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Austin's POV

Today was special for our family for 2 reasons. First off, today was Ally and I's 1st anniversary, and Alleyah was graduating high school today. It was 8, and Alleyah's graduation wasn't until noon, so we had a little time.

I, however, was woken up at 7 by a little blonde hair brown eyed girl.

Earlier that morning:

"daddy. Daddy. Daddydaddydaddydaddydaddy." I heard a familiar little voice.

"Aubree? What are you doing up so early?" I asked her.

"I wanna color wif you." She said as she showed me her barbie coloring book and box of crayons.

"ok. How about we get some breakfast first, and then daddy will color with you?"

"otay!" she shouted.

"ssshh. Don't wake mommy up." I told her and put my finger to my lip. Aubree did the same.

I took the coloring book and crayons from her and set them on the bedside table, picked her up, and carried her downstairs to the kitchen.

"ok sweetie what do you want to eat?" I asked Aubree as she took a seat at the table.

"ceweal." She said. I got a bowl out of the cabinet, grabbed the lucky charms off the top of the refridgerator, grabbed the milk out of the fridge, poured them into the bowl and gave them to Aubree.

After about 10 minutes Aubree was done with her cereal. I took her bowl and spoon and put them in the sink.

"daddy we color now?" she asked, getting down from the chair.

I giggled. "yes,baby, we can color now." I kissed her cheek.

We went upstairs and got the coloring book and crayons off the dresser and took them back downstairs so that we wouldn't wake Ally up.

I was coloring with Aubree, when Ally came downstairs.

I got up off the floor to greet her.

"hey beautiful, happy anniversary." I said, and pecked her lips.

"that's all I get? On this special of all days?" she teased.

"you're such a teaser." I smirked.

Our lips met again. My hands going around her petite waist, her hands going around my neck. We were smiling as we kissed, or rather made-out, forgetting there was a toddler in the room until we heard little giggles. Ally and I instantly broke apart.

We all sat together, coloring until about 10:30, and then we started to get ready for Alleyah's graduation.

"Aubree sweetie you gotta get dressed now." Ally told her.

"why?" Aubree asked.

"cuz Aunt Alleyah is graduating today. C'mon, lets go get your dress on." Ally said, holding out her hand for Aubree to take.

"no!" she giggled and ran away.

Ally chased after her and eventually caught up to Aubree.

"gotcha!" Ally laughed and got Aubree in her arms. Aubree squealed.

Ally went upstairs with Aubree and got herself ready. She brushed her hair and got her dress and dress-shoes on, then got herself ready, putting on a dress shirt, white jeans, and some flats. I had on a short sleeved blue plaid shirt, jeans with no holes, and shiny blue sneakers.

We got to Miami Central High School, where Ally and I used to attend. I was really happy for Alleyah because graduating was something Ally and I never got to do. we saw Andrew graduate from here, we saw Adam graduate when Ally was 8 months pregnant, we saw Abigail graduate when Aubree was almost a year old, we would've been next, and Alleyah is 3 years younger than me, but mom started her in kindergarten a year early, so yeah.

We took our seats and were sitting by my mom and siblings.

"daddy I want to sit wif uncle Adam." Aubree said.

"sweetie he's busy with his baby." I said.

Andrew and Avery had a son, he was born on March 7th. Adam and Adaline also had a son, he was born on March 21st. And Abigail and Anthony had a daughter, Alexandra Madison Roberts. She was born on March 25th.

"Maci Elise Lucas, Whitney Diana Mason, Noah Jacob Mason, Alleyah Nicole Moon." The principal announced. Alleyah walked across the stage, accepting her diploma and shaking the principal's hand. We all stood up and cheered. Aubree clapped her little hands.

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