Quileute Pack Characters:

Alpha Wolf-Jacob Black-17

Beta Wolf-Samuel Uley-19

Gamma Wolf Isabella Marie Swanson-14

Wolf Sentinel-Paul Lahote-18

Wolf Epsilon-Jared Cameron-18

Wolf Sentinel-Quil Ateara V-17

Wolf Sentinel-Embry Call-17

Wolf Sentinel-Seth Clearwater-16

Wolf Sentinel-Brady Fuller-16

Wolf Sentinel-Collin Littlesea-16

Makah tribe Characters:

Alpha Wolf-Hongvi Winters-20

Beta Wolf-Figaro Hoskie- 20

Sentinel Wolf Asher Tom Meeks-19

Sentinel Wolf Akikta Falcon-18

Sentinel Wolf Gabriel Ki Heath-17

Omega Wolf Tony Dale Dee-17

Authors Notes: So in this chapter there will reveal some changes in the packs background but nothing big.

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Chapter 6: Cullen's

Recap: I stared wide-eyed behind Jared. He looked confused at me until he turned growling at the new faces emerging from the forest. On the other side of the small river over the rocks came out six very pale figures. Three women and three men most of them growled at Jared who was now in front of me in a protective manner, but they could still see me as I was short and they saw me in the back of his legs.

This wasn't the first time I've seen vampires, but this is the first time I see them in more than three and with golden-colored eyes. We were outnumbered for now and Jared's thoughts indicated he wanted to attack them and I saw half of them from the other side we're getting ready to come over. Only the two eldest and the female with short hair tried to stop them. I knew what I needed to do this was my new pack and even if I am still Makah they were also my future I needed to show them why I became gamma.

Embry's POV

Light rain started to fall as we made our way towards where I'm presuming is the treaty line from over eighty years ago. I think it's the same vampires as before; our legends did say there were vampires who made the agreement with Jacob's great granddad Ephraim Black. I say think and not know since there are two more than the original treaty says, but they aren't exactly crossing our border.


True to what he said it seems that three of the six are growling and looking ready to attack. Jared had Bella hiding behind him for when they did try something. I crinkled my nose as we got closer to their scent it was horrible and terrible.

My eyes widened as I heard Bella's thoughts on the vampires she seen before. The others seemed more gruesome with red eyes and sickly pale skin. Her thoughts indicated that she had fought with vampires before and almost always with a group.

Jared growled as one of the leaches the biggest crouched down lower as if ready to spring. He copied his movement getting ready to spring to action to protect out Kowli even if we didn't get there fast enough. Then something happened Bella's thoughts revealed determination on the situation. She slowly walked around Jared to the front having all the bloodsuckers have a good look at her. I growled as they stared at her and even hissed as the two younger males chuckled at her size.

Jared tried to hide her again only for her to chuckle at him

Jare Bear watch this-Bella

Jare Bear? Already he got a nickname that isn't fair.

Bella's tail wagged a bit then she leaped into the current that separates our land from them. I could hear not only myself, but the others calling out to her too. Her mind was shut again and only through Jared's eyes could we see her until arriving.

The biggest of the group jumped and the shortest of the bunch screamed for him not to go. As he tried to jump on top of Bella she quickly dodged him then head butted him as he tried to get his footing right. The leech must have believed he could have landed on top of her and ride her like a horse. The blow she caused him made the leach fell into the current soaking his clothes. The light river wasn't too deep now, but if they traveled further it could get dangerous for her.

He growled at her while charging at her. She simply waited till he was close enough to dive under him to behind and kick him with her hind legs.

"Emmett stop!" Finally arriving at the scene we stopped by the edge witnessing the fight first hand.

The oldest looking blond leech who screamed for the other blood sucker to stop looked back at us then down again. He looked embarrassed at the other cold one. For him losing or the fact he acted out I don't know nor do I care I only needed Bella to be safe.


"Ohh," Everyone winced as Bella hit him where any man will hurt dead or alive.

Barking out happily Bella climbed on top of him as he covered his manly parts and scrubbed her muddy paws in his now dirty shirt. Jumping by the edges of the cliffs she made it back safely to us without a single injury. We sniffed her all around just to make sure she is unharmed.

"Emmett!" One of the females jumped below by him check for injuries.

The bloodsucker stood dripping wet spitting out some of the muddy water from below. He looked up at us where each one of us growled at him well most of us. Bella laid by the edge staring right at him daring at him to make a move and finally the bulk grinned "I like him," The female by him hissed at him while the others seemed to look at him with a mixed look of being used to him being like this with an incredible shocked face.

Kwoli growled at him turning around kicking some dirt down. The Barbie bloodsucker moved out of the way but the other one just stared up with an appraising look. Kwoli walked behind us motioning to the tree should I?

Her voice came drifting to our minds again. Jacob gazed at her then at us before nodding Jared did you bring your clothes too?

Jared took a second to respond Yea

Go change both of you will speak with them-Jacob

Nodding he went to shift making his link to our minds disappear. I'm guessing so did Bella's as her voice was gone too. Whining I wished for them to hurry out so we can go back home I want to have Kwoli back home where I can watch over her.

"Emmett that was a very stupid move," Hissed the short leech.

"Don't ever do that again," The oldest female hugged the air out of him.

The big guy just grinned shaking the water from him almost mocking us. That damn leech I'm gonna-

"Do nothing," Hearing the wonderful soft voice of our gamma we faced her making a small amount of room for her to walk and Jared too.

Embry don't think about it- Bella

Wow I was not expecting her to communicate even in this form. I grinned down at her rubbing my face on her face trying to get my scent on her so the leeches don't get any ideas. Something tells me she smells different from us seeing as her scent isn't musky or woodsy like ours. I heard growls from my pack wanting to do the same but couldn't seeing as we needed to get this meeting going the faster the better.

Bella walked up barefoot only wearing what she was earlier today and still with her ears and tail. The Cullen's had an awe face seeing Kwoli for what reason I'm not completely sure of possibly the same as us she has a tail and ears of a wolf and she's a female shifter.

"Let me guess tiny wolf girl is the one that beat my ass isn't it?" He cringed.

"Well it most defiantly wasn't any of these big bad wolves now was it?" Bella replied with a twinkle in her eye. Jared kept his eyes on all of them while standing by her side not letting her escapes him like she did before. The rest of us formed a half oval shape making sure we kept the leeches from coming to our land.

"So the sweet wolf likes spice huh?" Everyone had to give him an odd look all but Bella who continued with his comeback.

"Who even said I was sweet? Seems to me the spice of you is only the covering hiding the sweetness carrying the gummy bear," What is she saying? All of us thought and it seems the vamps are thinking the same thing not being able to keep up.

"That's true but what about those sour apples you carry huh?" All this talking about food is getting me hungry.

I'll make desert along with dinner-Bella

Bella what are you talking to him about?-Seth

Why are you even talking to him?-Paul

Bella I think it be wise if we just consult and leave-Sam

Jacob stayed silent a moment longer before putting his two cents in you know this guy don't you?

Somehow I'm not surprised-Brady


No way does she know that leech…does she-Quil

Giving a giggle she grabbed on to Jared while pointing at the lug.

"You're still that sweet and spicy teddy bear aren't you Emmett?" So she did know him.

"And you're still that sweet innocent little girl who has that spicy wild side," He grinned to her causing his family to look at him in disbelief.

Jared got distracted for a second giving Bella the chance to jump into enemy territory. Growling he was about to follow when Jacob and Same both commanded all of us to stand still and even with Jared in human form he can feel the effects. Glaring at our alpha and beta they gave us a troubled look wanting to go to the other's land but at the same time knowing that Bella is somewhat safe. Safe?

Glancing at the other side she is being hugged by that guy while the others gave her a look that either said they were precautions of her or wanted her away from them mainly the blondes.

"Emmett is there something you'd like to tell us?" The Barbie hissed all of our thoughts.

"Well...guy's this is Isabella I met her after…the slip," I narrowed my eyes at his wording.

"Emmett!" The leader seemed to fear for that leeches life.

"What! Nothing happened I became depressed I ran I bumped into her we fought after thinking she was food" Cue growls from us "She somehow tricked me into her winning-,"

"Please I won that fight fair and square," Bella rolled her eyes.

"I discovered she was a shifter we talked and she knocked some sense into me telling me to return to you guys my family or be her packs new chew toy, although I thought you said you were M-,"

"Long story," Bella whispered to him.

"Any ways two years later I see her again only her fur actually grew a different color besides white and her scent is masked by wet dog and not to mention she has a tail and ears like a dog," He finished all in one breath then huffed acting as if he needed to breathe still.

"Well you look different too," Bella said finally stepping away from his embrace. Finally she didn't need leech stench on her.

"Really? You're telling me a vampire who never ages looks different?" Does she really have to be buddy, buddy with him. They said only one conversation they had and it was over two years.

"Duh," She flicked him on his nose walking around him glancing at his family of the undead before returning our gazes "For one you're eyes are no longer red or black,"

"You'd be surprise how one slip can transform you're eyes like that,"

"Another is you're not covered in dirt well actually weren't now," She gestured to his attire "That was easier to recognize you in,"

"And you still decided to continue fighting?"

"I thought it was proper to let everyone see that I can still kick your butt," She smiled cheeky at him then jumped to our side landing safely in Jared's arms where he started to purr out loud. "Perhaps this conversation shall be saved for another?" She told the leeches who were all either glaring at the biggest or staring in wonder.

"Yes that would be wise," Something tells me they're going to corner him just like we're planning with her.

"Since I don't know anything other than Emmett's name and he loses to a girl very easily I believe Jared should take over,"

Bella's POV

I knew everyone had questions, but I was hoping to avoid this conversation for a bit longer because there is more to the story than what is told and I know the Cullen's are going to try to suck it out of him, but I hope if Emmett is strong enough he'll be able to hold that talk. I'm not that strong and the reason isn't for me lying it's more of an alpha command. Hongvi needed us to keep that day in the dark and we all gave our word even Emmett who was made into our natural enemy.

Neither one of us lied for like took away from the truth, but we didn't fill in the gaps with lies. That day isn't made for us to relive although we were both able to give the other good advice well me at first

"Emmett you have to go back," I was twelve but I wasn't stupid.

"I can't do it not after what I've done," He shook his muddy hair that covered his face.

"Emmett listen to me-look at me," I grabbed his face forcing him to look at me though in this form I know he could have stopped me "you have a family who care and love you," He seemed like he listened to this story all the time "Vamp-Boy not all of us have that type of family," Even if they were vampires from what I could see in him they had to be the forgiving and loving type I voiced my thoughts to him.

"How would you know? You never met them," He replied glumly.

"I don't need to know them whether by blood or not their family and if you care enough for their opinion then that must mean they did something right,"

"In what?"

"Raising you,"

"You should know I was changed at twenty,"

"So? They were still there for you when you were just new to your world," I smiled reliving a memory "My pack brother raised me from a pup and even if I don't remember my parents I know that the hole is filled," Not the complete truth but Hongvi was and still is there for me.

"I'm still not confident enough to go back,"

"So? I'm not asking anymore. I'm telling you to get us and go back to your family before I make you into a chew toy for us,"

We grinned at each other and before he took off we heard a deep husky voice catching us by surprise

"Not yet,"

"Bella," I shook the memory away before the real stuff comes back to me.

"Yes," Jared stared at me then motioned at the Cullen's who were all ready to leave Emmett gave me a glance. I opened my mind to him

What is it?

I know there something wrong-Emmett

I know that too

Hongvi isn't with you now is he-Emmett


You don't need to say it I stopped by your home and…-Emmett

I don't really know much but I'll tell you what I can looking at the others and one by one they were leaving when we meet again.

I let Jared carry me for a bit letting my thoughts drift…

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