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"I can't believe she's gone." Beast Boy whispered, tears streaming down his face, clenching his fist in anger.

"I'm sorry, Beast Boy. We all loved her; she will always be a member of the Teen Titans." Robin answered, tears threatening to spill.

"She was such a good friend." Starfire cried, placing her gentle face into Robin's shoulder, continuing to sob.

"Even if she did betray us once, she gave up her life to save us." Cyborg sighed, a single tear escaping.

Raven just stood there, not really sure what to say. No tears, no emotions, just a blank expression. But nobody expected it either. She was Raven; she hid her feelings and that was that.

The Titans stood in front of a stone figure; Terra Markov, former member and friend. All were in sobs, except Raven. After about 20 minutes, they returned to the Titans tower, not saying a word.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~BBRAEBBRAEBBRAEBBRAEBBRAEBBR AEBBRAE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Beast Boy laid in the living room, a sad and confused expression on his face. It was 5:00 am. He had been up for about 2 hours, just staring out into the city. It had all happened so fast, and he was so hurt. She had been his almost first relationship, and had really liked her. As much as he wanted to say he had loved her, he couldn't. Maybe it was because he hadn't known her that long, or maybe it was something else. He just couldn't say he loved her.

He heard the living room door open, but didn't bother turning around. He didn't feel like talking to anyone, and expected them to leave him alone. He jumped when he felt a hand on his shoulder, and feels the figure sit down beside him.

"How are you?" Raven inquired awkwardly; she was never good at comforting people. No one ever showed emotions in her home planet, so she never learned how to consul others.

"What do you think?" Beast Boy spat angrily. He didn't know why he was being so mean to her; it really was mainly out of hurt.

Raven looked down, clearly taken back by Beast Boys tone of voice.

Beast Boy just stared at her, wanting to apologize, but for some reason nothing came out besides a hard glare.

"I know how you're feeling. She was um, a great member of the team." Raven stuttered out

"No you don't Rae! You never liked her; I know you didn't!" Beast Boy argued.

"Yes I did. She may have not been my favorite person, but I did like her. We were friends in a way." Raven softly spoke.

"Then why we're you so cold to her? Why did you never tell her anything? Why wouldn't you befriend her?"

"Because I never trusted her. I just had this feeling-"

"Oh cause your feelings always right."

"Well she betrayed us. I was right. She wouldn't be like this if she hadn't." Raven answered flatly, tired of Beast Boy screaming at her.

Beast Boy stood up fiercely, anger bubbling inside him.

"Get over it Raven! She saved her life for us! Is that not enough for you? Will you always be so bitter about everything? I just lost my best friend, Rae. Heck, she was more than a friend to me. I think I loved her. And now she gone and I can't do anything about it." beast boy screamed, tears once again pouring down his cheeks.

Right before he left, he said one last thing.

"Rae, if she really was your friend, you were a crappy friend. You didn't even shed a tear. You don't even seem sad that she died. You probably couldn't care less. If this is what you call a friend, I don't want to be your friend." Beast Boy harshly spat, then turned on the ball of his heel and walked out the door.

Raven just sat there, stunned by Beast Boys anger and words. Had he really loved

her? Does he really not want to be her friend? Am I really that awful? Raven

just felt so lost.

For the first time since leaving her home planet, she cried. All of her emotions were pouring out; and there was nothing she could do about it.

There were reasons for why she wasn't crying that Terra Was stoned. She really was upset that she did. She just chose to keep her emotions to herself. She wanted to appear strong for everyone else; especially Beast Boy. The main reason why she disliked Terra so much was because she caused Beast Boy so much pain. When he found out she betrayed them, he felt it had been his fault that she

left. He went into a depression, and never fully recovered. And now that she was dead, he probably never recover; it broke her heart.

But the main reason she hated Terra was, she had the thing she wanted; Beast

Boy's affection and love. Terra and Beast Boy obviously had something more than

a friendship, and it had always really bothered Raven. Raven would never admit

it to anyone, or even herself, that she desired a friendship between her and

Beast Boy. But when Terra had come along and managed to to start a friendship,

Raven had became extremely jealous and realized that she wanted one.

No, she didn't just wanted a friendship. She wanted a relationship. No matter

how much she denied it, she always longed for a friendship with Beast Boy.

Terra made her feel something we never wanted to, something that she desperately

tried to avoid. But Terra brought out these feelings, that angered her and

scared her to death. Terra finally made her realized what she felt towards that

green shapeshifter.

She, Raven Roth, was in love with Beast Boy.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~BBRAEBBRAEBBRAEBBRAEBBRAEBBR AEBBRAE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Beast Boy stomped into his room, picked up his clock and threw it against the

wall. He walked up to his bed and started punching his pillow in anger, hoping

it would resolve everything, even though he knew it wouldn't.

He didn't know why he acted the way he acted. He hated himself for it. Why would he ever treat Raven this why, especially when she was trying to comfort him? And he took cheap shots at her; he knew she had to control her emotions because of her powers. But besides that, he knew she was hurting. He could see it in her eyes. They were filled with sorrow. Beast Boy knew the Azarathian girl didn't really know how to show her feelings even when she was desperately hurting. Then on top of that, he called her an awful friend and didn't want to be her friend anymore, it was the biggest lie he ever told. He valued their friendship more than he'd admit.

"I'm so stupid." Beast Boy mumbled, before crawling into bed sobbing.

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