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Summary: Remake of my original story "Bluebells and Lavenders". Drastic change ahead, beware!

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The main characters are in their senior years (grade 12).


An Ikarishipping Fanfiction
Re: Bluebells and Lavenders
Chapter One
"The Starting Point"


The light of the morning sun leaked into the semi-dark room via the windows that weren't covered by the blinds. An eerie ringing echoed throughout the room and a lump with dark blue hair cuddled the warmth and heat that lingered under the covers. The lump wiggled, pulling the covers past her nose and curled up even more, pressing her feet to the cool wall.

"Dawn, it's time to wake up."

"Hnn..." She rolled over. The blankets moved with her body, the corner of the covers hung dangerously close to the floor of the girl's room.

"Dawn, you don't want to be late for your first day at school."

The girl shoved the covers out of her face and yelled, "I know, mom!"

She laid there on her bed with her eyes closed as her alarm clock finally quieted down.

Dawn kicked the heavy covers off and swung her legs off of her bed. Wiggling her toes, she stepped onto the cherry wood floor and shivered as the cool floor boards tingled the senses in her feet. She took a quick glance at her alarm clock and was fully awake after witnessing the time that it had said.

"Dammit! I'm going to be late!"

Upon moving to the lively city called Veilstone, Dawn had applied to their only well-known school in the city, Veilstone Academy. It excelled in both the arts and academics, so it basically gave the students a choice in which course they wanted to take. She and her mother had also taken the liberty to talk to the Principle of the school, resulting in the young bluenette having her very own Veilstone Academy uniform.

The outfit was pretty basic. It was a white buttoned-up blouse with small slits at the side. It also had yellow cuffs, with dark red stripes in the middle. It also had a nice cream colored vest with noticeable orange ribbing at the end of the arm hole. The vest had the school's emblem placed above ones chest with the letter 'V' and two ivy stems in bright white. The ribbon was yellow, and the skirt was a nice mahogany color. She was also given a murky gray colored blazer that also had the school's symbol written in the same bold white.

Dawn quickly dressed in her new school uniform and twirled around in it, admiring the work of art. She hastily fixed up her hair, putting in three yellow clips in her hair. She was warned that hats were not permitted in school, so she had to leave her white beanie in her room.

"Dawn! Hurry up!"

"I'm coming, I'm coming!" She grabbed her yellow backpack, a pair of knee-high black socks and slipped on her black loafers. Dawn scampered down the stairs and greeted her mother.

"Morning, mom! I'll just take breakfast with me!" She called as she ran into the dining room to kiss her mother's cheek and rushed out of the room and towards the front of the house to put on her socks and shoes.

"I've made lunch for you. You can put it in your bag, Dawn."

Dawn turned her head and smiled. "Thanks, mom."

Her mom passed her a piece of toast and a bottle of water. Dawn stuffed the toast in her mouth and put the water in her bag. She got up from the ground and threaded her arms through the opening of the straps on her bag.

"Well, I'm off to school!" she exclaimed.

Her mother smiled. "I'm proud of you, Dawn." She walked her daughter out of the house and watched as Dawn grabbed her bicycle and mounted on. "Remember to look both ways! And do be careful!"

Dawn rose her hand and made a slow swatting movement, indicating to her mother that everything will be fine. "No need to worry!" And with that, she rode off to school.


The ride to school was peaceful and calm.

Dawn parked her bike with all the others, putting a lock to make sure her bike would be there when she came to pick it up. She looked at her poketch, a type of watch that was a pretty big hit in the entire country, and smiled because she still had time to spare. She was nervous about starting her senior year at a new school. She had been going to Jubilife Secondary with all her friends from Twinleaf Town and Jubilife City for four years. But she knew that she and her mother had to move to Veilstone because of her sick grandmother.

The pathway leading to the front of the school was somewhat intimidating, especially since she was the new girl and was walking into a new environment. She was told that on her first day, she had to report to the Principal's office to get her course schedule. She couldn't wait to go to her classes. She figured that most of the classes she had picked a week ago would be beneficial and easy.

"Wow..." she breathed.

She never gotten the chance to take the time and look at the school the last time she was there. The school itself was rather large. The courtyard surrounded the main building and left a lot of room to spare for those living in the dorms to walk out and go to class.

As she walked into the school, she was greeted by the lockers that stood firmly near the main entrance. She could also see display cases of trophies all lined up and shining under the fluorescent light.

'I wonder if anyone will notice if I'm new here...' she scoffed. 'Doubt it.'

Dawn made her way to the office and opened the door with sweaty hands. The smell of brewed coffee and ink flew up Dawn's nostrils. She walked up to the front desk and a woman offered to help her.

"Um, I'm looking for the Principal Mr. Cyrus..."

The woman with short red hair wearing the very same blazer that was assigned to most of the students nodded and took Dawn to see him. The walk to the Principal's office wasn't too short or too long. She maneuvered her way past the cubicles in order to make it to the office. The woman knocked on the door and opened it.

A middle-aged man with pale cyan coloured hair spun around to face the front. He smiled and nodded in their direction. "Welcome. Thank you Ms. Mars, you may leave."

Ms. Mars gave him a curt nod before leaving the room. Mr. Cyrus gestured Dawn to sit down onto the plush smooth seat in front of his desk.

"You're here to pick up your school schedule and books right?" he asked with a stern smile.

Dawn nodded. "Y-yes sir."

He chuckled. "It's been a while since anyone has called me 'sir'. No matter," he paused and got out from behind his desk and walked over to the pile of books resting on the table beside him. Mr. Cyrus stood there and pointed at the obvious and continued to talk, "these are your books and your class schedule is on top. You will be taken to your locker by one of our staff here in the office. Now, I believe you should hurry if you're going to make it to your first class."

The girl erratically stood up and bowed to the Principle, thanking him wholeheartedly before grabbing her many textbooks – with difficulty – and walking out of the room. And as he had said, a young woman guided the new girl to her locker that was located to the far left at the back of the school. The clump of lockers with benches in the rows is what everyone in school calls, the Grad Area. The woman left, leaving Dawn to put all her books away while avoiding eye contact with some people.

"Okay, let's see... Mr. Cyrus told my mom and I that throughout term two is block flip... what the heck does that even mean?" She muttered to herself. Just then, the doors behind her opened and she could hear two people arguing.

"You're so full of yourself, Drew!"

"I'm so full of myself? What about you, toots?"

"Stop calling me that!"

Dawn turned around and saw a somewhat short girl slapping a man's arm. She was curious to see what is going on between them, so Dawn continued to eavesdrop.

"You make me sick, you know that?" The man, Drew, scowled.

"Oh, ha ha. I'd like to say the same to you too you chauvinist pig!" She shrilled.

"May, let's face it. I'd make such a prettier pig than you," he snapped, crossing his arms.

The girl had her eye brows raised and her shoulders dropped. Her hands unmoving, remained open and still. Not a second later did her posture change. Her back was hunched and her hands became fists as she punched the guy in the stomach.

"You ass!" She stalked off down the second row from where Dawn's locker was and walked straight up to go to hers. Drew on the other hand was just recovering from the low blow that had hit in.

Dawn contemplated on whether or not to help him up or just leave him be, but her conscious got the better of her.

"Um...are you alright?" She asked, placing her hand on him with a light ghostly feel.

"Y-yeah... Man can that girl hit." He laughed. Dawn helped him to stand up, offering her shoulder to be his support beam.


She shook her head. "It's quite alright."

"Are you new here? I've never seen you before."

"Yeah. This is actually my first day here, rather nervous about it too," replied Dawn. Drew removed his arm from her, being able to stand up straight without hunching over and collapsing to the ground like before.

"Really now?" His eyebrows rose. "You must be in grade twelve then. I see a locker door open and what I assume, your backpack lying on the ground?" He asked, pointing to Dawn's stuff.

She flushed pale pink, giving her pasty complexion a little life. "Y-yes! I'm in grade name's Dawn."

"Drew. It's a pleasure to meet you. And thank you for helping me in my time of need."

Dawn waved her hand. "Oh, it's not a problem! Really!"

Drew silenced her by raising his hand. "Ah, ah. To show my thanks, here's a little present for you." The green haired boy magically produced a thorn-less red rose. It seemed to be real because small droplets of water rolled down the leaves. Anyone a foot away could smell the fresh aroma of the flower.

"Drew! What on earth are you doing!"

"Ah crap. Here she comes," he muttered to Dawn. The bluenette's eyes went from Drew to the very same brunette that punched him.

"Hey there May. What? Don't tell me you're jealous," he mocked. Dawn could sense that he was playing with the girl's emotions.

"Shut up, you wuss," she sneered. Her eyes darted to look at Dawn holding the rose. May looked the poor girl from head to toe.

"Who's she?" She asked, pointing at Dawn with her thumb. Drew sighed, bringing his fingers close to his parted bangs and brushed them out of his face.

"Her name's Dawn. She's new here. She also helped me up when a certain chubby pig hit me," he explained with a smirk.

A small gasp escaped May's mouth. "I am not fat! How dare you!"

"I didn't say anything about you being fat. All I said was that you're a chubby pig."

Dawn quickly interjected before the poor guy lost his chance to reproduce. "O-okay um! Let's just...let's just not...let's just shake hands and make up!"

She could feel May's eyes burn deep inside her. She wanted her to stop. Dawn felt rather uncomfortable and she knew that she sensed that.

May sighed. "Fine. I guess I'll forgive you this time, Drew." She regained her optimistic and friendly composure and smiled warmly at Dawn.

"Hi! My name's May! What's yours?"

"D-Dawn..." Her brain tried to process the two sides of this girl. It wasn't working at the moment.

"She's new here," Drew added.

"Is she now!" May took Dawn's hands into hers and shook. "Welcome to Veilstone Academy! It's nice to have a new student here! So, how are you enjoying the school? Where are you from?"

Drew slipped his hand in between the two girls, causing May to release Dawn's hands. "Whoa there May. She's new here, I don't think she's up to answering all those questions you're bombarding her with."

"R-right..." May faced Dawn with an apologetic look.

"It's fine," she smiled.

"I think we could totally become fast friends," May inquired.

"You know what I think?" asked Drew. May and Dawn looked up at him, shaking their heads. "I think we should head to class."

"Oh yeah," Dawn piped up. She took out her class schedule and lightly brought her finger to tap on Drew's arm.


"What's block flip?" asked Dawn.

"Wait, hold on. Let me see your time table." Dawn passed the piece of paper to May who grinned widely as she read it. "You and I have textiles together."


A/N: Lo and behold! The new and improved Ch1 of BbaL (or in this case, Re: BbaL).

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