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Chapter 1:

Music rang trough the darkness. The notes echoing hauntingly off the nonexistent walls of the dark realm of dreams. Oz lifted his head from its resting place on his knees and gazed towards the sky. He could hear a commotion outside of his little pocket out of reality.

His eyes were glazed, yet he could feel the tremors from the outside. What was it? What was going on? Where was he? He looked around, seeing endless darkness around him and a small pond underneath him.

His eyes widened as a trickle of light came from the sky. He looked up and smiled as he felt the first beam of light in a while brave its way into his little realm. The tremors continued making ripples form in the pond.

"Pathetic… I am Pathetic…" His eyes widened slightly and he looked up as a voice, shaky and despairing reached his ears. He… remembered that voice. Not long ago… she had helped him. Cared for him after he had been abandoned. Mended him after he had been torn.

"Miranda… Lotto…" His voice was raspy and hoarse from being kept hidden away for so long, but he managed to say her name. A soft gasp told him she had heard, whimpering sobs told him she was afraid. She needed him now, just like he had needed her before.

He rose from his despair, stretching his power, flexing and thrashing against his prison before bursting with a flash into the outside. His body began to take shape and soon he found himself kneeling in front of a young woman with sad dark eyes, dark hair, and a distressed expression on her face as tears streamed from her eyes.

Oz smiled at her leaning forward and wiping the tears with his sleeve. She sniffed softly and stared at him in confusion.

"Who… who are you?" She asked softly. Oz ignored the question and looked around, eyes widening in surprise as he realized they were inside some kind of dome, with clocks spinning on its surface. He turned to her inquiringly, then he turned to see two teenagers staring at him with stunned expressions.

"What are you?" The voice came so suddenly Oz almost flinched. He looked around suddenly aware of how oddly tangible the air felt. With a start he stared down at the grandfather clock he had failed to notice sitting between Miranda and himself.

Oz frowned, placing a hand on the wood. He shot upright when he felt the jolt of power running through the clock.

"What are you?" The question came again, this time more forceful than before as whatever it was that possessed the clock trapped him in its clutches with fierce determination. Oz tried to thrash his mind away from it, but instead managed to get even more entangled in the force. Oz soon tired and he let his mind relax.

"I will ask you one last time creature, what are you? What do you want with Miranda?" The voice sounded threatening and it echoed slightly in his mind. It was only after a moment's hesitation that Oz finally answered.

"I am a Chain, Miranda needs me."

"A chain? More like a demon from what I can sense! She doesn't need you demon scum! She already has me." The voice laughed scornfully and Oz scowled inwardly.

"She is in trouble isn't she?" He asked. The voice seemed to falter in its laughter.

"… Yes, she is."

"I thought as much, the only reason I was able to come out is because I could sense that."

"What is your interest in her demon?"

"What is your interest in her?"

The voice paused, before answering "I was once a discarded, ruined clock nobody would have looked twice at me…"

"But she did" Oz finished

"Yes, she did."

"She did the same with me."

"… I see… and you are willing to help her and serve her?"

"Yes, she helped me when no one else would, a discarded toy…" Here there was a pause while they both processed this new information.

"I tried to help her… she made a wish and I tried to make it come true… but it went all wrong and now she's in more danger than ever." The voice spoke miserably, softly.

"I can help her… if you let me." The voice paused, and Oz prayed silently for it to relent.

"Alright… there is a creature outside of my time dome… like you she looks human but she isn't… she is evil and very powerful…"

"I will destroy her easily enough."

"No, it's not possible, she can't die or at least not in this form."

"What do you mean?"

"There's no time, drive her away and I shall explain later." With that the grip on his mind ebbed away and Oz was again aware of his surroundings. He blinked and removed his hand from the wooden side of the clock. He looked around to see Miranda straining to keep the dome up.

The two teenagers were gone. Oz stood up ignoring Miranda's gasp and strode out of the dome. He found himself in what looked like a giant gift box. Sharp candles floated in the air and he watched as the boy launched into the air with a roar of ferocity with his arm now a huge white claw and fought a huge monster in the air.

The girl zoomed through the air, flying faster than anything Oz had ever seen before.

"How did you get here?" Oz gasped and snapped around his eyes widening as he caught sight… of a little girl. She was small and her skin was gray, she had cross scars on her forehead and spiky blue hair. She wore a dress shirt and a short skirt with long stripped pants and black shoes.

Her eyes were a piercing gold as she stared at him curiously. Oz blinked.

"There is a creature outside of my time dome… like you she looks human but she isn't… she is evil and very powerful…"

He stepped back as her evil, powerful aura hit him. He wrinkled his nose in disgust at the horrible stench she emanated. What kind of creature could be so impure, so tainted, and unnatural? That he wanted to gag.

He staggered back and brought his hand up to his mouth and nose, his eyes watering from the nausea while the little girl stared at him in confusion. Then comprehension dawned on her and she smirked knowingly.

"What is it? Are you too squeamish to look at the blood? Is it too much for you?" She reached towards him and Oz recoiled from her touch his face showing his disgust.

"Stay away from me! You reek of foulness and evil! What the hell are you, you mongrel?" Oz demanded without thinking. The little girl staggered back as if slapped and she stared at him stunned, then her eyes narrowed dangerously as she smirked.

"Is that so? You seem a bit too bold for you own good, I am a Noah one of the true apostles handpicked by God himself, Road." She finished with a little courtesy. Oz resisted the urge to gag. She was… unnatural but that in itself was not what made her so utterly repulsive. Her existence in this realm seemed profoundly wrong, and yet somewhat familiar. He had to find out why.

With that in mind he lunged forward faster than she could see and caught her by the throat squeezing and digging his nails into her flesh. He felt her blood in his hand and his eyes widened as he recognized it. He staggered back staring at her in horror while she smirked at him.

She began to drawl at him her tone smug and knowing and yet Oz could only stare, horrified at the mixture in his hand. She was an abomination, the representation of everything that shouldn't be done ever. It violated every law set by nature, and yet here she was.

"… The child of a chain and a human." He spoke softly, almost inaudibly. Road paused staring at the odd little human in front of her. He didn't look scared at all and had actually insulted her and attacked her. He was faster than he looked and had managed to draw her blood without her wanting him to.

His piercing green eyes stared at her with something she had never seen before in the eyes of a human as they laid eyes on her. It was an utter disgust and revulsion and hatred so intense, it made her uneasy. What did he mean by the child of a chain and a human?

She had little time to ponder this as suddenly a flaming scythe appeared in the human's hands and she had to smirk, the uneasiness going away. So he was an exorcist? He would be dealt with suitably. She casually waved her hand and her candles launched at him. His eyes flashed and Road's eyes widened as she saw chains rise from somewhere in the boy's clothes.

The chains swept the candles away and he launched forward swiping at her with the scythe. She felt it cut through and she felt before she knew, this wasn't innocence. She stared into his eyes and knew, he wasn't human at all.

She caught a glimpse of a huge black rabbit with red eyes and ferocious teeth. He swiped at her again, this time she opened a door and fell away. Oz landed a few feet away and he roared with rage, the creature had gotten away.

He swore though, he would destroy her. And all of her cursed Noah family.

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