Alright! SOOOO since you all thought there should be more or a sequel, and this fic has been uploaded on Y-Gal, I have decided and came up with some idea for a sequel for this fic.

I know, omfg a sequel!? no way! yes way. This will have our favourite incestuous brothers enter more angst, and of course, because it isn't much of a spoiler, they WILL be getting closer to getting married or married or something to do with marriage in general like I said. And no, Sesshomaru won't be getting Tetsusaiga, but he will get his little brother, and a handful of other crap.

Plus, we'll get to finally hear from some characters I never brought up before like Jaken, Shippo, Sango, the kids, and Rin. So now you get to have some more funnies, because who doesn't like humour with their angst?

I figured I would let my following know that this will be happening in the next year or so. I have Love in Leather to finish first, and then I will start on this sequel, because it will most likely be just as short. Maybe a little longer, though I have a few other longer and mid-length fics in mind to start in the new year. So more Love in Leather, more fics, and sequel to The Rhythm of Drums coming to your computer screen, tumblr, y-gallery, and email soon! Thank you to everyone for the awesome reviews on all my fics, and I hope you fans of TRoD are excited!~3