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A brief background:

This story is a part of the "Monkey's Tale," storyline, although it's not necessary to have read it.

It's a little over 6 years since graduation, Kim and Ron are engaged to be married and Ron's restaurant has opened and is a great success.


Kim was mad. Well, that's wasn't quite right. Kim was furious. And the main problem, as Ron saw it, was that he had no idea why.

They were returning from a local mission. A group of first timers had tried to break into the Middleton Museum of Fine Art. A totally low class group that had no idea what they were doing or how to do it.

Why did they get the call? There was an exhibit of Josh Mankey's going on and that was what the group seemed to be going for. Kim took it personally.

They went in, did their thing capturing the bad guys. One statue did get damaged but Josh said he could fix it, so it was no big. Ron didn't even know how it got damaged. The only thing out of the ordinary was that one of the low life's had a gun, which Ron was able to grab and toss it away before the bad guy could even get it all the way out of his pocket.

But none of that helped the current sitch. Kim was furious. He'd noticed over the past two months that she seemed to get angry more easily than ever before. He'd asked her about it, wanting to help his wife to be, but she just sloughed it off saying it was just the pressure of getting things ready for the wedding and things would get better.

Things only got worse.

She barely talked to him when he was with her and she ignored any phone calls he made when he tried to call her. When he ran over to her house for the mission tonight, he had to wait for her. Her mother said how sorry she was that he wasn't able to make it over for dinner last night. She had cooked his favorite.

When Ron asked what she meant she said that Kim had told her that she had passed the invitation onto him, but he had something planned and couldn't make it. He stammered something about "Oh yeah, the dinner thing. No I couldn't make it last night."

Kim had never said a thing to him about it. Was she lying to her own mother now to avoid him?

He decided to try again, for the third time since they got in the car. "Kim, I think we need to..."

She interrupted him by saying, "Just shut up, Ron. I'm driving and I don't need any of your lip right now. We'll talk after I get you home."

When she finally pulled into his parent's driveway, she turned off the Sloth and was out of the car and headed up the front porch to the door before he had even gotten both feet on the ground.

By the time he got in the house, Kim was standing in the middle of the living room with her arms crossed and green eyes blazing. Both of his parents were also there and little Hanna. They had been watching something on the Know it All channel.

He no sooner shut the door that Kim turned on him. "What in the hell's wrong with you Stoppable? I thought I could count on you to do a simple thing like watch my back. I see that I was wrong about you! Again!"

"What are you talking about Kim? It was almost a milk run except for..."

"Except for the fact that one of those milk run boys had a gun and it was just pure luck that he dropped or I'd be dead right now, no thanks to you!"

Ron stared at her trying to figure out what mission she had been on, because it hadn't been the one he was on.

"And then, you trip over your own feet and broke that statue, the statue we were supposed to be there to protect! Pardon me! The statue I was supposed to protect. They called KimPossible dot com, not Loser-R-Me dot I-need-A-Net." Kim added.

Ron had no idea about what to say, he stood there with his mouth open.

"Bonnie was so right all those years ago." Kim said to him in a low voice. "You are a loser. And I can't believe we ever had sex, even if it was pity sex. I had a fleeting moment of stupidity and thought it might make a man out of you." She stood there and shook her head. "A clear example of how wrong I was about you. Thank God you weren't my first. That would make me as big a loser as you are."

Ron may have been in shock from what she had just said and didn't know what to say, but his father had had enough.

Standing up, he looked at her and said, "Young lady, I don't know why you've decided to come into our house and berate my son like this."

Kim looked at Don Stoppable and said, "Your son? Your son? Oh come on Mr. Stoppable. I expect Ron here to be dense as a brick, but I expected better from you."

"What do you mean by that?" he asked as he was trying to keep his temper under control.

"Isn't it obvious?" she returned. "Ron's tall and lanky, you're short and fat. Now he might take after his mother except both of you are smart people. You are an actuary and your wife is a banker. Both of you are really good with math and numbers. Ron has to take off both of his shoes and socks to count to seven. So, either you adopted him or your wife was whoring around on you, got knocked up and told you it was yours."

Barely able to contain his own rage at her, he managed to say. "Young lady, you have more than worn out your welcome in this house. I suggest you leave now before I call the police, if you're lucky. And don't even think about coming back here till you get your head on straight."

Kim looked at them all one by one and said, "Fine." Just before closing the door on the way out, she stopped and said one more thing to Ron. "By the way, in case you're too stupid to realize it, the wedding is off; along with what you thought was our friendship, which was more pity than anything else, and your involvement with the missions. Turn your stuff into Wade, because I don't want to ever see or hear from you again. I shouldn't have any problem finding your replacement, in more areas than one. It's not like the bar is that high. "

With that she closed the door and left.


"Destroyed." Looking back on this moment, that is how Ron would describe himself. His whole life since Pre-K. Everything he thought about himself and …... he couldn't even think her name right now.

He turned and started to go up to his room. Hanna was crying while their mother tried to console her. His father stopped him and said, "Son. I'm sorry it had to be that way but …..."

Ron interrupted him saying, "No Dad. I'm sorry. I should have told her to leave long before she turned on you guys like she did. Mom! I'm sorry."

"Ronald, it's not your fault. I don't know what's come over that girl, but that's not the Kimberly Ann Possible that we know." said his mother.

"Yeah. Look I'm gonna go up and get my mission stuff," said Ron, "and take it over to Wade's. Then, I think I'm going to go for a drive to try and clear my mind. Try and sort this crap out."

"Son, I can't even begin to describe how you must be feeling right now, but you're not going to do anything ...?"

"Stupid?" said Ron as he completed his father's question. "No. That really would make me a loser and I don't care what she said, I'm not that big a loser."

"Son." said his father as put his hand on Ron's shoulder. "You are not a loser. Of any kind."

Ron gave his father a half-hearted smile and continued up to his room. Looking around, the only mission equipment he had was his Kimmunicator. At one point ..."She" . tried to get him to call it a Ronnunicator, but that just didn't sound right. He'd take all of the pictures of them and her down tomorrow. The one on the table beside his bed, he just laid face down. He found the belt she had given him years ago and anything else that she had given him and tossed it in a box. The last thing was the virtual photo album CD he'd gotten for Christmas one year. It was in his computer. He didn't know why. He had copied all the files to the HD a long time ago. He just liked to look at them every once in a while. Well, there's that much hard drive space he would gain back once he deleted them.


"Beep Beep Bee Beep." Ron picked up his Kimmunicator and saw that it was Wade calling him.

"Hey Wade. What's up?"

"How ya doing Ron?" The sad tone of Wade's voice told Ron that he already knew what had happened.

"How did you know Wade? Have you got my house wired too?" Ron wasn't really in the mood to know that the break up was common knowledge already.

"No Ron. Kim's Kimmunicator's acting up and it won't turn off. It was on the whole time and I heard everything. I just can't believe the things she said. I mean, even if there was a grain of truth to any of it, and there's not, I can't believe she said it."

"Wade, I'm sorry but you're not making much sense to me right now."

"Ron, I already download the surveillance video from the Museum after you guys got there. You had that guy's gun away from him before the grip cleared his pocket. There is no way she was in any danger, and so far as the damage to the statue, she did that."


"Watch." said Wade as he streamed a section of the video to Ron. It showed Kim taking on two of the bad guys as she ran to a wall, bounced of it and then bounced off the base of the statue to take out both guys at one time from the side. But she must have hit the base to hard because it fell over right after that. The really galling thing was the video showed her looking at the now broken statue right after it fell. She had to have known then that she was responsible for its damage.

"Well, I guess she wanted to blame me so her rep would stay spotless." His voice sounded resentful and defeated.

"Ron, you have to know that something's terribly wrong with her."

"Yeah, I know Wade. But guess what?" his anger finally showing. "She doesn't want to talk to me. She hasn't for a couple of weeks now and tonight, she spelled it out. She doesn't want to see me, talk to me or hear me. If you heard everything then you heard her say that. I may not be the brightest crayon in the knife drawer but even I can understand that."

Wade didn't say anything, which gave Ron a chance to calm down. There wasn't any reason to take it out on Wade. He was trying to be a friend.

"Look Wade, I'm sorry, but right now I'm out of the picture, by her choice and demand. You've got a far better chance of helping her than I do. I'm going to drop this stuff off at your place tonight, then I'm going to go for a very long drive and try and clear my head. Maybe if you tell her I dropped it off, well maybe it'll shock her enough that she might listen."

"Ron, at least keep the Kimmunicator, so I can talk to you if I need to." pleaded Wade.

"No. That might be the very thing that could shock her out of it. I'll take my cell phone with me. You can contact me that way if you need to. I'll be over in a few minutes. I really need to go for that drive now. I feel like my head exploded two hours ago."

Grabbing the box, his cell phone and car keys he went down stairs. The only good part of this whole thing was that Rufus was spending the night at the Vets. He had had an allergic reaction to some Naked Mole Rat heath food Ron had fed him. It would have broken the little guy's heart to have heard her rant like that.

Like he was doing any better.


Both of his parents wanted to make sure he was okay and really wanted him to stay home tonight, but he really wanted to go for that drive. He told them he might not be back till tomorrow.

Little Hanna came over and hugged him and told him that she loved him. She also told him that she didn't understand it but she thought Kim was broken, and that he needed to fix her.

Ron told her that he didn't understand it any more than she did and he hoped they could find a way to fix this mess. He didn't feel very hopeful about it though.

Outside he put the top down on his car. It wasn't much, just a 95 Geo, convertible. It got great gas mileage but couldn't go over 65 MPH for very long, but with the top down, you could go at 55 and it felt like you were doing 100. He loved the little car. "She" used to say she loved it too. Probably another lie till she could get someone with something better.

After dropping the box off at Wade's, Ron turned his cell phone on and headed out of town, down Highway 350. Less chance of having an accident he reasoned to himself. No small dogs, cats or children running out in the middle of the street in front of him. It also gave him a chance to feel the wind and no town or city for 500 miles along that stretch of road to interrupt his thoughts. There was little traffic on that stretch during the night.

After about two and a half hours of driving his mind wasn't any clearer than when he started. He was starting to get tired and was going to turn around when a light on his dashboard started blinking.

It was the low fuel light. Normally in that type of car, it wouldn't have been a problem. His car would have made it back to town easily, but his had a glitch in it. The light didn't start blinking till he had maybe 5 miles of gas left. Not a problem when you're in the city, but out here, he was screwed.

Pulling over, he decided to call his dad and see if he would bring him some gas to get home with. He didn't want to do that, but the way the night had gone, he felt his options were limited.

Opening his cell, he thought he'd better tell his father where exactly he was. Using the GPS system, he called up a map with a little red dot indicating him and he then knew exactly where he was. He noticed that he wasn't very far from an old friend's place, but he didn't want to push that friendship right now. It was then that his cell phone let out two short beeps and one long one.

"No, no, no!" he cried out as it shut itself down because the battery was dead. He had forgotten to recharge it. No chance to call home now, he had to use his last option. He thought he might have enough gas to make it there.


He was mostly right. He pulled up to the base of a hill when the car sucked the last of the fumes from the tank and rolled to a stop.

Tired and frustrated on top of everything else, he climbed the hill till came to the door, he knocked and waited. After a while, he knocked again and waited. Finally the door opened and there stood a woman, back lit from the light inside. She was wearing a nightgown, fuzzy pink slippers and a robe. They were all very much like something his mother would wear.

"Hey." she said quietly.

"Hey." he replied.

After a bit she said, "What's up?"

Mostly looking at his feet Ron finally said, "My uh, car ran out of gas and my cell phone died on me. I was wondering if I could use yours to call my dad."

"Why don't you call Kimmie on your whatever it's called and have her come out and …"

"Because we're not together now. We broke up! Okay?" his temper flared briefly before he continued with more calm than he really felt. "Look. I'm sorry. It's been a bad night. Could I just use your phone please and then I'll get out of your hair."

The woman looked at him thoughtfully and then said, "Look. It's late and you don't really look to be in any shape to be driving back to the main road much less all the way to Middleton tonight. Come on in and spend the night. I've got room. I can give you a lift in to get some gas tomorrow after you've gotten some sleep."

Weighing his options, well, there was really only the one right now, he said as he walked inside, "Thanks, I'm sorry to put you to this much trouble."

"No trouble. No trouble." she responded and then said, "So, you feel like talking about it?"

He just shook his head no.

"Okay." she said quietly. "Maybe in the morning. You'd be surprised how some sleep can change a person's outlook."

"Rip Van Wrinkle couldn't get enough sleep to change this one." He said trying to be sarcastic but it only came out as a sad humor. Still, she gave a slight smile as she showed him where the guest room was.



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