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Chapter One: Prolouge

I was on the edge of a cliff, starin at what was probably the most beautiful sight I've ever seen. There was mountains covered in a light fog, with birds flying by.

"Hey, Dina!" My best friend, Todd, yelled. "How long are you going to stand around and stare at the scenery, huh? Quit stalling and get over here, Dina!"

I run over to him. Todd and I had been best friends in a long time. He has sandy, brown hair that's mostly covered by his tan archeologist hat, and blue eyes. He's wearing a yellow shirt with a black collar, green short sleeved jacket that has a dark green stripe that's in the middle of a white stripe that's in the middle of the jacket, green pant that stop near his knees that has a dark green stripe on either side of his leg and a white cuff with a black stripe in the middle, a green belt, black socks, green boots with a dark green stripe in the middle, and a red pin with a yellow dinosaur footprint on it.

I have golden blonde hair that's pulled into a side ponytail with my bangs hanging down and light brown eyes. I'm wearing a blue shirt that stops after my elbows, a light blue short sleeved jacket that's zipped up, pants like Todd's only light blue and dark blue, blue and white boots, and black fingerless gloves that has a white cuffs with a light blue stripe in the middle.

"People say wild vivosaurs live up at the top of this mountain" Todd says. I just stand there. "Come on! we just went over this! A 'vivosaur' is a dinosaur that's been revived from a fossil!"

"Todd?" I say


"I know what a vivosaur is." I say.

"Oh..." He says. "Anyway... I never thought I'd see one with my very own eyes! Now come on! We're not leaving until we get some wild vivosaurs of our very own! Race you to the top!" He then starts running up the mountain.

"Hey!" I yell as I started running up the mountain. "You got a head start!"

We stop when we reach the top of the mountain to catch our breath.

"... Hey! I don't see any vivosaurs anywhere!" Todd says. "Somebody must've been lying to me!"

when he was done saying that, the ground shook.

"Wh-What was that?!" Todd tells, terrified. "What's going on?!" I take a step closer to the woods. "I think there's something over there..."

Before we know it a giant blue carnivorus dinosaurs charges out of the woods.

"Th-that's an... Allosaurus!" Todd yells. We start running away from it. "IT'S GONNA EAT US!" Todd yells as we run.

Soon we reached the edge of a cliff. As the Allosaurus approached, I stepped in front of Todd protectivley. Before it got to us, We heared a screech.

"EEK!" Todd yells. "A Pteranodon!"

"Jump on! Both of ya!" A man on its back yelled.

"B-but..." Todd says.

"Get a move on! Now!" The man says.

"Come on, Todd!" I yell as I grab his arm and start running toward the edge. Once I got there, I jumped. The man caught my arm and pulled us up.

"Yeee-haw!" the man says. "Hold on, pards!"

At the edge of the cliff, the Allosaurus roars angrily.

"...Whew. You folks alright?" The man asked.

"Yes sir." I say.

When we reach the bottom of the mountain, Todd looks at the man who saved us and gasped.

"OH MY GOSH!" He yells. "Y-you're... Joe!"

"Yep, that's me." The man says. "Surprised you know my handle, kid."

"Of course I know you!" Todd says. "You're the greatest Fossil Fighter in the whole world! Your Fossil Battle skills are legendary! You're Joe Wildwest!"

I gasped when he said that. I thought he looked familiar. Joe has dark redish brown hair, and blue eyes. He's wearing a brown cowboy hat with yellow eyes, a jagged black mouthe and horn like things coming from either side of the mouth. He also has a yellow bandana around his neck, a black and white vest, a brown and black jacket, a brown belt, gray pants that have brown shag things going down from his knees, brown cowboy boots, and black gloves with brown cuffs.

"I can't believe I'm actually talking to you! This is amazing!" Todd says. "... I must sound like a real nerd, huh?"

"Not at all pard." Joe says.

We then all hear a roar coming from the top of the mountain.

"Eeek!" Todd yells.

Joe steps foward. "That Allosaurus is madder than a sack full'a hornets." He says. "We can't let it leave the mountain all riled up like that, or folks'll be in a heap'a trouble. Ain't no other choice. We gotta subdue the critter in a Fossil Battle." he looks at Todd. "How about it, small fry? Think you're up for it? I'll even loan ya one'a my Dino Medals for the fight. So how 'bout it?"

"Oooooh!" Todd groans, holding his stomach. "Oh, my stomach! It hurts real bad... It must be that rotten banana I at this morning. ... Yeah, that's it. Oooooooooh..."

why would he eat a rotten banana? I think.

"I really wanna fight, but I don't think I can. So you'll have to fight in my place, Dina!" Todd says "Oooooow! Oh my stomach..."

"... Huh. Well, fair enought. Guess I'll be lending you my Dino Medal instead." Joe says. " I got four of 'em, so just take whichever one strike yer fancy." He shows me a air type. It looks like a T-Rex with yellow feather like things around its neck, eyes and mouth. Its underbelly is dark black, while the rest of it is sky blue. "That there's an Aerosteon. He's a power type that overwhelms foes with his sharp claws." He shows me the water type, which is a long necked one with pearls on its sides. "That's a fast-growing, well balanced vivosaur called Toba Titanosaur. It' one'a yer more fashionable types. he shows me the earth one, which looks kinda like a brown Lambeosaurs with a horn on its head. "Now that's a Tsintaosaurus. It's a backup-type vivosaur that has great support skills." He shows me the fire one, which looks like a red lizard with sharp teeth and a sail on its back and white and purple stripes on ti. "And finally, we got a Dimetrodon. It's a trick technical type that confounds foes with special skills. So that's all she wrote. Now dive in and pick yerself a vivosaur!"

After a minute of thinking, I pick the Dimetrodon.


What? I think.

I said thanks for picking me.

So you're the Dimetro? I ask.

Yep. Nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you to.

"Grease my pants and call me slick!" Joe says. "That's a fine choice there, small fry. Now rember, once ya throw that Dino Medal at the Allosaurus, yer vivosaur will be unleashed. The strength of a Fossil Fighter depends on the bond they build with their vivosaurs. So make sure y'all trust each other and try to have some fun. All right?"

I nod, then throw the Dimetro at the Allosaurus. Joe explains Fossil Battles to me. I have higher speed so I get to go first.

"Ok. Dimetro, Dimetro Fang on Allo!" I Yell. He does doing 35 damage.

The Allo attacks, doing 14 damage.

"Dimetro, Dimetro Fang!" I yell. He does, doing 35 damage and sending it back into it's Dino Medal.

Joe goes over and picked up the Dino Medal. "That Allosaurus finally calmed down and went back into his Dino Medal." Joe says. "Nice job, small fry! You did real good."

"You ran that Fossil Battle like a pro, Dina! You're awesome!" Todd says.

"Thanks. Hey Todd didn't your stomach hurt?" I asks.

"...Huh? Hey, my stomach doesn't hurt anymore." Todd says. "Yeah well, who cares about that now, am I right?"

"This Allosaurus was abandoned by some cruel Fighter." Joe says. "Reckon that's why he had his shorts in a bunch. Vivosaurs need to be with Fighters they know they can trust. If their abandoned, they go feral and their true nature emerges. That's why I'm here, actualy. The Fighters Association asked me to rounde up rogue vivosaurs. Aw, shucks. Where are my manners? You know this already, but I'm Joe Wildwest, and I'm Fossil Fighter."

"I'm Dina." I say.

"I'm Todd, and Dina is my best friend. We always cheer for you on TV, Joe!" Todd says. "Out dream is to become great Fossil Fighter just like you!"

Joe laughes. "Aw shucks. You small fires are gonna make me blush." He says. "But y'all oughta aim a little higher. Don't try to be as good as me. ... Try to be BETTER! Well, I s'pose I should think about seeing you two home, but I still have one more vivosaur to rescue. But y'all seem pretty capable, so I trust ya can make it home."

"Here's your Dino Medal, sir." I say.

"Aw bacon!" He says. I durn forgot that Dino Medal I loaned ya! Tell ya what, Dina. What say you keep it as my way of sayin' thanks for all the help?"

"Really?! Thanks!" I say.

YAAAAAAAAAAY! The Dimetro says. So, since I'm yours now, are you going to name me?

What about... Tro?

I Like it.

"Aw, man! if only my stupid stomach hadn't starting hurting..." Todd says.

"Listen up small fires!" Joe says. "If you love yer vivosaurs and share their passion for Fossil Battles, then y'all can accomplish anything! I look forward to the day ya both become proper Fossil Fighters. But for now, I gotta mose down the trail." He starts heading up the trail. "Adios!" He says as he leaves.

Todd waves. "Wow!" He says. " We just got advice from Joe Wildwest himself! No choice now, Dina. We have to become fighters!"

"Yeah!" I say.

"Yeah I know you want it bad but not as bad as me!" Todd says. "Next TIme I see Joe, I'm gonna be a full fledged Fighter!"

"Yeah!" I say as we put our fist in the air.

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