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- Sarah, Ethan and Benny didn't talk to each other the whole time we were in the pool, after I kissed Benny, I said, drying my hair.

- I know right! Isn't it awesome? Sarah asked.

- Yeah it is, but…. You don't think that they'll never talk to each other again, do you? Because of … me?

Sarah thought for a moment, before answering:

- No, eventually they'll talk. No girl is ever getting between their friendship, either they love each other or not.

I smiled, reassured.

- Good, I thought I'd gone too far.

- Don't worry, they'll talk to each other. Even if it's to have the last part of pizza.

This is soooooo boring.

We were in Sarah's car, Benny next to me. Sarah was driving, Ethan was in the passenger's seat. Nobody was talking, the atmosphere was kinda tense.

- So, what are we doing tonight? I asked.

- Ethan, when do your parents get back? Questioned Sarah.

- Tomorrow morning around 10, answered Ethan.

- So, do we camp at your house tonight again? We can go to school together tomorrow, asked Sarah.

After a mumbled " sure " from Ethan, we continued the silent car ride.

The minute we came home, joy seemed to rise up inside Benny. He seemed full of life, though in the car he seemed dead. He ran to the kitchen and got Mario's Menu. Then again, maybe it wasn't joy, it was hunger.

- Benny, pizza again? I laughed.

He chuckled and answered that it was a Sunday ritual with Ethan. Ethan, sitting down on the couch at the same time, winced at the sound of his name. He didn't turn around though, he just pretended to not have heard anything. Benny looked down, but took a deep breath and…..


Meanwhile, I heard a knock on the door. Erica and Rory came back. There was a leaf in Erica's hair.

- Hey guys! Come in! I said, smiling.

- Thanks Bethany, said Erica, grinning from ear to ear.

- Erica? You've got a leaf in your hair, I whispered to her, did you fly in a tree or something?

- Wha- ?oh, yeah, she giggled.

- What happened? I asked, nudging her playfully.

- We had a vampire make out session.

I adopted a curious look on my face, before understanding. We laughed and entered.

Sarah was sitting with Ethan, they were talking, Ethan always keeping an eye on Benny who was still ordering. Erica was texting, and Rory was choosing a movie in Ethan's room.

After Benny was done ordering, he helped Rory decide, and at the end they chose Jacuzzi Time Machine.

Apparently, Benny knew everything about the movie. His favorite part was 92 minutes in. he actually stopped eating popcorn to watch this part, mouth a little open in amazement. I was getting bored, so I put my head on his shoulder. He stiffened, but relaxed a little later.

Sarah was sitting with Ethan on the floor, she wrapped her arms around his waist and put her head on his shoulder. He raised his arm, seemed to hesitate a little, then put it on her shoulder.

Benny immediately stopped watching the movie to glare at them. He sighed, and resumed watching.

Rory and Erica were floating in mid-air, He had her in his arms.

When the movie was finished, there were pizza crusts all over Benny and I. He had ordered two pizzas, one for Ethan and I, and one for him. Believe it or not, he finished it, and was still hungry afterwards. Ethan went upstairs to look for the dvd case of the movie, Rory had left it upstairs.

I still had my head on his shoulder. He awkwardly scooted away from me before saying that he was gonna wash his hands in the bathroom. I let him go, and once he was inside, I quickly said to Rory, Sarah and Erica:

- Go take a walk outside. Now.

- Why? Asked Rory.

I looked at Erica and Sarah and they understood.

- Come on Rory, let's go, said Erica.

Benny was still in the bathroom when Ethan came downstairs. I asked him if he wanted to go for a walk with Benny, Sarah, Erica, Rory and I. It looked like he really didn't want to, and he quickly found an excuse.

- No thanks, I think I'll clean up Benny's pizza crusts.

- Okay, we'll be back in 30 minutes.

- Great.

I quickly went outside.

I smiled at Sarah and Erica. They had an eyebrow raised, before I said:

- They're alone in the house!

- Ohhhh! Nice one! Said Sarah.

- What? I don't understand a thing. Bethany, what exactly are you? Because I asked Erica and she said that she couldn't tell, explained Rory.

I giggled, and finally said everything.

- Rory, I'm an intern cupid. I was assigned Benny and Ethan, apparently they're soulmates. Get it? My name is Bethan-y. Bethan is a mash-up of the names Benny and Ethan.

- But…. Cupids are babies….

- Rory!? I said, punching him on the shoulder playfully, knowing it won't hurt him a bit.

- Sorry, Bethany….

- It's alright. But now do you get it? Why Sarah and I pretended to be their girlfriends?

- Yeah! Now I get it! It's smart….. No I don't get it.

- It was to get them jealous! Shouted Sarah.

I froze in my steps. I felt a sudden wave of energy running through my body. It was like my body was on fire. I gasped for air and lost my balance. I fell on the floor, and the moment I touched it, air came back to my lungs. I took a deep breath, stood up, and said:

- It's happening.

Back in Ethan's house

Stupid Sarah. Stupid Bethany. Stupid Week-end, thought Benny as he washed his face, cooling himself. Now I have to go back there and pretend that I'm someone's boyfriend. And now my love has to do the same thing. Ughhh…. I should've told him how I felt when I had the chance. Stupid me.

As he went in the living room, he didn't see anybody. His pizza crusts were still here, half the popcorn still on the floor. He thought everybody went into Ethan's room, so he walked up the stairs, frowning.

The brunette stopped before crossing the door, he didn't hear anything coming from the room, only sniffing. He stared through the slightly opened door and saw Ethan on his bed, head in his pillow, sniffing away.

- E, you okay? Asked the taller one.

The shorter froze, and tried to make his voice sound like he hadn't been crying.

- Um, yeah, sniff, of course I am, sniff, Benny. His voice was full of despair.

That hurt Benny more than anything. He sat next to Ethan and rubbed his back.

- E, tell me what's wrong. I can't stand to see you like this, he said, tears threatening to fall down.

- Like you care, muttered Ethan. But it was loud enough for Benny to hear.

- Of course I care E! You're my best friend, you're a part of me! Please tell me, it kills me to see you like this.

Now it wasn't sadness that filled Ethan. Anger bubbled inside of him, bursting to get out. And it just did. He stood up and shouted, tears still streaming down his face:


- What did I do? Oh, the kiss…. Benny answered, biting his lower lip, but why do you care so much Ethan? You've got Sarah now! She's the love of your life!

- No she isn't! And, he added, turning his face away from Benny, I don't care.

But even Benny could tell, without seeing Ethan's face, that he was lying.

- E, I've know you since we were 6. I can tell when you're lying, said Benny, trying to be calm.

Ethan sat down next to Benny and looked into his eyes.

- Benny, I never liked Sarah. I only started dating her because you started dating Bethany, and I didn't want you to tell that I was dying inside.

- I only started dating her because she told me you liked Sarah, said Benny, looking at the floor.

- Why would you go out with her because she said that?

- Why would you die inside from me dating her? Asked Benny, regaining Ethan's gaze.

They looked into each others' eyes, not daring to answer the questions. Finally, Benny broke the silence by placing his lips into Ethan's.

The shorter one, surprised by his crush's lips on his, froze. He then realized the situation and kissed back. They soon needed air and pulled back. They both looked down, a deep red blush on their cheeks.

- E?

- Yes?

- I love you.

- I love you too, Benny.

- Will you be my boyfriend?

Ethan grinned from ear to ear, and nodded.

As they kissed again, Ethan ran his hand through Benny's hair, while the taller put his hand up Ethan's shirt. They fell down on Ethan's bed and kissed each other passionately, biting the other's lips and moaning each other's name.

Back to the others' walk.

- It's happening.

- What is? Asked Rory.

- They're an item, I said.

Sarah squealed.

- Really? Yay!

- I thought I would need more time, but they were pretty fast, I said, smiling.

- Let's go back! Added Erica.

- Okay!

As we arrived in the house, I shouted:

- Guys! We're back!

We heard a sound coming from Ethan's room. It sounded like Benny falling. We also heard a whispered "sorry" from Ethan, and we giggled secretly.

In Ethan's room

- Sorry Benny!

- It's alright E, said the taller brunette, getting up from the floor.

- What are we gonna tell them? Do we still pretend to be their boyfriends? Asked Ethan, putting his shirt on.

- I don't know if we should tell them now, or wait until we're ready. Are you ready? Asked Benny, combing his hair.

- Not yet. We could still pretend a little bit, said Ethan.

Benny smiled at him, kissed him and said:

- Good idea.

As they came downstairs, we saw Ethan and Benny, their hair slightly messy, and deep blushes covering their cheeks.

Sarah and I giggled, and I asked, putting my arm around Benny's waist:

- So, what did you do when we were gone?

Benny and Ethan looked at each other before answering, a small smile on their faces:

- Nothing!

That's when Sarah started laughing. Hysterically. I quickly followed, and so did Erica and Rory. Benny and Ethan stood there, a confused look on their faces.

- We know you guys are dating, I said, taking Benny's arm and putting it around Ethan's waist.

- Wha-? We're not dating, said Ethan, looking down.

- Then why are you not taking of Benny's arm? And why is he not moving his arm away?

Ethan realized what I said was true, so he quickly shoved Benny's arm away. Benny looked hurt at first, then put on a strong face and said:

- righhht.

- Bethany, just tell them, they're miserable acting like they're not together, said Sarah.

- Okay. So, Ethan, your boyfriend is right. I am a supernatural, I'm an intern cupid. My name is supposed to be a mash-up of your names, Bethan-y. Get it? Benny, you asked your grandma for help, right? I don't know what she said to cover me, but it's not true. And Ethan you didn't get a vision from me because seers can't get visions from cupids, or else seers would know their identity before being paired up. And I knew what you were because I had a gift.

- Then, why? Benny motioned to Sarah and I.

- Oh, well Erica and Sarah knew what I was, so I asked Sarah for help. We pretended to be your girlfriends so you would get jealous of us and… get together. And look at that, it worked! I said, smiling at the soulmates.

- I, uh, well, thanks Bethany, said Benny.

He looked at Ethan, smiled at him and whispered in his ear:

- I always knew we were soulmates.

There was a knock on the door. It was Benny's grandma.

- I thought it had happened, she said, smiling at Benny and Ethan.

- Grandma! Why didn't you tell me?

- Benny, I couldn't, or else it wouldn't have worked. But aren't you glad Bethany came? She asked, motioning to me. You wouldn't be together if she wasn't here! Trust me, I've been frustrated at you two for years because you never realized that you loved each other.

- Exactly. I got called at this moment in your relationship because it was hopeless.

- Hey! Shouted Ethan.

We all laughed at his reaction.

- Come on Ethan, would you have ever build up the courage to ask Benny out?, asked Sarah.

- No…, he answered, pouting.

- Well, I just wanted to check. I'll be leaving, Benny you can sleep over tonight, said Grandma,Bye everyone! Thanks again, Bethany!

- You're welcome! I shouted after her.

- So, when are you getting your wings? Asked me Sarah.

- I don't know, I can go back when I want to.

- Great! So, when do you plan on leaving?

- I don't know…. Probably tomorrow morning.

- Okay, so what do we do now? Asked Benny, holding Ethan by the waist.

- Aww! You guys are so cute! Sarah squealed.

The two boys blushed at the compliment.

- Well, we'll be going now, we're hungry, said Erica, holding Rory's hand.

The morning.

Ethan woke up in his bed, in Benny's arms. It didn't feel weird, it felt natural to him. He closed his eyes and savored this moment, the sun on his face. A knock was heard from the other side of the door. The door opened slowly, revealing a nice scent of waffles coming from downstairs, and an intern cupid, dressed completely in hearts.

- Guys? Hurry up or you'll be late for school!

Both of the boys then stood up, and they realized that they were both awake before, but just staying in each others' arms. They blushed before starting to change.

5 minutes later, they went down the stairs to find the three vampires waiting for them, drinking blood. And they found waffles on the table.

- FOOOODDD! Yelled Benny, rushing down the stairs.

Ethan laughed at his boyfriend, and rushed down the stairs too.

- Bethany, where did you get this blood? It's amazing! Said Erica, taking a huge mouthful of her drink.

- Oh, see this bracelet? I can make anything appear from it. Well, anything from food, clothes, shelter, and money.

- Oh really? Can you make me a smoothie? Asked Benny, crossing his arms, not believing these bracelet powers.

I chuckled and before he knew it, he had a smoothie in his hands. I made one for Ethan, too.

- You can make money appear? Asked Rory, in awe.

- Sure! I said.

- AWESOME! He shouted.

Then we went to school.

As the school went into view, Benny and Ethan released their hands, and walked normally. I stopped them and said:

- Woh woh who. WAIT. I did not pretend to be your girlfriend for two days just so you could pretend to be friends at school. No. If you are dating, you shouldn't be scared to tell the world.

- But… what if we get made fun of? Asked Ethan, a desperate look in his eyes.

That's when I felt it. On my charm bracelet. There was a new weight, a weight that wasn't there before. I was about to answer Ethan, when I let curiosity take over and checked my bracelet.

It was a heart charm.

I smiled, already knowing what it did.

- Don't worry Ethan, I think you'll have the courage to go to school, not caring what anybody thinks.

He shot Benny a puzzled look, before his heart and Benny's started glowing red for a second. The vampires looked at me with a questioned look on their faces, but I shook them off with a smirk. After that, Benny and Ethan were different persons, they were more confident.

- Benny, I don't care what anybody thinks of us.

- I don't either.

And with that, they kissed.

I hugged them good-bye, Erica and Rory too. When I hugged Sarah, I whispered in her ear:

-Check your room.

She smiled at me and flashed away.

30 seconds later, she was back. She hugged me and thanked me.

I had left another heart bathing suit on her bed, with a note that said " thank you for helping me".

And of course, I left blood in Erica's, Rory's, and Sarah's fridges.

As the gang went to school, I waved them good-bye one last time.

Then I flashed away, excited to get my wings.

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