Here is a new story just for all of you. It is AU an not like most stories for seaQuest. It is a Bridger/Lucas father/son relationship. I hope you all enjoy.

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A young boy ran down the decks of a cruise ship; he was hiding from his father. The nine-year old blonde-haired and blue-eyed youth didn't want to be on the boat. Just because he was a young genius who was going to start Stanford in a year didn't mean he wanted to go to some boring conference with his father. Even his mother wasn't actually going to the conference; she was on the opposite deck getting some sun. His father was trying to get some backing for his idea of a new free power source centered at the bottom of the ocean.

"Lucas," the youth's father called, "get over here now."

"Coming," Lucas answered, reluctantly moving toward his father when an explosion rocked the ship.

Lucas, who had been by the railing of the ship, was thrown overboard as a second and third explosion further damaged the ship, sending debris down around the child. The boy climbed onto a floating piece of the debris as the world slowly blackened around him.


Nathan Bridger sat down with his cup of morning coffee and moved over to the vid-link. A woman in her late thirties appeared on the screen.

"Nathan Bridger, my name is Sarah Reid; I am a social worker working at Straub Clinic and Hospital in Honolulu. I was told that you would be housing Lucas Wolenczak as a safety precaution and until another home can be found," the social worker said. "While the navy is dictating this, I still want to do a house inspection and interview with you and your wife today, if possible."

"That is fine; I have the day off to get ready for the boy. How about one o'clock?"

"That will be fine; see you then," Sarah said as she cut the link.

It was two days later before Lucas regained consciousness. He was in a bed while a steady beeping could be heard in the background. The boy looked around to find himself alone. He lay there for ten minutes before a man and woman walked in the door, realizing the boy was awake.

"How are you feeling?" the woman asked moving to the side of the boy's bed.

"Where am I? And who are you?" Lucas asked, wondering where his parents were.

"You are in the hospital," the man answered, "I am Nathan Bridger, and this is my wife Carol. Do you remember what happened?"

"I think there was an explosion. But, I don't remember after that," Lucas said, starting to get scared.

"You're right; the ship you were on exploded," Nathan said, knowing the question that would come next.

"Are my mom and dad okay?" Lucas asked as his blue eyes got impossibly bigger.

"I am so sorry Lucas. You were the only survivor," Carol said as she took the small boy's hand, giving it a gentle squeeze to give him some comfort.

"What is going to happen to me now? I am all alone," Lucas stated as tears ran down the boy's cheeks.

"That is why we are here," Carol explained. "You are going to be staying with us for a while."

"Why?" the child asked, his eyes drifting from Carol to Nathan and back.

"I will be honest; the explosion on that ship was no accident. Someone purposely blew up that ship and until we know who was behind it, you need to be kept safe," Nathan explained. "You will be staying with us until we know you are safe. Then other arrangements will be made for a permanent home or a foster home."

"Okay," the child mumbled, trying to process everything that had happened.

"Are you tired, Lucas?" Carol asked watching his eyes droop. "You sleep; we will be back very soon."

"How long am I going to be here?" Lucas asked as he yawned.

"You can come home with us tomorrow," Carol said, standing and running her hand through the boy's blonde hair that had fallen over his eyes.

"Poor child," Carol said as they left the room, "He has lost everything. I could not imagine how horrible if it would be if I lost you and Robert."

"I know," Nathan said, hoping his wife did not come too attached to the child since it would only lead to heartbreak when the boy left.

Lucas stayed awake a little longer contemplating his future. He was only nine-years old. What kind of life could he have spending the next nine years in foster care? He had heard so many kids in school talk about how they hated their foster homes and watched high school students drop out and run away all the time. What about Stanford? What if his future foster parents didn't let him go or just couldn't afford to send him? He was frightened by all this, but after a while, his medication started to kick in, sending him into a fitful sleep.

Carol showed up alone the next day to pick up Lucas. Nathan was working on plans for a submarine he wanted to build. Carol brought clothes she had bought for him. The boy hardly spoke a word as he dressed. Carol couldn't help but compare this boy to her son Robert. They were total opposites, Robert with dark hair and eyes, while Lucas had golden locks and bright blue eyes. Lucas seemed so quiet and reserved where Robert at that age was a bundle of energy. Carol was certain it was the circumstances and that with time, the boy would be just as energetic. From what she had heard about him, he had a thirst for knowledge and would probably be spending a lot of time with Nathan. She knew her husband was reluctant about the situation, but she could see similarities in Nathan and Lucas. She was certain the boy could work his way into her husband's heart.

It was a twenty-five minute drive to the Bridger residence. They had been living at this house for a couple of years now. Carol always preferred to live off-base, especially when Robert was growing up. She had hoped that it would help Robert second-think the navy as a career, but he had decided to go to the academy anyway. Carol was certain he only went to make his dad happy. Robert didn't have the scientific brain that his father did, so the only other option was to join the navy in Robert's mind. Nathan loved his family, but she knew that the sea also had a special place in her husband's heart.

Lucas sat in the back seat of the car, looking out the window at the passing scenery. Lucas was not totally certain where he was. He knew he was near the coast but had not bothered to ask the exact location. He guessed maybe Pearl Harbor or New Cape Quest. He was used to moving around a lot, though. His dad was always moving from one project to another, and Lucas went with him if he was not in school. He knew it would happen even more if he went into foster care.

Carol watched Lucas occasionally through the rearview mirror. The boy was too quiet for a nine-year old.

"So, Lucas what is your favorite kind of food?" Carol asked, trying to figure the boy out while engaging him in a conversation.

"Pizza," Lucas said, his voice barely about a whisper.

"Would you like pizza for dinner tonight? We could pick it up on our way home," Carol said, smiling as the boy slowly smiled. "What would you like on it?"

"Sausage and pepperoni," Lucas said, a little more confidently.

"Okay, sausage and pepperoni it is then," Carol said as they changed directions, heading to her favorite pizza parlor.

"So, I know you are one smart kid. What is your favorite this to study?" Carol asked.

"Science and math," Lucas said, "I love computers there is nothing you can't do or find out with a computer."

Carol smiled at the boy's growing confidence around her. "So, you and Nathan should get along great then; he has the same interest in science you do."

"That's cool," Lucas said, somewhat less enthused. His father loved science but never had time for him since his work always came first.

Lucas now stood outside of the Bridger house. They had pulled up and he got out of the car, just looking at the house for a moment. It was a two-story white house that just screamed 'family home'. Lucas liked that it was not a huge mansion like he was used to; it was just a simple family home. He then followed Carol through the front door. Lucas just carried one bag, and Carol carried the pizza. Lucas didn't know what would happen to all of his stuff at his old house.

"You can set your bag over in the corner," Carol instructed. "I will show you your room after dinner."

Dinner was a quiet affair; Lucas only managed half a slice of pizza he since had no appetite. His eyes seemed to dart around the room, examining everything, including the two adults in the room. The silence was broken by a ringing of the vid-link in the living room. Carol got up and answered it.

"Nathan, it's Robert," Carol announced. Nathan then got up to join her in the living room as Lucas continued sitting, unsure of what to do. A moment later, Carol walked back into the kitchen.

"Sorry about leaving you sitting here," Carol apologized. "That was our son, Robert. He is on a naval sub, so we don't get a chance to hear from him very often. Come into the living room, and you can meet him."

"Okay," Lucas said, a little unsure of himself.

Lucas made his way into the living room and looked at the man on the vid-link. He looked like Nathan except younger and with darker hair.

"Well, who is this?" Robert asked once Lucas came into view.

"This is Lucas; he is staying with us until it they find a permanent foster home for him," Nathan said.

"So, he will be there in a week?" Robert asked with a mischievous grin.

"Yes, why?" Carol asked.

"We are docking in Pearl for repairs," Robert said, smiling even wider when he saw the grin that crossed his mother's face.

"That is great, sweetheart," Carol said, "I can't wait to see you again."

"Well, I have to go," Robert said, "I will see the three of you soon then. Bye."

"Bye," Carol and Nathan said in unison.

"Do you want to go back and finish dinner?" Carol asked, turning to Lucas.

"No…could I go to bed?" Lucas asked, not feeling much like eating.

"Sure," Carol said, "I will show you to your room."

An hour later, Lucas had taken a shower and was lying in bed. Carol was nice. She had tucked him in and kissed his forehead. His mother had never bothered to do anything like that. Nathan was stand-offish like he wasn't sure to do around Lucas. Lucas worried he was getting too attached to them already. He missed his parents, and yet, all he could do was compare them to the Bridgers. They were nothing alike. He had been primarily raised by nannies and tutors. He had watched then come and go in his short life. He had learned not to get attached. He knew Nathan had no intention of keeping him, but Carol seemed to care. As he drifted off to sleep, Lucas knew he needed to be careful or he would just leave heartbroken.