The rhythm of the obon drum beats harder, flows faster,
when the blazing heat of summer meets the icy breath of winter,
like a red river moving swiftly beneath silk...

The Rhythm of Drums

"Wind Scar!"

The field was a mess as the sun began to set, casting hues of red across the already stained grass. Giant cracks surfaced the earth, tearing up dirt and fauna as the two demons danced with their blades, klinks and tings of metal clashing together like triangle instruments.

It was a deadly sound, one many had heard years before. It was a sound that the land couldn't escape until one of the foul creatures croaked or ran away.

But the two dogs knew well that this deadly dance would never end. This feud, this rivalry, couldn't only end in death, and that's what they sought out to do every time they met away from civilization. They wanted no witnesses. They knew well what they would do when they fell the other. Monsters they may be, by savages they were not. A burial would be held if there was anything left to bury. If not, the blood on their clothes would mark their battle and would suffice enough as a memorial.


Poison shot from the white blade, snaking across the land, reaching out like Naraku's tentacles for the younger opponent. He jumped, flipping forwards as he brought his blade down in another attack. Three lightening like claws shot from beneath it, ripping up the ground even more as it made it's way to the larger foe.

Sesshomaru grit his fangs, jumping out of the way easily as he moved forward, slashing his blade out again in hopes that this time, just for once, his new sword and his poisonous youki would burn and dissolve his hanyou brother.

But Inuyasha had no plans to die today, moving forward as well, he met the attack straight on, raising his sword, now covering in darkness and stars.

"Meidou Zangetsuha!" The hanyou roared, bringing his blade down, creating a massive black hole that greedily sucked up the explosive smashing fang's attack.

The two demon's stood still after that, staring each other down as the hanyou panted hard, bleeding from almost everywhere. The demon, as frozen as ever, looked as if he had not broken a sweat, but he knew that they couldn't go on, just as well as he knew that Inuyasha could not see the bead of sweat that had fallen down his brow. That move there, that one that he gave his little brother because he had no use of an incomplete attack, could kill him if he charged. That is if Inuyasha even had the strength to continue to lift his blade.

"It's over, Inuyasha." The demon shouted, a light breeze picking up as he shifted his grip on the blade. "Unless you wish to die right now, you should run away with your tail between your legs. Just like every other time."

"Keh!" The hanyou coughed, blood trickling out of his mouth. "I can still take you. As I recall…every time before Naraku was defeated and you had only one arm and a shitty sword it was you who ran away like the dog you are!"

"Bold words coming from one with the mangled puppy ears."

"Shut yah trap, Sesshomaru. You're scum!"

The demon sighed and sheathed his sword, brushing off flecks of blood and dirt from his kimono sleeves. This was such a bother, the way Inuyasha never gave up, the way he stared at him so intently. What did he want him to do? Was Kagome not satisfying him enough? Did she leave? The fuck should he know, either way it was clear that the hanyou scum was in need of attention and who better to satisfy his little need than his older brother?

Sesshomaru snorted and smirked down at the thing.

"You reek of intestines and blood. Go clean up before your bitch has a fit."

With that the demon turned on his heel, walking briskly away from the hanyou as the sun finally hid itself behind the trees surrounding their battle ground.

Inuyasha fell to his knees with a small and sharp cry, sticking his sword into the ground as he peeled away his haori. Looking down, he winced at all the gashes and contusions that covered his skin. And as always, like in almost every battle, a large hole was centred above his stomach. The bastard had his hands all up in his innards again. The sick fuck.

"Kagome sure is going to have a fit…I guess I ain't going back tonight…" The hanyou chuckled and picked himself back up, using Tetsusaiga as a means of walking.

He needed a hot spring.

Deep within the western forests, Sesshomaru made his way steadily towards the one place he knew that blasted hanyou couldn't find him. He was looking forward to a night of peace, as he knew well that bringing Jaken along to one of his little battles with him would only result in the ugly imp babbling until the cows came home. No, he left him alone somewhere he was sure he would remember, but clearly forgot as soon as he left him there. Oh well, it wasn't like the little demon to not end up looking for him; but for now the demon would bask in peace and-


The demon's eyes widened as he drew closer to his destination, and he couldn't help but walk quiter, sneaking up through the trees to see what on earth was being so loud.

Low and behold, the little shit was completely naked, up to his gaping stomach in red, scalding water. Sesshomaru quirked an eyebrow, watching blood flow like a stream out of the hanyou's body, darkening the water around him. Inuyasha's face scrunched up in pain as he tried to wash the wounds, only to cry out again even louder.

The idiot was going to attract oni if he kept that racket up.

Inuyasha bent forward a little, his hair a thick curtain around his face as his eyes widened. It had been so long since he had nursed his own wounds, he was almost wishing he had gone back to the village to let Kagome and Kaeda to patch him up. But that would only result in an interrogation and some bullshit about how the wench was going to march up to his brother and tell him to back off. He couldn't have a woman defend him like that now. This was all part of the grand scheme of things. This was how it was supposed to be. Sesshomaru and him would fight until one of them died. End of story. Nothing could change.

Or could it?

The hanyou shook his head wildly, not even paying attention to the slight ripples that came towards him as someone waded into the water in front of him.

"At this rate you will bleed to death…" And even tone slipped into his twitching ears, making him shiver.

"And what do you care, Sesshomaru?" He asked, looking up at the naked demon. "You want me dead anyway."

Sesshomaru looked away thoughtfully, letting his head go side to side a little as he thought about that.

"Perhaps….Perhaps it is just to feel entertained and make you feel like you have purpose still." He eventually said, happy with his answer.

"So you're telling me that you beat me to near death, and then leave me there hanging just so we have something to do?" The hanyou scoffed and spat blood out into the water. "Bullshit. Don't pull this shit on me. You and I both know that we're supposed to kill each other."

"Again…Perhaps. But you never do seem to like it in the village. I've seen you mope more there than you ever did looking for Naraku."

"Maybe that's because I'm so powerful now that no one but you ever challenges me." Inuyasha smirked, his cocky attitude making Sesshomaru's body heat rise.

Gods, what was with that intense stare? The demon was sure that if his brother looked at him anymore like that he would combust.

"You stare too intently…Maybe that's why no demon challenges you."

"That's stupid to say. I do not stare!" Inuyasha stood up straighter, trying to be more dominate than he appeared, only to result in a painful wince.

He slouched forward, the demon catching his arms to keep him up.

"Fool...Hot water, though you think it may burn the wounds closed will only make them stay moist and fresh…Up…" The demon ordered, lifting the hanyou a little to prop him up on the spring's embankment.

Inuyasha sat there and sighed, feeling like a child as he crossed his legs to hide himself and watched as the demon swam over to the other side, fetching his kimono. The long, white and red fabric glistened in the water and moonlight, making the hanyou's eyes transfix on it before they darted up to his brother's physique.

He had always been a little jealous of how Sesshomaru was those couple inches above him and how he wasn't overly bulky but nice and lean; all while still being quite muscular. Kagome once jokingly compared him to a gazelle, but she would never understand how if the demon were to run naked, is leg muscles could possibly look like the creatures own hooved legs.

God, why the hell was he thinking about his naked brother's body? And comparing him to some country called…what did Kagome call it? Oh right, Africa. Some African animal.

Sesshomaru waded back to his bleeding brother taking his kimono in his hands and ripping the fabric in half. The hanyou winced, watching the fine silk rip away again and again as the demon made strips of cloth. Then, slowly, and quite cautiously, Sesshomaru stepped closer, wrapping his arms around his brother's torso, beginning to wrap up his wounds.

It was a slow process, and the closeness of the two dogs made Inuyasha's heart beat hard and his cheeks flush. Never once had his brother shown this care, or even been this close to him without attacking him. And as the demon pulled away, fingers and claws gently leaving his burning skin, the hanyou saw that his brother must have been thinking the same thing as his cheeks too were going red.

It was such an odd sight, the younger couldn't help but chuckle a little, casting his gaze down.

"What is so humourous?" The demon breathed, settling his hands on either side of the battered hanyou as he stared at him.

"You're blushing. My brother, the killing perfection himself…is blushing!" He laughed and shook his head before meeting his gaze. "Why…like…I.."

"You're blushing too, you idiot…"

"Hey! Don't call me an idiot you ass-"

The demon grabbed his brother's neck and yanked him forward, bringing his face closer to his as he inspected him. Inuyasha's eyes widened, his hands shooting out to hold onto his brother, one hand going right to his neck as well as he tried to control himself.

"What the hell…"


The two stared at each other, the younger's eyes narrowing as he stared right into his brother's eyes. The area grew more silent the longer they stayed like that, water soundlessly lapping at their skin, the trees swaying with no breeze. A steady thump thump came against the demon's thumb. Then again. And again. A steady pulse that soon grew quicker, making him lose all concentration and focusing on what was beneath that silken, tanned skin.

Thump Thump.

Inuyasha's breath hitched slightly as his thumb glided over a large vein, a pulse beating like a steady drum. But the longer he stroked that one area, amazed at the feeling of Sesshomaru's heart beat beneath his fingers, it grew faster.

Thump thump thump!

Sesshomaru could tell their beats were matching now, a scalding heat grew between them, nearly burning the demon as he gently pulled the hanyou into the water again. Looking down at him, their eyes softening, something in him, something that he could only peg as instinct, swelled up in his throat and he opened his mouth.

"I can feel it…" The demon whispered, fangs beginning to elongate, "Like drums…beneath your skin…"

Inuyasha let out a shaky breath, his thumb pressing down a little on the pulse he was so transfixed by.

"What have you done to me?" The demon continued to whisper, his face lowering down next to his brother's neck.

He's usually so calm…in control of himself…What the hell is happening to us? The hanyou thought as he allowed Sesshomaru to brush away his hair from his vulnerable skin, his hot breath tickling him.

"I want to sink my teeth into your flesh…" Sesshomaru continued, one hand now supporting the back of Inuyasha's head as the hanyou began to let it fall back.

Oh god, his heart wouldn't stop beating, his manhood already beginning to harden as he thought about being bitten while he was already bleeding. Inuyasha cursed himself. It seemed that with his brother, he couldn't help but be a masochist. Something was happening, and gods, he would not be the one to stop it now that he could see his brother losing control.

"I want to feel your heart beat on my tongue…" The demon breathed, pressing a hard kiss to the vein in Inuyasha's neck.

The hanyou stuck the side of his hand into his mouth to stifle a moan, his eyes darting to the demon's neck now in front of him. He leaned forward, his heart beating harder and harder as he pressed his own mouth to the similar vein.

"Then do it…"

Inuyasha snarled as Sesshomaru bared his fangs and sunk them deep into his skin with a small pop! Blood rushed hard with the beat of his brother's life force, pouring into his mouth steadily as he wrapped an arm around the tanned dog's waist, pulling him close. Something hard brushed against his own length and he moaned around Inuyasha's neck, cursing himself for being so aroused and intrigued.

The hanyou gripped him tightly, eyes squeezing shut as he bared his own fangs, wanting to know what on earth was driving him up the wall. His smaller fangs punctured the demon's skin, rewarding him with another moan as he felt blood on his tongue.

The demon couldn't believe what he was actually experiencing. Of course he had seen his parents, once a very long time ago, share in this one thing. He couldn't quite recall what it was called, but he knew that it had to do a lot with love, and it was quite dangerous. But was that it? Was this because he and his brother loved each other? From the feeling he had in his belly and what he was getting poked with, he could only come to one conclusion.

Yes. This was out of pure, unexpected love.

He could only describe Inuyasha's heart as one thing. An obon drum. It beat steadily, he knew that, but it seemed that now it was all out of sorts, the pump and beat of it going hard and fast against his rib cage. A steady Bum bump Bum. Bum bump Bum. The demon could feel it against his lips, in his throat, on his tongue. A beautiful sound like when he would run through the trees chasing after his target. Feet slamming down on the ground, pitter pattering fast through trees before disappearing in the air, only to return seconds later. It was intoxicating, like the music villages made during festivals, the music that people danced too. Sesshomaru hummed against the hanyou's skin, the hand that held Inuyasha' head sliding down between their bodies, wrapping around his brother's length.

The hanyou's breath hitched, his drumming heart beat changing now, as if he was playing a new song for his brother now. Dum Dum Bump. Dum Dum Bump. His hand moved in time with the beats, the rhythm guiding him to find the hanyou's pleasure.

Inuyasha groaned and moaned around the neck he was feasting on, a flood of blood trickling down his throat as he tried to memorize the beat of the demon's cold heart. Dun Dun Dun Dun Dun, Dun Dun Dun Dun Dun, Dun Dun Dun Dun Dun, the heart beat wildly, like a soundtrack to an epic battle. Like two entities flying through trees, their blades clashing as they danced to death, much like how they did earlier that evening. It was beautiful, like music notes he could feel, touch, taste. Sesshomaru's blood felt like power, beat like power, flowed like a might river beneath layers of white silk.

His hand moved instinctively, wrapping around Sesshomaru's cock and pumping him in the same time as he himself was being pleasured. Their mouths didn't leave the silky skin of the other, wanting the moment to last forever, wanting the obon drums to beat this hard, this fast.

The hanyou grunted, his hips bucking forward as their hands quickened around each other, each jerk making their hearts bang and boom harder and faster. Calloused hands squeezed, ran up and down fiery and icy flesh, as winter and summer meshed together.

The younger flushed, his eyes opening a little as he sunk his teeth deeper into Sesshomaru's snow white flesh, his orgasm beginning to peak. The older could feel himself drawing closer as well, the blood in his mouth hot and succulent as they moved towards and into each other, the thrusts of their hips growing wilder than a pack of wolves until finally…

Inuyasha drew his mouth away, crying out as his seed forced it's way out of him, the milky substance leaving thick over the demon's stomach and hand just as Sesshomaru drew his mouth away and snarled, his own semen splashing towards the hanyou. They stilled, hands and arms wrapping around each other as they panted. It was then that Inuyasha understood what had just happened, only then did he realize that he had just gotten wanked by his own brother.

His breath caught in his throat, pressing himself closer to the demon.

"You're heart…" The demon whispered, trying to pin point the exact moment this had gotten out of control. Why did this even happen? Why was the sound of their hearts so intoxicating and arousing? And…And…so attractive?

"What the fuck just happened?" Inuyasha whispered.

"I believe that this is something…that we should both take the time to mull over…As I believe that this was just as pleasurable for you as it was for me…" Sesshomaru pulled away, looking down at the hanyou. "You tell no one…not until we decide whether to act upon this…"

"Wait…where are you going?" The hanyou reached out for the demon who began to make his way towards the other end of the spring.

"Go back to your village, Inuyasha…" Sesshomaru whispered, pulling himself out of the water and grabbing what he had left of his clothes.

"No! Wait, we just…well…I…you can't leave now!"

The demon dressed and then knelt next to the water, looking down at his little brother. A hint of a smile played at his lips as he bent closer, gently taking Inuyasha's chin between his thumb and index finger.

"If the rhythm of the drum continues to beat fast and furious, like a rush of a white water river, I will be back to tread in it's dangerous waters again…Until then Inuyasha…" He kissed the centre of his forehead, briskly standing up and nearly disappearing into the trees.

"Stay alive."

The hanyou stood in the water, facing the trees. Without moving his gaze, he placed a clawed hand against his chest, right where he knew his heart should be.

The obon drum kept his pace, flowing like a red river. Inuyasha had a feeling that the music would never stop drumming in his ears.

A/N: last night when I couldn't sleep and all I could think about was InuSess and a bunch of these prompts that I randomly made up while neglecting Always There and Love In Leather, and just after I finished the last chapter of 30 days, Accusation, and well...after reading some of Hella's works again; I came up with this idea.

The idea of the heart and the way it beats. How blood is pumped through the body at the same timing of our hearts. And that grew to blood lust and the beat of drums, and how our hearts act as a giant drum that gives away how our body and mind feels. Thus, The Rhythm of Drums was born. I wanted to have something short and simple for the two, nothing that goes too far into depth like Love In Leather and Always There, something that kept to the same timeline, kept them canon, and then had them break away from the norm. I wanted them to be confused, and to give in to music.

Hopefully you enjoyed it. :3 maybe I may take this somewhere. Maybe I won't. We'll see :D