So I decided to make this a series of Isabelle and Simon oneshots. I noticed that there isn't many Sizzy stories so why not a bunch of oneshots that have their own little stories? Also I am already having trouble updating a few of my other stories so I don't want to start a SimonxIsabelle story and leave you guys hanging.

This oneshot is based off the song Hate That I Love You by Rihanna and Ne-Yo. I feel like this is Simon and Izzy's theme song lol :). These one shots will range from just about everything depending the mood I'm in or the idea that comes to mind. These oneshots won't really be based off songs like this one its just that this song has been buggin. Also they will be AU since I want Isabelle and Simon together and it probably have some OOCness. Hope you enjoy!

"And I hate how much I love you, boy

I can't stand how much I need you.

And I hate how much I love you, boy.

But I just can't let you go.

And I hate that I love you so." -Rihanna

I watch him lie next to me. I'm propped on my elbow looking down on his sleeping form, he wasn't breathing of course but I still liked to watch him sleep. Though I'm pretty sure he knows I'm doing it.

I reach my hand out and trace the line of his jaw as lightly as I can and I feel him slowly lean into it. I smile.

I'll never know how it happened. Never know I fell in love with Simon of all people. He wasn't the sexy Shadowhunters I had drooling all over me or the Faerie and Werewolf men that begged for a night to spend with me but I was happy.

Simon cared about me alot and I cared about him even if he wasn't the most gorgeous man on the earth but he was enough and all I wanted.

Everything he did just put a smile on my face and made me laugh. He knew how to help me through a bad day and surprisingly knew how to handle my mood swings. I'll be honest I know I have them, sometimes there for pure enjoyment.

I laid back down and put my head on his shoulder and his arm went around my waist pulling me closer. My head was cradled in the crook of his neck and I took a deep breath just inhaling the scent of him.

Simon was probably the best thing to happen to me. I had always felt so lost and empty because I didn't really trust anyone and I didn't want to get close but that changed with Simon. I found myself wanting to talk to him and letting him into my walls, I wanted to trust him and I did. I knew I would always be able to count on him to be there for me.

I could feel him shift and I knew it was him waking up. He turned on his side that way we would be looking right at each other.

He blinked his sleepy eyes and smiled. "Hey."

"I hate you."

Simon's eyes widened. "That wasn't what I was expecting when I woke up. I was looking for more like a goodmorning kiss or something."

I sat up. "Its not morning."

"Nightime, whatever, can you just explain your sudden hate of me?" he asked.

I lifted one leg over him and had both on either side. "I hate how amazing you are."

Simon blinked. "I don't know if I'm supposed to be offened or not."

I sighed. "Simon you are the best thing to happen to me and I hate it. You always make me smile, your always there when I need you and I just never felt this way before."

Simon lifted himself so he was leaning against some pillows that way he was eye level with me instead of looking up at me on top of him. "You hate how much I care about you?" he asked incredulous.


He chuckled. "First time I ever heard anyone say that."

I leaned my forehead against his and sighed. "Why do you have to be so perfect?"

I felt his hand touch my cheek. "What has gotten into you Isabelle Lightwood?"

I moved my head up to look him in the eye. "I don't know."

He laughed again and I could feel his lips press onto mine. For a vampire his lips are really warm and for whatever reason taste like vanilla.

I could feel Simon asking me for entrance so feeling distracted by his touch I gave it to him. His arms went around my waist I pulled mine around his shoulders wanting him closer to me.

Our relationship wasn't a passionate one but Simon knew how to get to me by the smallest of touches. I don't think he knew the power he had over me and I didn't want him to know. It was nice to know that it wasn't him trying it was just him being Simon and trying to make me feel better.

I felt him begin to tower over me and found my back against his mattress. He was on top of me and we were at the foot of the bed when I felt him pull away from me.

"If it makes you feel any better, I hate you too," he said.

"I didn't tell you that to be cute," I told him.

He brushed hair from my face. "I know but its true. I hate that I need you too Isabelle. I've only counted on one girl in my life and told myself that she would be the only girl but then you came along, things had started to change, and I saw you were the only one I could go to. I hated that I was beginning to need you more then I needed her."

I looked up at him not knowing what to say. Simon just pretty much admitted he needed me more then Clary.

It stayed silent for a moment. Simon looked at me and I looked at him as if we were trying to read at each other's souls and try to get closer but then Simon being Simon ruined the moment cause I could see a smirk grow on his face.

"And. I hate that you kiss me everytime you know your in trouble."

I started to laugh and pulled Simon against me. Why does everything he have to do make me laugh, will there ever be a time when I don't smile at something he says or does?

"What can I say? I just know how you work," I whisper in his ear.

I feel his shoulders shudder as he laughed again.

"I also hate how easy it is for you to distract me," I told him.

He moved his head to look at me. "What do you mean?"

"When we start to disagree or something starts to bug me you just lean in and kiss me and I forget what I was getting so mad about."

"I know you, Isabelle. Your the only one who knows everything about me and I know everything about you. Thats how we work," he said.

I nod and smile. "Yea, thats how we work."

I reached up this time and kissed him. We continued for what was probably hours jts rolling around in his bed and switching to was on top and bottom. We laughed together, talked for a little while, and then went right back to kissing.

I hated how I loved Simon, how it was so easy to be loved by him. What I had with him I never had with anyone and thats what scared the hell out of me but I was glad it was him. I hate that he broke past everything I put up but I'm really glad he did and I'm happy that he needs me like I need him.

We were on the pillows again and Simon eyes were opening and closing. I moved closer to his chest and his arm around me held me tight making me feel safe and protected.

I moved my hand on to his cheek and grazed it softly. "Goodnight."

Simon kissed my forehead. "Night Izzy."

I laid my head on his chest and started to feel sleep overcome me. Even though Simon didn't breathe I felt something in his body have a steady rythym that always put me to sleep. Maybe it was just the way he held me when we would sleep together that made me feel comfortable or maybe that was just the way Simon was.

"I love you, Iz," I heard him mumble in his sleep.

I pulled my arm tighter around his chest and went to sleep, happy in his arms.

A/N: So this is my second shot at Simon and Isabelle hoped you liked it! Like I said before these will most likely be AU because of how much I am dying for them to be together. Also I am willing to take requests for these one shots if you guys have ideas in mind so please let me know but please just know that I am not a smut writer and thanks for reading! :)