're coming back! Whispered/shouted benny.

The bell rang.

Ethan stood up quickly and left, and I walked to my next class with Benny. I didn't see Rory- being super fast- trip me and sending me flying into….

Ethan's arms.

My thoughts were racing. No! What if he has a vision? My plan is going to get ruined! Wait…. In my training I learned something about seers and their cupid visions…

Ta-da ! my first chapter ! I hope it was good….

Anyway peace and bethan !


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