Aaaand last chapter for one big happy family! ): look out for the sequel, called Austin&Ally&Aubree&Avan. It will only be a few chapters long. But for now please enjoy Aubree's 4th birthday party!

Austin's POV

Today is Aubree's 4th birthday, and her party. She wanted a princess party, so Ally and I got her a castle shaped cake, and a princess dress to wear.

"mommy daddy its my princess party today!" Aubree jumped in between Ally and I laying down in the bed.

"yes it is happy birthday." I sat up and kissed her cheek.

Avan's cries were heard from his nursery. Ally and I got up to get him.

"hey! What about me?"

"we'll be back in a minute, Aubree." I told her.

We went to Avan's room as Ally and I sang to him and rocked him backed to sleep. After that we got Aubree, walked downstairs and had breakfast, then started to decorate the house for the party. The cake arrived. Streamers were everywhere. A 'red carpet' and of course, Aubree had her princess dress on. She was my beautiful princess.

Soon after the guests started to arrive. Trish, Dez, Gabriella and Gabriel were first, as always.

"hey Aubree." Trish said.

"I'm a princess!" she shouted.

Trish gasped. "you're a princess?"

Aubree nodded.

Trish sat Gabby and Gabe down. They were 11 months old now.

And then, well you know the rest. Andrew Avery and Son arrived. They were going to have a little girl, due in September. Her name was going to be Annaliese Marie Moon. Adam Adaline and son came next, then Abigail Anthony and Alexandra, then Alleyah, and finally mom and Ashley. Mom's always last because she always gets Aubree a huge present, much to Ally and I's dismay.

We sang Aubree happy birthday, and she blew out her 4 candles. Time is going by way to fast. Before long she'll be going to kindergarten, and then middle school, which we all know is full of boys and drama, and then high school. Why does my little princess have to grow up?

Next it was time to open presents. Aubree got lots of princess dresses, princess barbies, Barbie clothes, and you'll never guess what mom got Aubree.

A kitten.

Just what we need. We already have a 4 year old, a 3 month old, and now a kitten.

Aubree named her fluffy.

Fluffy will be staying in the backyard. Definitely not inside.

After the party I grabbed fluffy and put her outside.

"daddy why are you putting fluffy outside?"

"fluffy can't stay in the house, sweetie."

"well did she get any presents? Its her birthday, too."

"yeah she did. She got you."

Aubree smiled.

Ally got fluffy's food bowl, poured some milk in it and sat it outside. She was petting fluffy, too.

"this, is the cutest kitten EVER!" she cuddled with her.

Ally still acted like a teenager sometimes, and I did, too. I mean, we missed out on 3 years of our teenage lives.


Avan was sitting on the ground in the living room when Aubree came downstairs to him.

"hey Avan. Today was my birthday. I got lots of presents like this princess dress," she pointed at her purple ruffly dress. "and a kitty. I named it fluffy."

Avan was staring at her in awe. Aubree gave him a kiss on the forehead before skipping off to play with her knew barbies.

We really were one big happy family.

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