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"Damn it Du! I was on my honeymoon!" she said, her anger clearly showing now. "I would have Okayed a pre-emptive strike against the White House at the moment you called. If you had only waited fifteen minutes more I would have at least thought about what I said." Calming herself, she finished saying, "I don't even recall what was said, only that you almost interrupted us at a most inopportune time."
"I did record our conversation, as per regulations. I could replay it for you if you desire."


"It seems that Mr. Stoppable is now reconsidering his decision about joining Global Justice." she said with her face looking straight ahead.
A puzzled look crossed his face as he said, "Wasn't that why you wanted me to put on that little show up there?" "Yes it was." she replied turning to him. "But in your zeal to accomplish that, you also brought Agent Possible into it when you referred to all of them as "amateurs," as well as Dr Loade. The target was Stoppable. Not all of them. We only wanted to pull him into the organization. Not push her out."


She didn't like it and was ready to take all of the blame and face any repercussions from this event, but she thought she had done more good than harm and still thought she had more good to do.
Her husband had warned her about trying to control Ron Stoppable. He had been unable to do that for the four years he had him in high school and that he thought it best to let the lad help when needed and not attempt to control him.


Time; Fourteen days after the Rocket Launch. One week before the wedding.

Global Justice had finished upgrading their Internal Security Procedures, including the computer's security which controlled all video surveillance, access to different areas as well as the system's own internal security. Most of the latter had been done by Dr Load's new operating system and continual scanning, both for unauthorized programming and users. They were not looking for a repeat of the incident that had just happened.

Dr. Betty Barkin had been moved to an office deeper in the bowels of their base. Office, more like a vault with a two foot thick steel door that closed automatically and had to be unlocked every time someone wanted to enter or exit. It also had a dedicated line out for her computer system and phone and her own private lavatory and shower. This was her immediate supervisor's idea in case the base should become compromised.

This was the office that Kim was escorted to by two fellow agents. The meeting was at her request.

She had called Director Betty Barkin and has asked for this meeting with her, concerning the future of Global Justice. Kim had come alone and had to go through several checkpoints to get there.

As she entered Betty's office, she saw two other people in the room. Agent William Du and former agent Steve Barkin, Betty's husband. Steve had also been the vice principal at her high school and as it turned out, the father of one of Ron's and later her friend, Yori. (See "The Monkey's Tail Book III.") Agent Du was armed for some reason she noticed.

"Miss Possible." greeted Steve as he rose from his chair. "Kim." he corrected himself before she could on how she wished him to address her."Good to see you again. Like the new haircut. I was just talking with my wife before you have your meeting with her. I hope to take her out for dinner afterwards, if she is still in the mood. I'll just step outside and wait."

Before he could take more than one step or Betty could press a button to unlock and reopen the door, Kim stopped him by saying, "No. Please, Mr. Bark... Steve. Stay. This meeting affects you too." And then she leaned in to him and whispered, "All I ask is that you give me your word that you will just be a witness and not get involved in any actions or reactions."

Slightly mystified by her request and not having known her to be overly dramatic when it wasn't necessary, and knowing that it was her right to have a witness in such a meeting, he asked her, still in a whisper, "Would my word as a former Global Justice Agent suffice?" "Actually," she responded, "I would prefer your word as a Brigadier Pixie leader."

Steve snapped to attention and gave her the Pixie Scout salute and said, "Consider it given." as he then sat back down.

Kim then moved over to Betty's desk and stood in front of it.

"Agent Possible." said Betty from behind her desk as she rose to shake Kim's hand. "Since you are still on leave for your wedding, we can do without the formalities." noting that Kim neither stood at attention or offered her a salute. "Once again I would like to thank you and your team for doing what most would have considered impossible, even my top agents." The last part she added as she gave a quick glance to Agent Du. "The world is in your debt again Kim Possible and we at Global Justice are very pleased to have you as a part of our team."

Kim glanced at the floor and then looked her in the eye. "By "my team," you mean Ronald Stoppable, Wade Loade and Rufus, without either of whom, I wouldn't be standing here right now. I'd either be dead and buried by now or I'd be safely locked up in a hospital for the mental unstable, dying from kidney or liver failure from the effects of the drugs I had been taking."

Slightly put off by her attitude Betty sat back down in her chair and indicated to Kim to sit in the chair directly opposite her. Kim declined stating that she would rather stand.

Steve Barkin smiled to himself as he recognized her attitude. It was the same one she had the night of her Junior Prom after returning with Stoppable in tow as her date. As others thanked her for saving the world, and themselves and at the press conferences later, Kim had pointed out that while she had battle a Miss Shego on the roof of the corporate office for Bueno Nacho, Stoppable had battled both the Syntho Drone Eric and Dr Drakken, defeating them with the aid of his clothes challenged pet. She declared then that Ronald was her partner and not her sidekick, as well as Wade and she wanted everybody else to know and understand that.

Steve had also warned his wife about trying to recruit and thereby control Ronald, even though those were her orders from her immediate supervisor. He had even made a bet with her about who would win on that, her or Ronald. Steve felt now that her ignoring his warnings were about to come back and bite his wife her on her tight little ass and win him a bet that also included that same part of her anatomy.

"Of course that's who I meant." replied Betty carefully. "I was just condensing their names down to..."

"Then please say their full names." Kim interrupted her.

"I didn't mean to imply..." stammered Betty but was interrupted again by Kim.

"They deserve that much respect from you and even more from me."

Kim continued. "Have you reconsidered Ron's offer about becoming a part of Global Justice, just as a deep field operative and not be subjected to the oath which would put his special abilities under the direct command of any superior ranking agent assigned to any given mission?"

Steve's inward smile grew even more. He could see that Possible was running on her own spunk now and was in full protect mode of her team mates. His poor wife didn't stand a chance. That or Kim would have trouble leaving the headquarters.

Starting to become a little annoyed with Kim's tone of voice, Betty replied, "I had passed that request on up the chain of command, but I received word today that it has been declined. Ronald will have to become a full agent and be expected to take the oath as is if he wants to become a part of..."

Kim snapped to attention and said. "Then I most respectfully submit my resignation from Global Justice to you verbally. A written resignation will be sent to you before the end of the day."

Trying to regain control of the discussion before things got totally out of control and she would have to take actions that she had been ordered to take if such a situation came to be, Betty asked, "What are your reasons please?"

"I have found that agents within this organization have been less than truthful and have been deceiving others, either for their own personal agendas or due to orders from their superiors." Kim replied following protocols. "This has also led to violations of several laws governing this body and as a result of these manipulations of the truth have endangered fellow agents and the civilian population as well. I still trust you Director or else I would have taken this higher up."

After taking a deep breath, Betty looked up with a sad expression on her face. "You are forcing me to make a choice whether to follow my specific orders concerning you should you attempt to make an issue of what you think you know, or setting myself up to share those same repercussions with you. I will either do as I'm ordered to do, or have the same thing happen to me as well."

"What are those repercussions Director?" Kim asked.

Agent Du stepped forward and said, "Since our scientists have refined the device known as the "Brain Tap," machine developed by Dr Drakken several years ago, we are now able to erase certain memories from an individual's mind. All of your memories of your time with the organization will be removed. Of course the machine isn't one hundred percent accurate so there would be a great deal of addition memories eradicated as well. I've been ordered to either make sure that the Director follows her orders or subject her to the same treatment." He then pulled out his sidearm and moved so he could cover them all as he said, "As well as her husband since you asked him to stay. And don't expect your fianc to come to your rescue. Our surveillance has him currently having dinner with Dr Loade at his restaurant."

"No one is going to go in and mess with my mind or memories again, including you, Du. And you've had Ron under surveillance?"

"For some time by special order." answered Betty. "His "special abilities," as you called them make him a potential threat to the government. With the power he demonstrated when he defeated the Lowardians at his disposal, if he went rogue and made a bid for world domination, he might well succeed."

"He's had dinner with the President himself for God's sake! When he was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom for the very same thing that makes you think he's a threat."

"Kimberly, this was not my decision. That order also came from higher up. I disagreed with it then as I do now, but I had no control over it. I'm sorry." said Betty.

Looking at the gun Agent Du had in his hands, Kim said "You don't know Ron Stoppable, Du if you think you re going to get away with this."

"And what's going to stop me from following my orders former agent Possible?"

"Operation Just Us." she answered.

"Operation Justice?" he almost laughed.

"No." she answered as she reached in her pants pocket and pulled out her Kimmunicator. "Just us."

He shot the device out her hand without harming her. (He was an expert marksman, even with rubber bullets.)

"You are going to pay for that Du." Kim said with anger in her voice.

"What are you going to do Possible? Beat me to death?"

In a much calmer voice and almost smiling, she said, "No. I mean you re going to pay for that. Those things cost over a thousand dollars to build, even before Wade adds his extras."

"One thousand, six hundred, thirty six dollars and forty five cents to be precise Kim." came a voice from Betty's computer as Wade's image appeared on the screen.

"Hi Wade." said Kim. "I guess you heard all of that."

"Heard and recorded. Phase two of Operation Just Us should start just about now." said Wade.

A blade of white light came through the frame of Betty's two foot thick metal door and started cutting the frame away from the door. "I should be in there in about five minutes Kim." said Ron's voice. "That should give you plenty of time to wrap up the hostage negotiations."

The only thing that Du could mutter after getting over his shock was "How?"

"Your surveillance team has been tracking the holo Ron and holo Wade all day long after SADI dropped them off. Wade's made a lot of progress on those after getting his hands on some of the Lowardian files about holograms. How did Ron get in without being seen? Oh, that wacky ninja stuff he knows so well. Now I suggest you drop your gun Du."

Realizing that he still had his gun trained on her, he asked, "Why? So long as I have this, I will still control the situation."

Ron's voice answered his question saying, "Do you really want me to come in there and see you threatening Kim with a gun? Do you have any idea what I might do to you? Because I don't and that should scare the crap out of you. It does me."

Du thought for about five seconds and then put the safety on, removed the clip from his gun and sat it on her desk. He then moved to the very corner of the room where he would be in plain sight once the door was removed. Betty took the gun and placed it in her desk drawer.

"Phase three guys." said Kim, right after which she heard Ron go, "Aw Man!" as he continued to slowly cut away at the door frame.

"Dr Loade." said Betty. "How were you able to hack your way into this system? I thought it was supposed to be ultra restricted."

"It is Director." answered Wade. "Except to the program administrator for the operating system. DLCOS is the system's name. Dr. Load's Computer Operating System. I have full access to the system and its files according to page one hundred and seventy three, half down, of the user's agreement from the last update. I can check, search and monitor the system anytime I feel it necessary to ensure the proper running of the system. That was agreed to by yourself according to my records."

"But nobody reads all of those user agreements." she replied.

"That's what your lawyers said when I told them I was writing it for the CIA. They said it was the perfect way to gain access, all nice and legal."

Breathing a deep sigh, she then turned to Kim. "Very well Kimberly. Now that we won't have to deal with our memories being wiped, what evidence do you have of your charges against us?

"Well, it s not so much you Betty as others. Like I said, I still trust you, to a certain degree and I will probably trust you even more after I'm done. When you and Steve were on your honeymoon, Agent Du called you on your GJ mobile database and asked you a question that had to do with hooking up power to item number 83976-54 in your storage room."

"Yes." said Betty. "I remember. He called at a most inopportune time. More like in flagrante."

"I took French so I know what that means." replied Kim with a small smirk. "Anyway, you didn't really give him permission. You just told him to do what he thought was best."

This caught Betty s attention. "I didn't? He kept telling me he recorded it and I was too embarrassed to listen to it myself."

"What was really strange Betty was that he had used his command over ride code to activate both the visual and audio feeds from your Mobil database a full twenty minutes before he made the call and waited another twenty minute after you signed off before he shut it down."

"What did you just say Miss Possible?" asked Steve Barkin.

"He made a visual and audio recording of a full forty five minutes of your honeymoon. He knew exactly when to call you to ensure you would paying the least attention to anything he asked you. "

Both Steve and Betty turned to face William Du as he stammered. "No. She's got it all backwards. I was... I was ...I was really trying to pick a time when I wouldn't interrupt you very much and I must have...started to record it by accident. I deleted the file after saving the conversation. I don't know how he recovered it. I did a level wash of the folder." Du was sweating bullets now.

"Actually," said Wade. "he is telling the truth about deleting the file. Level three washes are so last month though and I was able to recover the original."

Du started to relax until Wade added, "The same way I was able to recover the two copies of that file from his outbound file transfer folder. One copy was sent to his home computer and one was sent to a Mr. Abel Person."

"Abel Person is my immediate supervisor. Why would he want a copy of ..." As both she and her husband realized the answer at the same time, they turned to stare at Du.

Wade continued. "Another file was transferred to both of the same places. From his home computer, both files were sent to a site called "One Eyed Wenches," which is owned by a dummy corporation which is managed by WWEE. He really should empty his web browser cache sometimes."

"Are you saying that Du was sending those files to Gemini? asked an astonished Betty.

"Looks like Director." answered Wade.

"Sheldon, you little pervert." said Betty muttered of her brother.

"Monique is looking at the second one now since I just finished recovering it. Monique." He called to her. She was on a different computer in the next room. "Do you know what's in that other file yet?"

They could see her staring at her monitor in the back ground and could just make out her voice. "Yeah baby. It's about one hundred hours of an edited video feed from a surveillance camera that look like it's in the women s shower area. I've already seen Dr Barkin twice and now it's showing someone else. It's...uh oh!"

The blade of white light stopped it cutting and disappeared as Ron picked up his Kimmunicator and asked, "Wade, I don't like the sound of that "uh oh." What is it? Does he have footage of Kim on that?"

Wade moved quickly over to Monique's monitor and looked at what she did not want to say. Monique covered part of the moniter with her hand. He looked away quickly after he saw the face on the screen. Moving back to his own computer he looked at his screen just as Ron repeated his question. "Uh...yeah." he answered in a very soft voice. The white blade reappeared and started cutting faster.

"Ron," Kim called him. When she got no answer she called him again. The blade was moving almost twice as fast as it had been when he started.

"Ron. Calm down. You need to focus on what's important."

"Trust me, Kim. I am focused. Like one of your mother's surgical lasers I'm focused!" came his reply as the blade continued it rapid cutting.

"Miss Possible." said Steve. "I believe I have a way of protecting Du and making sure that Ronald doesn't do anything foolish, if you release me from my vow to you."

Kim was worried for Du, only because of what would happen to Ron after he got his hands on him. She looked at Steve and nodded her head to release him from his Pixie vow.

As Kim kept trying to calm Ron down, Steve stood up and moved to a position directly in front of Du facing away from him. Glancing over his shoulder, Steve looked him in the eye and then calmly punched him in mouth. The force of the blow sent his head back against the wall, blood coming from his lip. Before he reached the floor, he was unconscious from either Steve's initial punch or his head hitting the wall.

"Steve!" yelled both Kim and Betty.

"What?" was his simple reply as he sat back down. "Stoppable is thoroughly pissed and he's trying get through to defend his fiance's honor and dignity. He feels you've been violated."

After he let that set in for a few seconds, he continued. "As angry as he is, he won't attack a man that's unconscious, bleeding and lying on the floor."

"And were you feeling the same thing about me?" asked Betty.

Steve said. "Of course. I just happened to be able to take care of two birds with one blow. I'm sure you will want to personally see to his arrest and prosecution for sexual assault and voyeurism as well as bringing charges against Mr. Person for the same."

"Ron. Du is down and unconscious." Kim said.

"Who took him down?"


"Is Du bleeding?"

"Yes, he is."


"Steve had more of a right than me I guess." said Ron finally. "Sorry Kim. I should have let you handle it. You were the one he..."

Smiling, Kim interrupted him to say, "It's okay Ron. I've got a good idea what you were trying to do for me. Just finish cutting the door open, only take your time. Still have to finish Phase Four."

"Phase Four?" asked Betty.

"Negotiations. The government wants to keep track of Ron and his abilities to make sure that he doesn't go rogue and try and take over the world. We, meaning Ron, Wade and myself don't feel comfortable with Global Justice's Oath which would mean he would have to place himself and his abilities under the command of a ranking senior Agent that we may or may not trust. So we would like to become Global Justice Deep Field Operatives which means that we would work as a totally independent agency within GJ, meaning we'll be fully accredited with full benefits without having to take that oath. It will be modified to mean the "Team Possible leader." We would be able to pick our own missions from Global Justice, except for 3 special requests from you or the government per year. We can decline if it looks too risky. We're not going to go in and dig up mines from a mine field using a garden trowel. Our agents would not have to report to anyone within GJ directly except you, or the current Director. We will be able to request rides to any of our missions that we would have going on that we deem critical."

"We would be reporting to you concerning any of our Team Possible missions as well as any of the Global Justice missions. Wade would have full access to your computer systems and resources and he would be willing to share any of our "toys," with you. My battle suit specs for one, but he would retain the developer s rights."

"How does that sound, Director?"

"You are going to be spreading yourselves pretty thin here with just the three of you forming your team."

"We will be adding to the team as we go and that will be our decision as to who joins us and who doesn't. Not yours. Shego told me it felt good to get back into the action with our team. She still has problems with her brothers. It would be a break from being a full time mom and Drew wants to share in taking care of their child. My cousin, Joss is of age and has been wanting to join us and Monique has been learning Wade's computer setup and answering some of our posts. There are a few others interested."

After a few seconds of thought, Betty replied, "It all sounds workable, except for one thing. The government wants full time agents. I'm not sure they would take the word of just Team Possible so far as Mr. Stoppable."

At that moment, Ron finished cutting to hole in the doorway. A loud thunk sounded as the plug dropped an inch to the bottom of his cut and then started to fall inwards. Everyone and everything was already clear of it as the plug fell to the floor.

In walked Ron with his silly grin as he asked in a sing song voice after taking a quick glance at the fallen Du, "Lucy, I'm home. Did I miss anything?"

"Not yet Ron. We were just getting to the haggling stage." replied Kim.

"May I make a suggestion?" asked Steve.

"It may cost me a private wager I have, but why not assign one of your Top Agents to watch and monitor Mr. Stoppable? That agent would go on their missions and if Ronald started showing and signs of potential problems, they could report and obtain any assistance GJ or the government could provide."

"No." said Ron. We don't need a rookie outsider that doesn't know how we work coming in and telling us how to do things that we've been doing pretty damn well for years. It would compromise the team and put the agent and ourselves in danger. Right Kim?"

"I agree with Ron Steve, for the very reasons he just said. It wouldn't work for us." Kim said as she crossed her arms.

"I was thinking you Agent Possible. Who better to notice anything even slightly wrong or out of place?" Steve said with a smile. "Of course, it would mean that you would have to spend a great deal of time with him in the beginning, maybe even some of your off time."

Ron looked at Steve and then turned to Kim and said "Kim? You're the team leader. If you're willing, I'd go along with it."

"Kim said, "What about you, Wade, knowing that we would have a mole our midst? Namely me."

"Like Ron said Kim, you're the team leader. I'm good with it if you are."

Before Kim could ask, Monique, looking over Wade's shoulder said, "I'm okay with it Kim, as long as it doesn't cut into our shopping time."

Looking at Betty, Kim said, "Betty?"

Betty took about fifteen seconds while she thought it over. Finally she said, "I believe we may have just reached a tentative accord. Of course I will have to submit it and we will have to wait for approval. I think they'll listen to my recommendations considering everything else they will be hearing about."

Betty's printer started spitting out a printed pages as Wade said, "Here's your copy Director. I believe everything discussed is included. All you have to do is sign it and pass it on. I'm a really fast typer in case you were wondering."

Reaching out her hand to Kim, Betty said, "Then tentatively speaking, welcome to Global Justice, Team Possible."

And then, in a low voice, "Steve and I are still invited to the bachelor and bachelorette parties, correct?"

"Of course."



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