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Chapter 13: The Final

Rupert has two Mapos, and a Mapo King. One Mapo is normal colored, and the other is red. The Mapo King looks kinda like a T-Rex, standing mostly straight but bent at the top. It's black with a blue pattern on it, and has two blue spikes coming out of each of its wrist, snd smaller blue spikes coming out from different places on its face.

I send in Tro, Typhoon, and Cera. I have higher speed, so I go first.

"Okay, I pass. Your turn Rupert."


"Okay then. Cera, Enflame Typhoon! And Typhoon, Nycto Somersault on the red Mapo!" They do, and Typhoon does a critical 352 damage, defeating it. "Good job Typhoon! Okay, Tro, Charge!"

"You're pretty good to be able to defeat one of my Mapos so easily. But, it's my turn. Mapo, AZ and use Aqua Cannon!" It does, doing 44 damage to Tro, 30 damage to Cera, and 18 damage to Typhoon. "Now, Mapo King AZ and use Royal Strike on Lugmos!" It does, doing a critical 177 damage.

"Hey you're not so bad. But, I'm gonna beat you. Cera, AZ and Tro, Lugmos Sphere on Mapo King!" They do, and Tro does a critical 391 damage. "All right! ...Wait, why isn't it down yet?"

"Because my Mapo King is stronger than most Mapos. Anyway, Mapo, AZ and use Conqueror Fang on Heracles!" It does, doing 80 damage. "Okay, Mapo King, Law of the Jungle!" It does, taking all but 1 of the Mapo's health, and restoring most of the Mapo King's.

"Well, looks like I'm gonna have to attack your Mapo King again. Okay, Tro, Lugmos Tail on Mapo!" He does, doing 90 damage, defeating it. "Tro, Cera, split the AZ!" They do.

"Mapo King, Royal Buster on Lugmos!" It does, doing 145 damage, enraging Tro.

"Cer, Enflame Typhoon, and Typhoon, Nycto Somersault on Mapo King!" They do, and Typhoon does 119 damage.

"Mapo King, Royal Strike on Lugmos!" It does, doing 101 damage, defeating him.

"TRO! Okay, you are SO gonna pay for that. Typhoon, Nycto Hurricane!" He does, doing 169 damage. "What, why won't it go down?"

"Mapo King, Royal Strike on Heracles!" It does, doing 70 damage.

"Okay, now it's really time to finish this! Typhoon, Nycto Star!" He does, doing 72 damage, defeating it.

Tro becomes rank 15, Cera and Anubis become rank 14, and Bert becomes rank 13.

I...I...I won...I actually won... I think.

OH YEAH! WE'RE AWESOME! WE'RE THE MOST AWESOME TEAM IN THE WORLD! Tro yells before sending me a mental image of him, Bert, Cera, and Typhoon doing a victory dance, while Anubis is facepalming AND sweatdropping at them.

"You won, Dina." Rupert says. "It's strange. I had always dreaded the thought of losing, but now that it's here, I feel...I feel serene. Calm. Like I've been...cleansed, somehow. Oh, and the battle was so fun! Did you see how I attacked with everything I had? Wooo!"

"Uh... Rupert, the people are recording us." I say while laughing.

"...Ahem! Yes, well, I believe that I am satisfied." He says, kinda embarrased that the camera people got that. "I'm glad it was you on the final stage. I really am."

"Awwww...thanks Rupert." I say happily.

He holds out his hand. "It was a privilege and an honor to meet a fellow Fighter such as you. Thank you, Dina. And long may our firendship endure."

"Yeah." I say as I take his hand.

Joe then comes out of the stadium. Rupert and I drop hands and face him as he walks over to us.

"Well, don't that just beat all?" Joe says. "Who woulda thunk this Cup would end with a new hero ridin' in to save the day? And to think them BB Brigade fellers almost blew the whole thing! But Dina here took a stand and ended up savin' thw Cup and the park! Yer passion for battlin' and yer strong heart have allowed ya to claim the crown."

"Thanks Joe. But I couldn't have done it without the rest of the Patrol Team." I say.

"Ain't no two ways about it, Dina!" Joe says. "You've grown into a great Fighter and champion. And so, like I promised, I'm gonna make you the owner of this here Caliosteo Fossil Park!" He looks at the camera. "To all them Fighters who gave their all in the competition...To all them fans who whooped and hollered 'till their throats were sore... To the loyal cowhands who worked day and night to make everything run smooth... With a hearty thank to y'all, I declare the Caliosteo Cup over!" He looks back at me. "Congratulations, Dina. Ya truly are the chosen one."

"Thanks Joe." I say.

Chosen one? I think.

After a minute, everyone left leaving just Joe and I.

"Oh, say there, pard." Joe says. "There's somethin' I'd like to talk to ya about. You mind ridin' by my suite in a bit? I'll be waitin'." He then leaves whil Todd and Pauleen run up.

"You did it, Dina!" Todd says excitedly. "You really did it! You're the champion! It's wicked! It's awesome! It's wicked awesome!"

"Heh heh. Thanks Todd." I say.

"Aw, man. I can't believe you were my round one opponent!" Todd says. "But, hey...since you beat me there, and ended up winning... That means I would've come in second. Oooooh! It's so aggravating!"

"What makes you think you would've come in second?" I ask him.

"What do you mean?" He asks.

"Well, in case you forgot, Pauleen and Rupert were in the Cup semifinal." I say.

"Uh...well...I..." He says, making me laugh and Pauleen giggle.

"Anyway, great job, digadig!" Pauleen says, "Your battle was amazing, digadig! My palms are all sweaty from clapping so hard."

"Thanks, Pauleen." I say.

"...But why are you standing here, diga? There's a whole bunch of people waiting to see you outside!" Pauleen says. "Talking to your fans is a champion's job, diga. You know that."

"I know." I say. "But Joe said he wanted to see me."

"...Diga? Joe wants to see you?" Pauleen asks.

"Yeah." I say.

"Hey! Maybe he's finally rembered how we meet two years ago!" Todd says excitedly. "...Yeah, that must be it. So, in that case, I'm going with you!" He looks at Pauleen. "So me and Dina are just gonna swing by Joe's suite. Okay, Pauleen?"

Pauleen sighs. "Yes, that's fine Todd. I'll talk to the fans and have them hold on, digadig." Then she leaves.

"Great! Let's go!" Todd says, excitedly.

We go to Joe's suite. Joe's standing there, looking out the window.

"I'm glad you came, Dina." Joe says as he walks to the side of his desk and Todd and I run over to him.

"...Oh. You brought Todd." Joe says, annoyed. "Well, this doesn't excactly concern him, but...fine. He's here. How very nice for us all."

Todd gives him a very shocked look as Joe walks over to me.

That was harsh... Cera says.

Yeah it was. I say.

Hey...What happened to his accent? Typhoon asks.

No clue. I say.

"Let me give you a history lesson, Dina." Joe says. "I want to talk about a king. A great man who once ruled the Caliosteo Islands. ...I want to talk about Zongazonga."

"Hey, Zongazonga is the guy talked about on the Calio Slablets, right? Todd says. "He was some horrible sorceror that implanted his skull into other people bodies! Didn't they lock him in a chest and seal him in the Stone Pyramid?"

"Yeah, he was." I say.

Why'd Joe call him a great man? I wonder.

"Well, look at the big brain on Todd. That's excatly right." Joe says he walks over to the side of the desk. "But that's not where the story ends. There's a second act that no one knows about. It takes place at the Stone Pyramid, uncountable years after the skull of Zongazonga was sealed away. A single man, acting on pure chance, found the Stone Pyramid and the chest, with no idea what was inside."

He walks back over to us. "And the moment he cracked the lid of that stone chest, the poor man's body was stolen by Zongazonga. Do you know the name of that poor, wretched man? Shall I tell you? ...His name was Joe Wildwest."

"What?!" Todd and I ask.

"...You are beginning to understand." Joe, or whoever he is says. "I am not your foolish cowboy friend. I am Zongazonga!"

"DOUBLE WHAT?!" Todd and I yell, starting to freak out.

WHAT?! Wait, everything makes since now. What Don Boneyard was about to say... wait, then that must mean... And... I think.

That must mean what?! All my vivosaurs, except Tro, ask.

I'll explain later. I say.

OMG! HE'S ZONGAZONGA! WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE! CALL THE ARMY! CALL THE POLICE! CALL MY DAD! Tro says as he has a complete panic attack.

"...Um, dude?" Todd asks, scared. "D-did he just say that he's... Zongazonga?"

"Y-yeah." I say, starting to freak out a little more.

"But this body is old. And smelly." Zongazonga says, ignoring us. "And living in it forces me to fake that ridiculous accent! I need a body that's strong and full of life if I want to regain the full measure of my powers. And that is why I held the Caliosteo Cup. Long ago, I used this tournament to select the Majestic Vessel. And now I have done so once more!"

"No!" I say, taking a step back. Todd looks at me, terrified.

"You should rejoice, Dina!" Zongazonga says. "You will become the new body for the great Zongazonga! With you as my vessel, I will have no trouble regaining all of my former powers...And I will use those powers to rule the world!"

He steps closer, making Todd and I step back.

"And when your body withers with age, I will simply choose another." Zongazonga says. "And another. ...And another! I am eternal! I am immortal! I WILL NEVER DIE!"

"That's it! I'm outta here!" Todd yells as he and I run to the elevator, which doesn't come up.

"Th-the eleator! It won't work!" Todd says, still terrified.

"Fools!" Zongazonga says. "There is no escape! I, Zongazonga, command you to surrender your body to me!"

"Never!" I yell.

Just then, a giant hole breaks open in the wall, and a B-Ptera flies by.

"Hop on, you two!" Someone yells.

"Huh?" Todd asks, surprised.

"Get a mve on! Now!" The person yells again.

Rembering two years ago when Joe saved us, I grabbed Todd's arm, and drag him over to the hole in the wall, and jump onto the B-Ptera.

As the B-Ptera flies away, I hear Zongazonga say, "Impossible! It's that cursed skull!"

Eventually, Todd and I fall asleep on the back of the B-Ptera.

I sit up, and see that Todd and I are in a room somewhere.

"Hey, do you know where we are?" Todd asks.

"No clue. ...Wait, this looks like the BB Brigade basse." I say, standing up.

"Why are we here?" Todd asks.

"Why would I know?" I ask.

"Are y'all awake?" Todd and I hear someone ask. Then, a skull comes in, bouncing. I know, it sounds weird.

"Waaaaah!" Todd says, freaking out. "That skull's talking! And bouncing! W-wait. I know you! You're Don Boneyard! ...But wait! Maybe you're actually the skull of King Zongazonga! ...Okay, who are you?"

Then I rember what I was going to tell my vivosaurs later.

"He's Joe." I say.

"Are you crazy, Dina?" Todd asks. "You think that this skull is actually... Joe Wildwest?!"

"Yeah." I say. "Think about it. If ZZ's in Joe's body, then Joe must be in ZZ's old form, a skull. Because, if Joe's skull got forced out of his body, he'd be left in the form of a skull."

"Yeah, but-" Todd says.

"I'm afraid Dina's right there, small fry." The skull says. "I really am Joe Wildwest."

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