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The Will of the Abyss was happy. No she was ecstatic, practically skipping around the halls of lowest level of the abyss. In her hand she held a small black stuffed rabbit in a red and white outfit. She giggled softly to herself. Finally after searching for almost a century she had found a way to capture him.

Her beloved B- Rabbit; Oz

Which she was holding in her hand at this moment, she leered at him caressing his ears. Of course the poor thing was bound by powerful magic into that pathetic form. She smiled and then promptly hugged the stuffed rabbit. She had finally gotten him away from that wench that dared call herself her sister!

And all it had taken were a few chains, the loss of Pandora trust in Oz and Alice, and her twin's life! But it was worth it, having had to suffer he pain her sister felt while Pandora chains tore her apart. Of course she had to make sure the seaweed head was preoccupied so that he couldn't reach Oz in time to save her.

And Oz, who stood there trying to save little Alice but was too weak to do so since his powers were all sealed inside that pathetic little human. Once she was dead the second bind came into action, locking Oz and his powers away inside a stuffed rabbit then throwing him back into the abyss.

Alyss smiled hugging the stuffed rabbit fondly. Everything was perfect now. She had Oz with her now to keep her company when they got back to the abyss, she…

No something was still amiss. She looked down at the stuffed rabbit that seemed almost… lifeless. Her eyes widened and she held him to her ear. When she heard nothing she pulled him away, eyes wide with panic.

"Oz are you in there? Oz?" She shook him tears brimming in her eyes as she fell to her knees holding the little doll to her chest. She couldn't feel him? Her eyes narrowed and she screeched angrily throwing the doll so that it slammed against the floor brutally.

She stared down at the motionless doll angrily, hatred glassing her eyes. She suddenly slammed the heel of her boot into the doll, she did this repeatedly tearing he fabric of the outfit making the filing spill out, making her frustrated that it wasn't actually blood or organs.

"Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!" She gave the doll a final kick before sinking to her feet.

"Are you sad because Alice is dead? Is that why you won't let me feel you? You still like her better than me?" She panted, outrage written all over her face. After all she had done, after all she had planned the little brat still liked Alice better than Alyss. Her eyes darkened as he still refused to let her into his heart. She reached for him staring down at the limp little doll.

"Then… what use are you to me if all you think about is that wench?" She then opened a door to the human world kissing the small rabbit on the head. Then shoved him through. The small rabbit suddenly found himself falling. Falling endlessly.

Then as he fell he saw buildings beginning to appear. And he fell to the ground bouncing a few feet away from the spot and falling limply into a puddle in an alleyway. He lay there unmoving.

Several years later

A group of small children walked across the small town laughing and smiling as they purposely made odd turns here and there when maneuvering around the town. Their purpose? Losing the shy depressing little girl with black hair and what appeared to be quite a bit of eyeliner on her eyes.

"W- Wait for me! Ahhhh!" Suddenly the little girl fell over falling into a puddle of mud. The other children laughed at her running off without bothering to help her up. The little girl pulled her face off the mud and her eyes filled with tears as she began to cry softly.

Why was she always such a klutz? Why couldn't she be normal like all the other children in the town? No instead she had to be the gloomy klutzy weird little girl who no one needed. She was useless and sometimes she wondered why it was she allowed herself to keep living if all she did was take up valuable space from others?

"Maybe I should just die already…"

"W-who's there?" She whispered, terrified as she looked around feeling a presence near her. She panicked when she realized no one was there. Suddenly she looked towards a glow to see a tattered little stuffed rabbit lying in the dirt near the wall. The little girl approach it cautiously on her hands and knees and picked the small doll up.

The doll's arm suddenly fell off and her eyes widened as she picked it up panicked at having ruined the poor thing further.

"O-oh no!" She exclaimed grabbing the arm and trying to stuff it back in place. When she realized she was doing more damage than anything else she held the doll carefully before her face took on a determined glow that it had lacked before.

She stood up carefully stashing the doll and its appendage into her dress pocket before running off to her home, careful not to further damage the little doll. As she reached her home she quickly made her way to the kitchen.

Her parents were hardly ever home until very late at night so she was usually left to fend for herself. She reached her destination and headed for the dining table. She placed the doll and its arm on the table. She stared down at it suddenly feeling very helpless.

How was she going to fix it and not end up making it worse? She stared down at it and suddenly her eyes widened as a feeling of encouragement filled her bosom. She looked down at the small tattered doll. The red coat with white diamond design was all dirty ripped and torn and there were several holes in the rabbit itself the stuffing coming out.

It looked somewhat… pathetic. With renewed determination she turned to her mother's sewing cabinet. She opened it and grabbed a needle several, black, white, red strings and materials. She sat down and began to work on the doll.

It took quite some time to do it. She needed to add some stuffing into it since it wasn't properly filled and she needed to wash it since it was so dirty. But still she continued to diligently work on the small rabbit doll lovingly dedicating time to it.

For the first time in her life she felt like someone needed her, and even if that someone was just a stuffed animal that someone had abandoned at the back of an old dirty alley it didn't matter, she was being helpful to someone.

Several days after finding it she finished. The doll looked like a true work of art, beautiful with its little coat and black fur. There were a few patching's on the coat but that just added to the effect. Of course once people started to see her with a "creepy black rabbit doll" all the time it merely added to the effect of the creepy kid, thus lowering her already buried self-esteem even further.

However she never really let that little doll go, she always walked around with it. She kept it during teenage hood carrying it around in her pocket for comfort. She kept it during her jobs hugging it close to her heart when she was fired for being so clumsy.

She squeezed happily when she managed to be helpful to yet another entity, a clock that had been utterly useless until she had come along. And she cried as she held it when October 28th repeated for the 24th time…

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