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"Are you serious right now?"

"If I wasn't, I would have never brought you here."

"But it's so geeky."

Simon looked at Isabelle.

"No offense," she smiled.

Simon shook his head and chuckled. "Come on, you make me sit in clothing stores for hours, the least you can do is go into one comic shop."

"I already paid you back though when you tried to teach me how to play Hala," Isabelle said wrinkling her nose. Simon knew she was still upset she couldn't get the hang of how the controller worked.

"Halo and you made me miss the new Iron Man movie because you couldn't pick out an outfit."

Isabelled sighed. "I'm starting to think you want a unfashionable girlfriend Lewis," Izzy said to him.

Simon stopped and pulled Isabelle close to him. He was still getting used to the fact that he was this confident around Izzy. "Hey your always beautiful to me. You could be in sweats and and oversized t-shirt and I'll still think your beautiful."

Isabelle looked up at him and smiled. "Smooth."

Simon smiled. "Liked that did you?"

Isabelle rolled her eyes and brought Simon in for a kiss, which he was very happy to partake in.

Just as it was about to get a little more passionate Simon heard a snicker. Thinking it had to be Jace or Magnus, maybe even Alec or Clary, Simon broke the kiss and turned around ready to give a smart ass comment. He stopped though when he recognized the female face.

Amber Till, his school's mean girl with her two followers, Megan and Janet. Clary used to hate them and Simon still did. He wished Clary still went to high school with him because they hated the same people.

"I see you've moved up in the ranks Simon or maybe down if she's just one night thing," Amber smirked and the other two laughed. Amber looked Izzy up and down and gave her a look that said she felt sorry for Isabelle.

Simon could feel Isabelle's anger start to boil. Amber had no idea who she was dealing with.

"And you are?" Isabelle said eyeing her. Simon knew that whether Amber was powerless or not Isabelle would pick a fight with her. Based on past experience Simon knew Iz wasn't exactly a fan of his, used to be, fellow mundanes.

"Not gonna waste my time on a loser like Lewis and his cheap girlfriend," Amber started and then gave Izzy a onceover. "who obviously has no taste in style."

Isabelle headed for Amber and Simon knew that was his cue to step in. Summoning all his vampire strength he held Isabelle back as she started to explain, in extreme detail, what she thought of Amber. Simon wondered if cussing out a human was breaking the Accords.

"Classy lady you have their Simon," she said and started walking towards them while Megan and Janet followed. "You really know how to pick them," she said to Izzy's face.

Isabelle tried to lunge for again but Simon held on. He knew that she could easily get out of his grip but he held on. Amber seemed to notice. "Good job keeping our girl in check Lewis, wouldn't want anything to happen to that pretty face," she smirked at Isabelle.

"Believe me it's not Isabelle's face I'm worried about." Simon said. He heard Izzy start to chuckle. Simon had to admit, he was afraid of what Iz could do to Amber. Izzy fought Demons and battled werewolves and vampires, she was trained to be a warrior, imagine what she could do to a defenseless human. Though he did enjoy the thought of Amber walking around school with a blackeye. A flaw in her so called perfect image.

Amber laughed and her followers joined in. "Oh please she looks harmless."

Isabelle fought against Simon again and he held on, he was starting to lose his grip though. That had to tick her off big time, Isabelle hated when someone didn't recognize her strength.

"Amber really, I suggest leaving because this could get bad real quick," Simon told her.

"No let her stay awhile longer, I enjoy having to deciced how I'm going to break her arm," Isabelle smiled viciously at Amber.

Amber rolled her eyes. "I'm getting bored," she said and started to walk away again with Megan and Janet following behind her. Amber turned around. "It was nice meeting you Isabelle," she said and winked.

Isabelle slipped out of my grasp but I grabbed her again before she could sprint after Amber and kill her.

"Simon let me go!"

"Iz chill out!" I told her trying to keep her in my hold.

"Chill out? Are you serious? She is so rude! I mean talking that way to you and then me? Oh no I don't think so!' Isabelle said and then again tried to fight out of my arms.

"Ugh when did you get stronger than me?" she asked and finally surrenderd.

"Its probably because your more focused on fighting her than getting out of my grip," I said. We all know I'm not the greastest vampire and sometimes I don't know my own strengtht so Izzy could have easily gotten herself out of my hold by overpowering me or using some Shadowhunter technique. Other vampires could be a challenge but me, yea not so much.

"Well you don't have to worry anymore about me fighting your girlfriend. I'm not gonna chase her down in these shoes, way too cute and expensive for that," she said.


Isabelle rolled her eyes.


"Ugh alright fine, I promise," she said. I let her go.

"I totally need to train more. If I can't get out of your hold then I am definitely lacking in my training."

"Thanks for that," I said and started to walk.

"Simon?" Isabelle called out and then caught up with me. "What's wrong?"



I stopped and turned to her. "She's not my girlfriend Isabelle, you are."

Izzy sighed and put her hand on my arm. "I was kidding. I was just mad that you didn't let me go so I could teach that brat a lesson."

"Did you even think of what would happen if I let you go?" I asked her.

"Yea, she would be walking around with a few bruises and be in pain a few days, so what?"

"Izzy, do you forget that you are like a hundred times stronger than her? If I let you go she would have more than a few bruises. You fight Demons, think of what you could do to a human who's never had the type of training you do," I told her voicing my earlier thoughts.

Isabelle opened her mouth to fight back but you could see she was stumped. I've seen Izzy fight and in battle, she doesn't think, she does. Her first thought is fight and that's her only thought.

"Had I let you go and you did get in a fight with her not only would she have gotten seriously hurt but I'm pretty sure you could have gotten in trouble with the Clave, am I right?"

Isabelle looked down. "Yea."

I didn't know what else to say so she and I just stood there while New York was alive around us. I didn't like fighting with Isabelle but I knew I couldn't let her fight Amber, it's not like Amber could take her but I just didn't want to see Izzy get in trouble.

"Why are you defending her so much?" Isabelle asked.

I raised my eyebrows at Isabelle. "Defending her? Amber? Oh no no no, I am not defending her."

"Your just embarrassed right? Because when you go to school Amber is going to talk about your crazy girlfriend and your going to get all embarassed that people know," Izzy said and I could see that her eyes started to water a little bit.

I definitely at a loss now what to say. I couldn't believe Isabelle was crying because she rarely does that, last time was when Max died, and she thought I was embarassed to be with her. Most people would think that Isabelle should be embarrassed to be with me. But why? I'm such a good catch.

I took a step toward her but Isabelle moved back. I wasn't going to let that stop me. I moved toward her in a quick step and pulled her against me. Isabelle tried to fight me off, again, but I held onto her tighter than before.

"I am not embarrassed to be with you, I never will be," I said to her. Isabelle stopped.

She pulled slightly away from me and looked at me. "What?"

"I get embarrassed all the time Isabelle but never with you. If I go to school and Amber talks about what happened I'm not going to care. I don't care what Amber thinks of you and I don't care what other people think of you because I know the truth and I know who you are," I told her.

Isabelle looked like she wanted to cry tears of joy instead of tears of anger.

"Plus I know that you would have totally kicked her ass," I smiled.

Isabelle laughed and leaned her head on my chest. I held her there and kissed the top of her head. "I love you Isabelle."

I felt her relax against me. "I love you too Simon."

We stayed like that for a few more moments, maybe it was hours but I didn't care. As long as Isabelle was happy and in my arms that's all I cared about.

"Thank you," she said.

"For what?"

She put her arms around me and held me tight. "For looking out for me. You were right, if you had let me fight her I would have hurt her and would have been in alot of trouble with the Clave."

"I'm always going to look out for you Izzy. I may not be a Shadowhunter or the best vampire out there but nothing will stop me from looking out for you."

Isabelle put her face in my chest. "Good."

I smiled and pulled her away. "How about we skip the comic store and just get something to eat at Taki's?"

"Okay," she smiled.

I gave Isabelle a quick kiss and put my arm around her shoulders and Isabelled leaned into it as we started to walk.

"I still wish there was some way to teach that brat a lesson," Isabelle said.

"Mean girl."

Izzy looked at me. "What?"

"That's what they're called, girls like Amber are called mean girls. I mean there are more 'creative' names to call them but mean girl sums it up. Speaking of there is a movie called Mean Girls, I think you might like it."

"If I don't like her what makes you think I'm going to like a movie named that?"

I chuckled. "Maybe your right but atleast it's something different then all of the other movies I make you watch."

Isabelled rolled her eyes and smiled. "I prefer you teaching me to play Hala then watch those movies, I prefer violence that happens right away."

"Halo and everytime I do you get mad."

Isabelle shrugged. "Try harder."

I laughed pulling Isabelle closer to me.