AN: This is what happens when Will hating goes on on Facebook. My muse decided to kill Will, repeatedly. So, here it is, the first two of 101 Ways To Kill Will LaMontange.

Disclaimer: If I owned Criminal Minds, Will would have never been seen after Season 2.

#1 – Hit By A Wrecking Ball (suggested by Jekkah)

Will LaMontange was having a good day. He was done with his paperwork, so he had time to walk to the deli for lunch. Usually, he would ask his wife, Jennifer Jareau, to go with him, but today he was going to be selfish. So, he crossed the street and headed past the construction zone next to the deli. Suddenly, he heard yelling behind him. Startled, he turned around to see a wrecking ball headed straight for him. His last thoughts were This is going to hurt.

#2 - Flowerpot falls out of window, hits him on head (suggested by whimsical-one-ga)

Will LaMontange walked down the street, his duffel bag in hand. His wife, Jennifer, had found out about his girlfriend, and his girlfriend had found out about his wife. He had been thrown out of both homes, after getting smacked twice. His worst nightmare had come true when his mistress and his wife teamed up to make his life a living hell. Knowing Jen, she would have already called Technology Extraordinaire Penelope Garcia, so his life was over anyway. So, it as a good thing that an elderly lady happened to knock her flowerpot out of her window just as he was walking under it. He never knew anything more.

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