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Long ago, when the dawning rays of existence first touched this planet, Cats had already established a reputation across the stars as grand explorers, scholars, and warriors in the service of good. On their home planet of Thundera, they developed a grand and thriving civilization founded in peace to which other races flocked, for it was considered an honor to visit the Cats to learn from them.

For many of these other races, there was no greater honor than to learn from one of the legendary Thundercats - the elite of the feline race believed to be favored by Gods due to their use of amazing abilities far beyond even the considerable powers of the average Cat. Some could use Potence to enhance their strength, allowing them to toss aside massive boulders as if they were tiny pebbles, or use Celerity to move at speeds so fast, they could only be perceived as blurs of color. Others mastered arts such as Chimerstry to summon forth illusions so detailed they could fool even the keenest of minds, or Melpominee which allowed one to use sound to control others. There were even Thundercats known to experience visions of past, present, and future events with Auspex as well as Animalism to bond with lesser evolved creatures.

So respected and regarded were the Order of the Thundercats, it was from their ranks that every Thunderian King and Queen selected kahina - personal protectors and advisors.

And it was from the ranks of the Thundercats that the universe's greatest evil and its most noble savior would emerge.

Pumm-Ra was originally a Thundercat sorcerer and scholar who lived during the reign of the Thunderian King Byakko, the white tiger. So great was his knowledge and ability, it was widely rumored that the puma would one day take the place of Wizz-Ra, the caracal who served as High Cleric. But, Pumm-Ra did not want to be High Cleric. He lusted for more power than that. No, Pumm-Ra desired to be King.

His chance came when Byakko, who had grown old as King and was ready to step down but had no living heir, announced a proving was to be held. The winner would earn the right to succeed the aged tiger.

Pumm-Ra eagerly jumped at the chance to compete. Over the course of the three day event, the puma crushed all he was paired against, often showing little mercy. By the end of the Proving, only two cats remained; Pumm-Ra and a young, blue-eyed lion named Leo who many considered divinely favored.

Leo had made a name for himself in the Royal Intergalactic Exploration Corps during the Plun-Darrian wars when he defeated the leaders of both the Jackals and the Lizards in combat using a unique sword fighting style that would come to be known as BladeSinging due to the song like sound produced when the weapon was swung. It was no surprise that upon his return, the hero had been promptly brought to the King and made one of his personal kahina.

The two met on the field of battle and what a battle it was. From dawn till dusk the two exchanged great and terrible blows, refusing to break off. As the moons shown down their silvery light, the telling moment came.

Pumm-Ra punched straight out with his free hand, shattering Leo's nose against his cheek, causing an explosion of pain and color to disorient the lion. Stunned and realizing that the second it would take to regain his bearings would be one second too long, Leo reacted on instinct, locking his blade at the hilt with Pumm-Ra's and snapping one foot behind Pumm-Ra's ankle before lunging forward.

The puma had no way to avoid the trip and he toppled backwards, taking Leo with him and causing the hilt of the lion's sword to piece his right eye, destroying the orb. Blinded and unable to continue, Pumm-Ra was declared the loser.

Pumm-Ra had never lost a challenge before and did not know how to handle it. In his grief, the defeated Cat sought the comfort of Panthera, the adopted daughter of Wizz-Ra who he loved more than the vast collection of texts and scrolls he'd amassed but found that even in the matters of the heart, Leo emerged the victor. Panthera, who had known both Cats, had accepted Leo's declaration of affection and consented to become the soon to be King's mate and Queen.

For the first time, jealousy and hate burned within a Thunderian. In his rage, Pumm-Ra abandoned Thundera in search of a way to avenge the terrible slights that had been unjustly visited against him.

On the Moonstar of Limbo, Pumm-Ra found his answer in the form of Harpy, Nemesis, Sobek, and Okkoto – the Ancient Spirits of Evil – who were more than willingly to grant his wishes as long as the slighted Cat was willing to perform two services in return – propagate their will and destroy the Cats. Without a second thought, Pumm-Ra agreed and was transformed into a Conduit for the Dark Gods. Armed with new powers, Pumm-Ra began a campaign of terror across the stars drawing in other followers of evil, enslaving countless races, and exterminating countless more all the while spreading the vile influence of his new masters.

Soon, Pumm-Ra returned to Thundera not as Cat but as conqueror seeking the Book of Omens which the Ancient Spirits of Evil feared above all else for contained within its pages was the means to utterly destroy them.

However, the Ancient Spirits of Good foresaw the coming evil and prepared the Thundarians well, bestowing unto the Thundercats and their new King divine weapons and armor – the greatest of which being the Sword of Omens and its scabbard, the Claw Gauntlet.

What followed was a great war the likes of which had never before been observed. During the chaos, Pumm-Ra managed to destroy all but one of the Thunderian Conduits – his former love Panthera - and would have taken the Book of Omens had he not found himself once again staring into the blue eyes of Leo, King of the Cats.

Confident beyond arrogance that he could win, Pumm-Ra ignored the commands of his masters who sensed the sheer awesomeness of the blade and engaged the newly crowned King. Freed from such ideals as honor, loyalty, and courage, Pumm-Ra fought with a rage and hatred never experienced by Leo and soon, the King found himself hard pressed brought down to one knee. With a shout of triumph, Pumm-Ra leapt high into the air, ready to split open the lion's skull with a massive overhead chop of his blade.

Leo never saw the jewel set into the Swords crosspiece change from a cat's eye to a profile of a hunting cat's head, he didn't need to. He felt it, felt the presence of warmth, strength, and love within the Blade. He felt it in his heart and heard it in his mind and Leo knew what to do.

As Pumm-Ra reached the apex of his leap, Leo grasped the Sword of Omens with both hands, raised it high, and with a mighty roar of "HOOO!" willed forth a blast of pure crimson light to engulf the fiend.

Pumm-Ra could feel his energy, his power, even his very form being torn away as the beam encompassed him. As the light faded away, all that remained of the once mighty Cat was a broken, shriveled, pitiful, mummified husk.

The battle won, Leo rushed to Panthera's side, tears mixing with her blood. The King of Thundera prayed to the Ancient Spirits of Good to save her, even offering his life in exchange; and his prayers were answered in the most fantastic way.

A great, golden mist appeared within the hollowed halls of Cat's Lair, swirling and sweeping round and round until two forms emerged and Leo found himself in the presence of Nobanion-Mane and his wife Sekhmet-Bast – the Patron Gods of the feline race.

The two deities assured Leo that they day had been won and that peace would return – for a time. Panthera would live and the race of Cats would thrive. The body of the fallen Pumm-Ra was ordered to be sealed in a sarcophagus of adamantite and entombed within an obsidian pyramid to be constructed on Earth – a newly discovered planet not far from Thundera that Cats would one day call home - and the name Pumm-Ra was to be stricken from all annals and records. Ever more would the Cat who betrayed his people for evil be known as Mumm-Ra.

Now, thousands of years since that time, the prophecy of the Gods has begun. On Third Earth, the new home foretold of by the Gods, a cub has been born to the lion Claudus, King of the Cats and descendant of Leo – a cub with blue eyes….and dark clouds have begun to gather around the Black Pyramid once again.

This is the tale, the chronicle, the Legend of Lion-O.

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