Soul Pack: Pack/Bella

Bella was found by the pack beaten and as a wolf. Each member felt their bond of the imprint toward's her. How is this possible in the first place? Watch as the jealous hormonal wolves learn to respect and share their imprint.

Quileute Pack Characters:

Alpha Wolf-Jacob Black-17

Beta Wolf-Samuel Uley-19

Wolf Sentinel-Paul Lahote-18

Wolf Sentinel-Jared Cameron-18

Wolf Sentinel-Quil Ateara V-17

Wolf Sentinel-Embry Call-17

Wolf Sentinel-Seth Clearwater-16

Wolf Sentinel-Brady Fuller-16

Wolf Sentinel-Collin Littlesea-16

Notes: There will be no Leah as a shape-shifter. In the book there were sixteen wolves but that would be too many for an imprint to handle.

Makah tribe Characters:

Alpha Wolf-Hongvi Winters-20

Beta Wolf-Figaro Hoskie- 20

Gamma Wolf Isabella Marie Swanson-14

Sentinel Wolf Asher Tom Meeks-19

Sentinel Wolf Akikta Falcon-18

Sentinel Wolf Gabriel Ki Heath-17

Omega Wolf Tony Dale Dee-17

Notes: Yes Bella is the only female shifter and no you will not meet these characters except Bella but maybe later... Also keep reading and you'll figure out why she is a gamma.

-You already know the other Twilight characters I only listed these since they will be the Main or very important to the story.


I was running, running as fast as my paws could carry me away from what once was my brother. I ran at an amazing speed even with my small form and I could dodge and fit into smaller places, but I'm afraid that my fur coat was a dead give away . I was already badly injured but I wasn't going to give up I could tell that he was gaining on me. I could hear his breathing and growling along with some of the Klallam pack members he was with.

I whimpered fearing of what might have happened to my pack. I could feel the tears in my eyes and the anger building up but I had to suppress it knowing that fighting with them and just me was a very bad idea. Suddenly, I howled in pain my paw had caught in a bear trap and lost my footing. Falling to the ground I tried to stand only to have a wolf bite my tail and pulling me back down.

Looking up I could see that the others had caught up with me, I had been beleaguer. I could see them grinning already knowing this was an easy battle but I was not about to go down without a fight. Standing I growled at them and even with the trap I managed to attack the closest wolf by biting his front leg, snarling at me I was able to dodge his next attack but I am clutched on the back by another trying my best I kept trying to dodge and bite my way out. Then when I thought I saw my way out I was latched on by one of their muzzles from the back and thrown to a nearby boulder.

Everyone slowly came to me as if I was their prey but in a way I was. Silently sending a quick prayer to my pack I was then attacked even more viciously then before blood clouding my vision howling in pain I stopped with all movement and noise feeling myself weaken and getting ready to just give-up. I could feel them stop their attack but could hear in a hush tone

"Shouldn't we finish her off?"

"No, let her die slowly she deserves it,"

"Wont she heal?"

"Doubt it...Look at her she's the same size as a regular wolf and I've learned that she is the weakest link not even able to heal properly,"

"Then how did she get such a position?"

"Who knows? She was most likely fucking the alpha,"

I was then welcomed with sleep.

Chapter 1: Safe

Jacob's POV

"Wow look at those fine pieces of meat,"

"Jen stop it I heard that their in a gang."

"What! No way!"

"Yes way! Besides none of them date I also heard that they all live together and are very close,"

"Ugh. Great now I'm rumored gay," Paul said angrily.

"What are you denying what we have!" Jared joked,

"Please if I even went that way I would so be with someone way better looking," He joked back.

Rolling my eyes at my pack brothers foolishness I let myself enjoy their childish arguments knowing I would do the same any other day but not today. I was not in the mood today I received a call early in the morning by an elder of the council claiming they heard wolves fighting in the nearby forest. I knowing that my pack brothers were already sleeping told the elder off saying it wasn't any of us since the last couple of weeks we've all had to take double shifts patrolling the borders since the stench of leech was strong and the media of the olympic peninsula finally died down just last week of the killings happening in Seattle and Olympia. We all needed our sleep after that we were all grumpy of not being any action fighting's.

Looking at the waves of La Push beach I was able to welcome salty scented ocean and not the smell of bad sweets and bleach or so I thought. I caught a glance of some red and pale in the ocean far enough for human eyes not to see but our eye sight was much better.

"Jake are you okay?" Sam asked.

"Leech," I hissed out. This snapped everyone's head to where i was looking they saw what I saw and just before we could make a move the bloodsucking demon disappeared. Motioning my pack to follow me we ran to the forest until we're far reach from human eyes.

Quickly taking my cutoffs off I tied them with a rubber band to my ankle and exploding to a wolf. I could feel as each of my muscle and bones cracked and defined themselves to my wolf form. I shook my shaggy rusty-brown fur to get my feeling back. Looking around me I see all nine of us already in wold form.


With that one word each of us took a different route to see if we could find that leech and finish it off. We knew that once we get a scent all of us would know our pack mind prevents us from hiding anything.

We are the protectors of this land we protect our own and others of those monster vampires. Just thinking about them makes me want to vomit. We are werewolves although not the same from those story books we don't die from silver bullets, we don't need the full moon to transform, and we grow about 10ft tall in wolf form.

Our wolf inside is actuate when the leeches are near they are the caused of all this. We guard the people of La Push and our land. Growling as a fresh scent of leech entered my nostrils I pushed my legs to go faster. Howling I alerted everyone to head my way near lake where our land separated from the bloodsucking Cullen's. Stopping at the edge I growled looking around but already knowing that the leech most likely went to their land.

Aw man~ Seth

Fuck ~ Sam

We always miss the real action ~ Collin

Fuck the Cullen's ~ Paul

Paul's right ~ Brady

Yea they aren't even here and haven't been for over seventy years ~ Jared

Plus that leech didn't match the delineation of the bloodsucking family ~ Quil

And technically the treaty did state when they were resenting only~ Embry

Thinking it for only a minute I silently agreed but only in certain conditions

Alright Sam ,Paul, and Jared you come with me. Embry and Brady you two run on opposite sides of the lake. Quil and Collin you two circle the border. Seth go to the cliffs edge and see if you can catch any sight of the leech. ~Jacob

Right Alpha~Everyone else

Seth POV

Going to the top of the cliff was no problem to me thanks to my wolf legs. I stood there just staring and sniffing the wind while looking all around but mostly the ocean but I could not see or catch a single scent. Looking down I still could not pick up anything indicating leech. Whining I took one last look before telling Jake.

Seth anything~ Jake

Nothing over here Alpha ~ Seth

Alright take a different route then what you took and meet us at the clearing~ Jake

Right away Alpha~ Seth

Taking the long way instead of the shortcut I went off to see if I could find anything of any use. I ran for about three minutes South deciding I ran far enough I started to turn East to meet up with the pack when the wind started to pick up and the smell of vanilla, lavender, lilac, freesia and blood came to me. Howling I alerted the pack of the scent.

What did you catch~Jake

Did you find anything~Sam

I just caught the scent of blood I'm going to go check it up~ Seth

We're coming ~ Jake

How old is the scent~ Jared

I can't say it's like the scent is old and new~ Seth

If the scent is human check if their alive ~ Jake

Running as fast as my legs could take me I went to the scent. I could tell I was getting closer as the scent was truly strong. Whoever this is smell's really good, I wonder if they were as pretty as the scent.

Dude you don't even though if the blood is a girl let alone human~ Paul

Shut Up!~ Seth

Slowing down as I neared the scent I growled as I caught sight of dried blood over the forest floor and on some of the trees. I also saw patches of fur the color of white and I saw a little of what looked between yellow and brown.

I think it might be an animal~ Seth

Creeping on where the fur and blood led I suddenly yelped and jumped back as a long spring trap went off.

Careful this place is known for hunters~ Sam said

Maybe it's just an animal that you caught whiff of~ Collin


Are you sure~ Jacob

Well one it's not hunting season~Seth

Doesn''t stop hunters~ Paul

Ignoring Paul I continued

There is too much blood~ Seth

Staring at the blood I heard the others gasp. Continuing this time carefully I saw some of the trees are snapped or fully broken. Finally coming to the source of the scent I jumped over a stack of fallen trees. Looking around I saw more broken trees and...



Seth what's wrong

I could hear the other's calling out but I couldn't respond to them. There was more blood than anything but I also saw a small white wolf covered in blood and pink patches of his naked skin. Going closer I saw his paw caught in a bear trap. Feeling bad for the little guy I gently broke it with my teeth. I look to the side and saw a very large rock with blood splattered on it looking back I saw the small wolf stomach moving. He's alive but not by much. Licking his face I saw his eyes open for a fraction revealing chocolate-brown eyes. Gasping I felt a strong pull towards this white wolf.

The Universe stopped and, suddenly it was not the gravity was not holding me in place anymore she was. I felt like my pack brother's, my parents, and even my sister did not matter anymore only her. Hearing gasps I shook my head to hear the others growl out.



That was..~Paul

I felt it~ Jared

She's it~Quil


Alway's mine~ Jacob

Growling out at them I got in front of her as to protect her.

What do you mean your's! I'm the one who imprinted!~Seth

Everyone snapped out of there daydreams to growl out at each other. I don't think so she is mine and my mate is battered and barely alive,


Deciding this was no place for fighting with them since she needed first aid first. Turning around I took her gently from the neck hearing her whimper was heartbreaking. I saw her start to curl up in a position pups usually do. Running to our home I could see the other's starting to run back home with me. She was first, always first.

Coming to a stop I gently laid her down. I didn't hear her whimper so I'm thinking she passed out. Going back to human I felt my bones forming back into place. Putting on my shorts quickly I went back to her. When I tried to hold her she yelped in pain. Great, I'm going to need help from someone. Breathing in I held in my jealousy and whistled for someone of the pack. Collin came first already changed in his shorts.

"I need help" Looking at me questionably "She is in pain and I can't take her to the house with just me without hurting her too much," Nodding his head we both gently held her him by her back paws and stomach and me by her front paws and chest, her back was to damage to even consider holding her from there. Going as quickly as we can we both went into the house with Brady already holding the door for us. Going up the stairs I kicked the closest room which happened be Sam's. Putting her on the bed I gave her a quick kiss on her head ignoring the growls I ran down the stairs to the phone and grabbed the phonebook. Turning the pages I quickly went to the V's section.

"What are you doing Seth?" Paul angrily asked as he came in.

"Well Paul if you hadn't noticed my imprintis hurt and I'm calling a Vet that treats wolves or at least wild life," I added extra emphasised on imprint.

Snorting he muttered "Your imprint,"

Growling at him I quickly found a number to the closest Vet for wildlife. Making the call I heard the rest of the pack coming in and looking around.

"She is upstairs leave her alone I'm making a call," I hissed at them.

"Hello this is Karin from the Olympic Veterinary Hospital how may I help you,"

"I have an emergency I found a wolf that is badly injured," I spoke quickly.

"Um...please hold,"

Groaning I looked up to see everyone looking worried and confused about the imprint thing. I knew for a fact that I did imprint on her.

"After I'm done call someone from the council to help us figure this imprint out," I murmured.

"Thank you for the wait this is Dr. Temple I heard that you have a wolf with you?"

"Yes. I was going for a walk when I heard a noise and taking a look I saw that there was a wolf," I lied to him.

"Where is the wolf now,"

"In my brother's room,"

"The wolf hasn't attack or act aggressively"


"Then the wolf is either to weak to act on instinct or might be domesticated. Alright tell me what you saw from the wolf?"

"The wolf has scratch marks and bites all over but mostly on the back. Patches of fur is missing and when I found the wolf the right front paw was stuck in some sort of trap the scene was too gruesome," I could see the others wincing.

"Okay...I was planning on you bringing the wolf but hearing the damage I suggest I make a home visit it would be better. Give your address to the secretary and I'll come as soon as possible,"

Giving the address I am told that the vet would be here in a little over an hour.

Looking up I could see most of everyone gone most likely upstairs. Giving the phone to Jake I quickly went up stairs to my imprint.

Jacob POV

Looking up the stairs where just about everyone is except Sam and me I sighed before punching the numbers in. I knew Sam wanted to go up stairs to my or ours I think imprint. Wincing at the idea of sharing an my imprint I payed more attention to the phone ringing.




"Black's residence this is Billy speaking,"

"Dad it's me,"

"Jake how are you doing son,"

"I'm fine dad but we have a bit of a situation here,"

"...Did you find out which wolf was making the ruckus at night?"

Almost forgetting about last night I suddenly remembered Old Quil complaining of the noise. Growling at the revelation I had I saw Sam look at me questionably "No it wasn't us," I spit out.

"Then what is it,"

"I imprinted-"

"That's great son but-"

"And Sam, and Jared, and Paul, and Embry, and Quil-"

"Where were you boys when you imprinted?

Ignoring him I continued "and Seth, and Collin, and Brady." I finished and what seemed like forever but was actually a few seconds he finally responded.

"How!? When was this or should I be asking who are the lucky women?"

"She is a wolf,"

"Wait you found a female werewolf?"

"Not exactly. She is a real wolf," I let it sink in for a few minutes before he finally responded.

"Wait! A wolf? You all imprinted on only one girl?"


"Alright...Look how about I set up a meeting with the council in order so we can try to figure this out. Can you bring her over to the lodge?"



"No Seth found her injured so we just finished calling a Vet,"

"Ah then why don't I call Old Quil and we can figure something out for the time being. Call me back once she is um..heald,"

I didn't respond but I swear I heard him say 'wolf in-law'. Sighing I placed the phone back and looked up to see Sam looking oddly at me. "What?"

"Doesn't it seem suspicious that there were wolf noises last night and today we find an injured wolf?" He said with his eyebrows raised.

"I was thinking the same thing,"

"Do you think-"



Hearing Paul and Seth at it we raced up stairs to see them ready to spring at each other. Grabbing Paul I told Sam to grab Seth.

"Stop it you two or acting like kids!" Tightening my hold on him I motioned for Jared to help me. "We don't even realize what we are doing or how we should react to her. We we're told that once we see our imprint we follow her and let her decide whether she want's us as a brother, friend, or as a mate," I winced at the first two.

Finally relaxing they both looked at me while the other's got over the shock.

"I just can't think straight," Paul finally said.

"Us neither," Brady consciously said.

"Well how do we feel towards her?" Sam started but his eyes told us he already knew the answer.

"It's like she is occupying every thought," Collin mused.

"No matter what I think my thought's come back to her," Jared told us.

"I can't see her as anything but..." Sam left off not wanting to finish the sentence. I let my thought's wonder of the imprint. I tried to imagine her as a pet/friend but my heart clenched. I thought of her playful with me as a wolf form and felt happy. Did my wolf want a mate that was also a wolf or is it just her?

"Yea, me neither." I finally said.

Looking away from everyone else I stepped closer to the white wolf. Looking at her I could see scar marks all over her body. The blood finally died down but I could see red glaring marks on the parts of her skin that showed. Her fur coat is covered in dirt and dried blood for the most part. Her tail is curled behind her as if it is broken which most likely was. The right front paw was swollen and red laying limply next to the other. She didn't move and if it wasn't for her heart beating I wold have thought she wold have been dead already. I stayed clear of those thoughts knowing I would look weak in front of the pack.

"Arr," I heard lowly. Looking surprised I looked up to see the others staring at our injured wolf with hope in their eyes.

*Whimpering* "Ah, Gr, Arrf, Ar" *Whimpering*

"Hey it's okay your safe now," Seth said soothingly.

Yelping and whimpering the wolf opened her eyes and I could feel the pull of the imprint getting stronger. Her eyes were teary eyes of brown most likely from the pain I felt a shock of pain go through me as I imagine how painful these marks are. Closing her eyes again she started huffing loudly as if enduring the pain. Seth came slowly to her and put his hand on her face where she started sniffing it without creating too much movement. Sticking her tongue out she started to lick him making him start to bark out a laugh.

"It's alright your safe. A vet will be here to see you soon," As soon as those words left his mouth we heard a car pulling up. Glancing out the window I saw a man in a white coat with another male wearing a blue shirt coming out of a Jeep.

Going down stairs alone I waited to there was a knock to open the door. The first thing I saw was a man of thirty about 5'11 standing in his attire with brown hair and blue eyes and light skin. Next to him was a guy with a light tan a bit shorter and a few years younger. "Hello we're here to check on the wolf you found,"

"She's upstairs with my brother's," I told him shutting the door and leading them upstairs.

Opening the door to Sam's I heard a gasp from the younger guy and the vet mutter the parents must have been busy under his breath. We weren't actually brother's but we see each other as pack brothers. Leading them to the wolf where Seth was still letting her lick his hand I could see the vet scrunch his eyebrow's.

"Could we please ask you all to leave this room or if your more comfortable only one could stay," We all wanted to stay especially me but I know that now Seth might be the best choice.

"Seth," I muttered before leaving with angry wolves that wanted to stay with her.

Hearing movement around the room I heard footsteps, breathing, heartbeats, and other movements. It was only a few minutes before I could hear the vet and Seth talking.

"What's that?" Seth asked.

"Antibiotics to numb the pain," Dr. Temple said.

"Seem's to me like the wolf was being attack for territory," The other guy said.

"You mean territorial right's?" Seth asked.

"Yes many wolf packs will fight for territory,"

"It could also be for betrayal," Doc said. Hearing a whimpering sound I stopped Paul who wanted to go back up. 'anti-biotic' I mouthed.

"Yes. That also when a new wolf joins the pack if the wolf does something unworthy the pack will turn their back and attack,"

"There called the Omega but not only them could be kicked off the pack," Doc answered while shuffling around.

There was silence and some writing before Seth asked another question.

"Do you belive she is or was an omega wolf?'

"Could be," More writing "they are classified as the weakest link to the pack and the least trusted,"

"But...there is also a chance this wolf could have been an alpha and challenged by a beta or a lone wolf," Movement was heard "highly unlikely though they are the biggest and strongest and this wolf is too young and small," The other guy spoke.

"Small?" Seth asked.

"Yes. Most people believe a wolf would be the same size as a dog of a husky but that's not it they are bigger and stronger than any house pet," Doc answered.

"You don't say," Even from here we could hear the humor in his voice.

"I also believe that this wolf could have been domesticated by someone and then left out in the wild believing they can survive out in their own. Any animal brought up in a home can't be believed to survive in the wild it's just not possible or right," The doc said angrily.

"Well what if we took care of her?" Seth asked eagerly.

"That would be alright but you would need to get permission from the state and town/city to have a wolf," I saw Jared going over to the computer most likely to seek out the privileges rights. "I'm going to take some blood samples to analyze in my office and I am prescribing these medications to you to give to her they will last for two months and I'll be back on August 24th to give a recheck up,"

Hearing the door open we saw all three coming down stairs and doc pretty much gave us the load down of what we heard plus the medications and a few pages of papers to the steps of giving medications. "I also want her to get plenty of rest and try not to crowed her while healing they don't need to be stuffy. She has a truly high temperature now and need her to be cooled as much as possible, plenty of water and for now give her wet food or baby food either will do," Nodding I grabbed all the sheets and little bags and boxes of medication's. "Give her a sponge bath if you can in a few days with baby shampoo and if there is a new mark that I haven't patched up call me immediately," Nodding I walked them out with Sam, Collin, and Brady helping me carry the medications.

"And don't worry she is safe here now," He smiled before driving away.

Alright, I have wanted to make a Bella imprint story with a wolf for some time now but couldn't decide which one so I just made them all imprint with her, and don't you worry the other wolves will have their time with her not just Seth even if he is my favorite.

Give me a review and tell me which wolf should have their moments with her.

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