Plotline: A few weeks after being changed Ethan has a horrible vision that causes him and Sarah to go on the run. However, the vision could be the least of their worries after Rory accidentally reveals the existence of vampires to the public and Whitechapel takes sides.

Inspiration: My first MBAV story, We Can Make it Through This, which this is a sequel to.

Spoilers: None for the series really.

Rating: T

Pairings: Ethan/Sarah, possible Benny/Erica.

View point: Third person.

"What is that smell?" Sarah wrinkled her nose and frowned.

Ethan looked completely uncomfortable "I'll just be in the bathroom."

"How much did you eat?" Sarah laughed.

"Not much just a pint...or four."

"You can't eat that much...your stomach will be irritable and you'll be stinky." she clamped her hand over her nose "now go!"

"I'm going!" Ethan mumbled getting up from his spot on the couch. A sudden powerful wave of nausea hit him. He stopped to clutch the arm of the chair Jane was sleeping in. Sarah noticed his body tense up even more and immediately assumed he was about to be sick on the floor. Instead, he pulled his hand away from the chair sharply.

"What is it?"

He didn't bother to answer and before she could react further, he was upstairs and heading for his room.

"You're acting really weird...weirder than usual" she added following him.

"No I'm not." he countered.

"Yeah, you are." her hand flew into the crack in his door keeping him from closing it.

Their eyes met and Ethan could see that Sarah was actually concerned. "Fine, I had a vision."

"Of what?"

"Of me standing over Jane's body with blood around my mouth." he opened the door further to let her in and began walking towards the closet.

"What are you..." Sarah started to ask until she saw the duffel bag. "You're running away?"

"It's probably the smartest thing I can do."

"No it's not! You have nowhere to go and you could have read your vision wrong." she knew he had misinterpreted his visions before but by looking at his face she could tell he wasn't willing to risk it. Sarah chewed the inside of her mouth for a few seconds, ignoring the pain before speaking again. "At least let me come with you."

Ethan wasn't sure of her motives so his response was quick and bitter "Why? I don't need a babysitter."

"Technically, I'm Jane's babysitter not yours." Sarah laughed "and that's not why I asked."

Ethan did an almost smile, he realized that he actually really liked the idea of having her with him, but he still wasn't sure if he wanted to drag someone else into it. "Are you sure it's a good idea."

"I've thought it over." Sarah smiled again. It was a lie, she'd put absolutely no thought into her words which was very uncharacteristic of her. However, she really didn't like the idea of him going on the run alone.

"Thanks for the offer, but I don't need to drag you into this."

She debated for a moment, "It's not optional, I'm coming with you."

"Why?" Ethan asked.

"You can't drive."

Ethan felt his heart sink. Of course he knew he shouldn't have expected any other response but he'd gotten his hopes up that maybe Sarah liked him as more than a friend. "I can fly or run."

By the tone of his voice, Sarah knew she'd said the wrong thing, " Not with that heavy bag and that's not the only reason I wanted to come with you...I, I um." she couldn't get the words she wanted to say to form so she decided to rely on actions instead. She walked over to him and wrapped her arms around his shoulders, quickly pressing her lips to his. It was just a quick peck, but it was enough to get her message. By his smile she could tell that he returned her feelings.

"You're not in this alone." Sarah placed her hands on top of Ethan's and returned the smile.

Although realizing their love was a sweet moment, it didn't distract from reality for long and soon Ethan had finished filling the duffel bag with the items he'd need.

"Lets use the window so Jane won't wake up." Sarah suggested.

Outside, Sarah slipped her hand into Ethan's. With vampire speed it only took them a few minutes to reach her house.

"Nobody's home." Sarah pulled the key out from under a fake rock. "I need to pack my own bag."

Ethan started to follow her up the stairs before she stopped him, "Stay!" although her voice sounded almost cheery whenever she pulled back from kissing him to get him to obey, Ethan could feel moisture on his cheek. Before he could check to see if Sarah was crying she was gone.

He'd been in her house once before but considering that he'd been trying not to die he hadn't really paid attention to the surroundings. So, wanting to give Sarah her space he decided to look around. He was immediately drawn to the wall lined with family photos of course the ones with her in it were taken before the change but he still found them interesting. There was a photo of the whole family that looked fairly recent. Sarah was sitting in a chair next to a pretty middle aged woman who looked like a older version of her. There were two men standing behind them, the older man had pale skin, greying hair and blue eyes. The younger man who had to be in his early twenties had hair and skin the same color as Sarah's and their father's blue eyes.

"Why don't you have any family photos up in your house?"

Ethan jumped at Sarah's voice behind him...looking at her face there was no sign she'd been crying, but she wasn't smiling like she usually did either.

"I'm not sure."

"Oh come on," she kind of laughed but it was more forced than cheery. Was she as scared as he was?

Sarah quickly changed the subject when she realized she wasn't going to get anywhere, "I've got a full tank of gas and we can put our money together to pay for a hotel when we get tired, where do you want to go?"

"Wherever we end up when the sun rises."