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"Keep running before he catches up Tori!" Jade yelled as they made it to the parking lot.

"He wasn't even chasing us" Tori said slowing up. She started to laugh as her nerves came down.

Jade looked at her weird but laughed "What?"

"I just skipped out on a punishment. Do you know how much trouble I'm gonna be in?" she said smiling.

"And you're happy about that?" Jade said reaching into her bag.

"No, but it's fun you know. Being bad."

Jade rolled her eyes "Wow Tori, you're such a rebel." She deadpanned.

"I know" she smiled. "Sooo" Tori said "Are you going home now?"

She noticed they were standing at Jade's car.

"No because I don't have a dumb house key to my dad's" Jade said.

"I thought you stayed with your mom?"

"I do, but she went out of town and doesn't trust me at home alone after I had a party last time."

"Did it get out of hand?" Tori asked.

"I'm still taking up collections to fix my roof...and my neighbor's" Jade said.

"When did you have it, last year?"

"Two weeks ago." Jade replied.

"Two weeks ago? Why didn't I hear about it?"

"Probably because you weren't invited" Jade said opening her door.

"Well could you make it up to me by giving me a ride home? I told Trina I would be here another two hours."

Jade sighed "Fine, but if you annoy me I'm dropping you back off here in front of Lane's office and honking the horn."

"I'll be sure to keep my annoyance down" Tori said sliding in the passenger seat.

They rode in silence on the way to Tori's house. Jade checked her phone every once in a while, sighing each time.

"You going to Beck's since you're locked out?" Tori asked.

"No. He's butt hurt that I lied about the black eye so he's ignoring me the rest of the day" Jade said.

Tori was surprised by her honesty.

"You know if you want…I mean if you don't have anywhere to go…" she started.

"Vega, the offer to drop you in front of Lane's still stands" Jade said cutting her off.

"Okay, but we have spaghetti quesadillas at my house" Tori sing songed.

Jade didn't say anything more until they pulled into Tori's driveway. She parked and cut the engine.

Tori looked at the other girl and smiled.

"I'm only here until my dad gets home." Jade said feeling the other girl's eyes on her.

"Let's go!" Tori said hopping out.

Jade rolled her eyes while Tori led her inside.

Tori's mom was washing dishes when they entered, the smell of spaghetti thick in the air. "Hi Tori, girl who hates Tori."

"Mom, Jade doesn't hate me!" Tori said turning to Jade.

"….I'll be in your room" Jade said heading upstairs.

"Don't snoop!" Tori called. She piled spaghetti quesadillas on a platter and headed upstairs.

"Who's ready for some spaghetti quesa –" Tori stopped when she noticed Jade closing her top drawer, a smirk on her face.

"Well well, looks like you're not as innocent as I thought Tori." She said walking over and sitting on the bed.

Tori felt a blush up to her ears. "I thought I said no snooping!" She dropped the tray of food on her bed.

"I got bored" Jade said grabbing a quesadilla. "Are you embarrassed about something in your drawer Tori?"

"No... eat your quesadilla" she muttered sitting near Jade on the bed.

Picking one up off the tray, Jade gave it a tiny bite. From her peripheral she saw Tori eying her.

Bringing the shell to her mouth, Jade stuck her tongue out and rotated it, licking all around before taking her next bite. She repeated the action until all around the shell was clean before she held it out.

"Want a bite Tori?" she asked, waving her quesadilla in the other girls face.

Tori looked disgusted "No! You licked all over it."

"I'm sure you've had plenty of guys' tongues down your throat, same thing" Jade said. "Only this time it'll be like mine!"

Jade shoved her food near Tori's face, only to have the singer turn her head away.

"I'm not eating your spit!" Tori said sliding to the floor.

Jade shrugged and raised an eyebrow at Tori. She snatched Tori's quesadilla and licked it.


"Tori!" she mocked her.

"What's the matter Vega, not like you haven't kissed a girl, unless that sticker in your locker is just for show?" Jade said.

"You've seen inside my locker?" Tori asked.

"I'm sorry are we changing the subject?" Jade said.

Tori ignored her, taking a bite of her food. She looked up and saw Jade flicking her tongue at her. Looking down, she remembered she'd licked…

Jade laughed while Tori spit out her quesadilla.

"Way to ruin a moment Tori" Jade laughed.

"Why are you acting all weird like you never made out with a girl before? Didn't you practice on a friend at least once?" Jade said.

Tori frowned at her.

"Oh my god Tori, you've never kissed a girl have you?"

"No okay! I've never kissed a girl before Jade. Can we please talk about something else –"

She paused as Jade crawled across the bed towards her.

"What are you – "

"Shhh" Jade said running her hand down Tori's brown hair.

Tori froze. She noticed though that the snark had left Jade's face, replaced with a look she'd never seen directed at her.

Tori swallowed as Jade placed a soft kiss on her cheek, dragging her lips across tan skin.

Jade mimicked the action on her other cheek while her arm snuck around Tori's waist.

She pulled back and looked straight on at Tori, who made no move to stop her.

Leaning forward, Jade aligned her lips over Tori's, feeling the other girl lean in. She let out a breath, making the Latina pause and pull back a millimeter. Jade surged forward, capturing her lips.

Tori returned the kiss, surprising Jade with her enthusiasm. Jade would've smirked but knew Tori would think she was mocking her again.

She was surprised even more by Tori's tongue cautiously poking out as if asking permission for entrance past her lips. Jade allowed it.

Jade placed both hands on Tori's shoulders and gently lowered her onto her back.

That was a deal breaker for their fun apparently. Tori scrambled from Jade's embrace and slid to the other side of her bed.

"Let's watch some tv" she said grabbing the remote. She flipped through channels, not daring a look at Jade.

Jade huffed but said nothing, opting instead to bend over and unlace her boots. She rolled onto her stomach, facing away from Tori.

Tori really was trying to concentrate on the tv, but only felt an ache. A feeling that spread when she let her mind wander to how it felt to have another girl's tongue in her mouth.

She saw Jade's leg slowly go up and down while watching two doctors argue on Grey's anatomy. "Oh that one is Latina. Yay" Tori thought, always glad to see people like her onscreen.

"...And now she's making out with the other lady doctor." The show couldn't cut to commercial fast enough for Tori. She changed it blindly before giving up and tossing the remote to Jade.

She put her arms over her eyes and leaned back.

Used to feeling the steady rhythm of Jade's foot hit the bed every few seconds, she was caught off guard by said foot landing directly in her lap between her legs.

The dull ache spiked as Tori automatically bucked against the contact.

She stilled, realizing what she'd just done. She tried in vain to think maybe Jade hadn't felt it.

She watched as Jade raised her foot yet again, before slowly lowering it against the same spot. She slid her socked foot from hip to hip, causing Tori to squeezes her legs together.

"Jade" Tori finally said.

She rolled onto her side and looked back at Tori.


Tori said something low, her eyes on her bed sheet the entire time.

"What was that Tori?" Jade asked. Tori knew she heard her but repeated her request anyway.

"Can we go back to what we were doing before?"

"Eating quesadillas?" Jade said grinning.

Tori shook her head no. She crawled over and sat directly over Jade, who rolled onto her back. She put both hands behind her head comfortably, relaxed.

Showing no signs of her earlier apprehension, Tori leaned down and mimicked Jade's earlier actions, kissing one cheek before dragging her lips to the other.

Jade inhaled as Tori captured her lips. Feeling bold, Tori ran her hands up pale arms, locking fingers with the girl under her.

Jade rose, unlocking their fingers to slide them under the hem of Tori's shirt. She slowly snaked her hand up until it met lace. She could feel Tori's heart thundering under her palm.

She used her other hand to pull her shirt completely off and tossed it.

Before she could chicken out again, Jade pulled her lips from Tori's, dragging them along a path that lingered at her throat before arriving at where lace met skin.

Tori threw her head back as Jade ran her teeth over sheer material. Her chest became over stimulated, her sighs turned into panting. Jade pushed Tori onto her back, glad this time she didn't pull away.

Jade kept on her path, trailing kisses lower. Tori squirmed under her when she felt the tip of Jade's tongue dip into her navel.

Jade kissed the skin just above her sweats before retracing her path northwards.

Tori's head shot up in confusion. Jade looked at her, surprised she wanted more. Acting before trepidation took over, Jade traveled down her tan skin yet again.

She gripped Tori's waist, hooking her thumbs inside the elastic material of her pants. She slid them off, kissing each thigh before the cool air beat her to it.

She slid her fingers into the thin material that concealed Tori from her. With a quick yank they too were gone.

Not glancing up to the no doubt flushed girl, Jade kissed Tori square between her thighs, smiling when she heard a loud moan.

She continued, glancing up to see Tori had placed a pillow over her face. That didn't stop her from squirming and locking her ankles together on top of Jade's back.

Tori lifted her hips off the bed and let go. The ache spread across her and burst. The sensation left her convulsing, her legs slack on Jade's shoulders. Jade could hear the popping as Tori's toes curled before they finally fell to the side.

Jade leaned back, wiping a hand across her lips. Her phone sounded off a familiar tone.

Tori still in a daze, didn't realize that Jade had been speaking on the phone until she pulled the pillow away.

"Fine, I'll be there in ten" she heard her say.

Aware how exposed she was now that they were done, Tori found her sweats and pulled them back on.

"You're leaving?" she asked Jade. Her tone gave away her desire for the girl to stay.

"Yeah. That was Beck so..."

Jade opened the door but hesitated "One, this never happened. Two" Jade grinned "Invite me over next time your mom makes quesadillas again."

With that she closed the door, leaving Tori suddenly worn out.

She stood and saw the discarded plate of spaghetti quesadillas had been knocked over.

She picked them up, noticing the last one had been licked all around.

She felt a familiar aching begin to form again.

Laying down the tray, she drifted over towards her top drawer.

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