Here's the sequel! Some time has passed over the pride lands from the end of my first story and this one. And in this story the lions in the pride don't really pay much attention to relation like cousins and aunts and uncles the only relation they pay attention to is sister and brother or father and daughter or vice versa. Now that some of the explaining is over enjoy the story!

Many moons had passed over the pride lands without hide or hair of the river pride and Daren and his brothers. Dima and her friends were young adolescents. It was night fall and Dima was currently lying on the top of pride rock thinking of Jao.

"Jao? Are you looking at the same stars I am? I miss you so much." Dima sighed.

Dima sat and looked at the stars for a while when eventually she fell fast asleep.

"Safi we need to see Rafiki. This is crazy we've been trying for months. Mom and Kovu said when an heir is born from us we can have the throne. Something has to be wrong." Kione insisted.

"Fine let's go." Safi mumbled. Safi and Kione rushed to Rafiki's tree. As they got there Kione leaned his front paws on the tree.

"Hey Rafiki we need your help." Kione called.

"Kione! I haven't seen you in so long!" Rafiki smiled.

"We have a problem." Kione sighed.

"What's going on?" Rafiki inquired.

"We've been trying to have a cub for months and we haven't been successful." Kione said with a hint of embarrassment.

"Come up." Rafiki ordered. Safi and Kione climbed up the tree which Kione found quite difficult but eventually got up into the tree. Rafiki took a sample of Kione's DNA and told them to come back later.

"How come she didn't have to do any tests?" Kione asked.

"Because if we test you and something is wrong then we know that Safi doesn't have the problem but if there's something wrong with you then we know that Safi is fine." Rafiki explained.

"Well thank you Rafiki this has been very awkward but we'll come back tomorrow to see the results." Safi thanked.

"Have a nice day you two!" Rafiki called. Safi and Kione walked back to pride rock discussing random things.

"No I love you more." Tavi cooed.

"No I love you more!" Baya laughed. Dima groaned she was tired of hearing this shit. For about the fifth time Baya started to say I love you more.

"Hey you guys guess what?" Dima smiled.

"What?" Baya asked.

"Shut the fuck up." Dima said flatly.

"Oh Dima you just don't know how it feels to be in love." Baya sighed.

"Oh Jesus help me." Dima muttered. Ruko laughed at Dima's blunt personality.

"Shit! Dima we have hunting lessons today!" Baya suddenly yelled.

"Oh god go run!" Dima ordered. The girls said bye to both Ruko and Tavi and ran as fast as they could to pride rock.

"Ladies you're late." Chika scolded.

"Sorry mom." Dima apologized.

"Follow me." Chika muttered. Chika and Dotty were the hunting teachers for Baya and Dima. It was the start of a long afternoon of hunting lessons. Buru was taking a long walk around the borders by himself when he heard Kovu roar from pride rock, signaling a meeting. Buru gathered at the bottom of pride rock with the rest of the pride.

"We want to announce that Kiara is going to have another cub." Kovu started. The pride roared and cheered at this excitement.

"You're all excused." Kovu dismissed. The pride started to go back to doing whatever they were before the announcement was made muttering things like "What great news".

"I think you girls have learned enough for today and the sun is starting to set so we'll be hunting soon, you girls are welcome to watch the hunt for tips from a reasonable distance." Chika advised.

"Alright we will mom." Dima said. The hunting party set out and Baya and Dima followed from a reasonable distance. They both noted how to stalk correctly and how to pounce and bite. Later that evening the hunting party brought in an old zebra for dinner. As night fell everyone turned in either in the den or just outside the den.

Morning came quickly for Safi and Kione.

"Common Kione get up we have to go see Rafiki!" Safi insisted.

"Ok ok I'm up." Kione said groggily. Safi and Kione walked over to the tree Rafiki stayed in.

"Hey Rafiki! We're here!" Kione yelled.

"I'm afraid I have bad news, Kione everything is fine with you but Safi I'm afraid the problem is with you. You two won't be able to have a cub together. I'm very sorry Kione maybe you could get another lioness to bear your cub." Rafiki suggested.

"I know who I'll ask." Kione said simply. Safi felt useless after hearing that so she buried her head in Kione's black mane. The two thanked Rafiki and headed back to pride rock.

"Who did you think of for having your cub?" Safi asked quietly.

"Don't worry it's someone I could never have feelings for." Kione assured.

"You didn't answer me." Safi muttered.

"I'm going to ask Chika." Kione stated.

"Kione no that would be so gross!" Safi shouted, "She's your sister!"

"I know, I know! But she's always been there for me and I think she might do this favor for me if I tell her the circumstances." Kione explained.

"Ok whatever do what you want." Safi mumbled while shaking her head.

"Hey plenty of lions in other prides do stuff like this." Kione tried to get rid of the embarrassment but it wasn't working. As they got to pride rock Kione went to find Chika.

"Hey Chika can I ask you to do a favor for me?" Kione asked as he found his sister grooming her paw in a warm patch of sunshine.

"What is it Kione?" Chika asked.

"I want to ask you to carry my cub now hear me out Chika, there's something wrong with Safi and we need to find a lioness to bear my cub." Kione explained.

"I'll do it but just because you're my brother and I want to help." Chika answered.

"Thank you Chika." Kione smiled. Later that day Chika conveniently came into season. Chika searched for Kione who was at the waterhole.

"Kione!" Chika called. Kione walked over to Chika and knew that it was time for an awkward mating session. Kione and Chika went to a secluded place and mated for as long as they had to.

"Ok I'm gonna go now I think just once will be enough." Kione sighed suddenly feeling very awkward around his sister.

"Yeah once was enough to get Dima and … Jao." Chika said quietly.

"It's ok to remember Jao." Kione whispered, "Sometimes I think about him."

Chika muttered something Kione couldn't understand and walked away.

"I have to get her scent off of me." Kione grumbled in a voice of horror. Kione washed up in the waterhole and went back to Safi.

"So is an heir created?" Safi asked with a smirk making Kione feel really embarrassed all over again.

"Please I never want to talk about that again." Kione grumbled causing Safi to laugh out loud.

"I have to go I'm going to teach Tavi, Ruko, Baya, and Dima about God." Safi said with a giggle.

"See you later." Kione called as Safi walked out of the den. About a week passed by and Chika confirmed that in about two and a half months an heir would be born. The pride accepted that Chika was the mother of her brother's cub or cubs with a bit of difficulty. But no one could object since it had already been done. Chika, Buru, and Dima were all talking peacefully under a shady tree.

"Buru will you quit trying to hear the cub?!" Chika asked with a laugh.

"No last time it worked!" Buru insisted with a smile.

"The cub won't even be able to kick until a few weeks anyways so you're wasting your time." Chika smiled.

"Fine." Buru grinned while lifting his head from Chika's stomach.

"Hey dad let's wrestle like we used to!" Dima offered while standing up and raising her rear end in the air and lashing her tail side to side.

"You really want me to beat you?" Buru smiled, "Fine punk."

Dima laughed and pounced at Buru. Buru blocked Dima and tried to wrestle her to the ground, but Dima was strong like most of her relatives and wriggled out of Buru's attempts. Finally Buru had Dima pinned and Dima struggled to get up.

"Fine dad you win." Dima growled playfully. Buru smiled and licked Dima's head and let her up.

"Told you you'd get beat." Buru smiled.

"Whatever, you just barely beat me." Dima argued.

"Someday Dima will take you down." Chika grinned.

"Yeah listen to mom she's always right." Dima laughed.

"Your mother's full of-"Buru was cut off by a loud roar.

"That's Kovu he's calling a meeting." Chika stated the obvious.

"Thank you captain obvious." Buru smirked.

"You're welcome sergeant sarcasm." Chika smiled. Buru smiled at Chika and lovingly head butted her.

"Y'all coming?" Chika asked.

"Mom you go ahead we'll meet you there." Dima said.

"Alright." Chika said while taking off towards pride rock.

"Why didn't we just go with her?" Buru asked curiously.

"I wanted to ask you something." Dima started.

"What is it?" Buru asked.

"Do you love mom? Like as in want to be her mate?" Dima asked bravely.

"How did you know?" Buru asked quietly.

"I can just see it in your eyes; you look at her like Grandpa Looks at Grandma." Dima answered referring to Hani and Bella.

"You're very observant but to answer your question yes I love your mother very much." Buru smiled at his "Daughter's" smart way of noticing little things.

"Why don't you tell her?" Dima questioned.

"I've always been afraid she'll tell me she doesn't feel the same way and we'll feel awkward around each other." Buru explained.

"Take a chance I mean do you really want to die not knowing how mom feels about you?" Dima asked.

"Fine but only because you talked me into it." Buru smiled.

"We should go before they start the meeting without us." Dima said

"Ok." Buru agreed.

"We're going to start a daily training, this pride needs to gain some muscle. Hani will be leading these and everyone will train every other day." Kovu announced, "The only ones who won't be training are those who are pregnant, Kiara, Binta, and Chika. There are 27 lions counting myself so you thirteen will be day one with me and the rest of you will be on day two."

Some lions looked excited about the training and others looked irritated.

"You're all dismissed training will start tomorrow morning at dawn." Kovu finished. Tavi and Ruko were excited that they were on the same training day they also trained with Kovu, Buru, Akida, Solo, and Kione. It seemed like most all the guys were on the same day along with a few lionesses. Day two was made up of all girls which Tavi and Ruko found funny. Later that day Chika went to see Kamau; she hadn't seen him in about a week.

"Hey Kamau." Chika greeted.

"Hi Chika I was afraid you didn't like me anymore." Kamau joked, "Hmm now what's different about you? You're pregnant, again."

"Yep, I did my brother a favor when his mate wasn't able to have cubs." Chika explained with a smile.

"Oh well that was nice I guess." Kamau sighed, "So did you come to do a little training?"

"Yeah so let's get to it." Chika grinned. Later that day Tavi, Ruko, Dima, and Baya were lounging in a warm patch of sunshine talking about the training the next day.

"I can't wait! I wish we could train tomorrow like you guys." Baya said.

"Ha-ha! We get to train first when we get back from training tomorrow we'll tell you how it went." Ruko smiled.

"Isis you need to come with me, you'll be safe with me." Jao insisted, "I promise to take care of you we can go to the pride lands, I have to warn them of the attack. If you stay here they'll hurt you into telling them where I went."

"Fine I trust you to take care of me but when will we leave?" Isis asked. She was the love of Jao's life; she had rounded cheeks, fiery red eyes, a brown pelt, and a bright red tail tip.

"Tonight we'll break free; it'll take us two weeks if we travel without stopping often we can make it in two weeks." Jao answered.

"Let's do this." Isis said with determination. In the pride lands everyone was getting ready for bed while Kione was checking in on Chika.

"Are you sure everything is normal?" Kione asked.

"Yes everything is fine now go to bed!" Chika laughed while pushing Kione softly towards Safi.

"Ok fine goodnight my little unborn cub." Kione cooed in baby talk to Chika stomach. Chika smiled and rolled her eyes.

"We made it!" Jao whispered in excitement to Isis as they passed the border and ran as fast as they could down south towards the pride lands. The two laughed for they had escaped hell successfully. Their laughter fueled their speed and determination they ran nonstop.

"I'm coming home Mama!" Jao yelled. Isis laughed loudly at Jao's enthusiasm.

"We've escaped hell!" Isis cheered. Dima was on the peak of pride rock at the dead of night like usual before she went to bed.

"Come home Jao." Dima whispered.