#5 – Toilet falling from sky (suggested by ImmortalMissRaven)

Partially inspired by the TV series Dead Like Me, which I do not own. (for those of you unfamiliar with the show, basically it is a show about Grim Reapers that starred Mandy Patinkin. Oh, and AJ Cook guest starred in it. That's how they met! Cool, huh?)

Will was playing football with his buddies. He may have told his wife Jennifer a little white lie about having to do enormous amounts of paperwork. Big Deal. Shaking thoughts of his wife out of his head, he ran towards the makeshift end-zone to catch the ball.

"Touchdown!" Will yelled, spiking the ball downward

Suddenly, he was struck in the head with a large white object. As he fell to the ground, one of his buddies ran over to him.

"He's dead!" he said shakily

"What was that?" asked another

"Uh, guys?" said a third "It's a toilet."

#6 – Gets Avada Kedavra-d by Voldemort (suggested by Nymphadora-CullenBAU)

An extremely intoxicated Will LaMontange was walking through the woods. As he walked, he heard several voices off to his left. Curious, he stumbled towards them. He came to a clearing, and was shocked to see dozens of people in long black robes. The one in the center was bald and appeared to have no nose.

"What the HELL?!"

Will's shout startled no-nose, who turned around and stared straight at Will.

"What is this? A Muggle?" he sneered, pointing what appeared to be a stick at Will.

"Watch who you're calling names, no-nose! Quit pointing that stick at me. Whadda ya gonna do, poke me with it?" Will drawled drunkenly.


"Lord Moldywart?" asked Will

"No, you imbecile. Voldemort!"



"That's what I said. Moldywart. It suits you, you look like a moldy wart."

"I have had it with your stupidity! AVADA KEDAVRA!"

The last thing Will saw was a flash of green light.

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