Summary: Remake of my original story "Bluebells and Lavenders". Drastic change ahead, beware!



The main characters are in their senior years (grade 12).

A/N: Today's chapter title is by The Script.


An Ikarishipping Fanfiction

Re: Bluebells and Lavenders

Chapter Twenty Two

"Break Even"



"I don't know what the fck is wrong with you and all, but for the last time. I. Am. Not. Your. Servant. Got it memorized you fcking chauvinist!?"


"So then, what happened?"

The bluenette sighed. "Well... After I said that, he just glared at me... Full of hate and everything... It was rather scary... I thought I was going to be killed!"

The boy in the monitor wore a face full of worry. His brows had furrowed together, touching in the middle and bags could have been seen under his orange eyes.

"That's awful, Dawn... Man... This guy sounds like a jerk..."

Dawn laughed sourly. "He is a jerk... A sexist fcking jerk that needs a good slap in the face and a kick to the crotch."

"Ha ha. Oh man. I'd pay good money to see you sack a guy..."

She narrowed her eyes with a smirk. "And what's that supposed to mean, Barry?"

Barry leaned back in his chair, his hands behind his head. "All I'm saying is that I can't see you sacking anyone in the balls."

"Hey!" She exclaimed. "I can too sack a guy!"

Barry waved his hand, dismissing her comment. "Anyways, what are you going to do now? Didn't he say that he's going to give you tedious jobs to do around the house or something?"

She shrugged. "Don't know... Oh wait!" Suddenly she switched from video to call and immediately went on Pokedex.

"Hey! What's the big idea?" Barry asked.

"Remember when I told you about this Salvia person?" She asked, making sure her voice was as quiet as ever for fear Paul may be eavesdropping.


"Well, I'm going to search her up on Pokedex and see if I can get any information on her..." She replied calmly.

She heard her best friend mutter a laugh. "You're such a stalker."

She smirked, knowing all too well he couldn't see it. "Am not."

As the girl searched, she found what she needed and stared at the screen. She was hesitant at first. Questions filled up her mind in the same manner one would fill their mug up with coffee early in the morning. Her heart raced. She didn't know what to think. The pointer inched closer and closer to the name: Salvia Mint.

"Did you do it?" Came the voice. It snapped her out of her trance and she finally clicked the name with a picture of a girl who eerily resembles Dawn.

"Yeah... I clicked it..." She was suddenly sent to Salvia's Pokedex page. The picture of her was much more bigger than in the search bar. What Gary had said was true. Salvia looked like royalty. She wouldn't be surprised if she was a princess. Then something very interesting had caught her eye.

"Hey, hey..." She started.


"It says here that Salvia's in a relationship with some guy... And it says that she changed her relationship status two days ago too..."

"What's odd about that? Everyone is usually in a relationship... Well... Almost everyone." Barry inquired.

"Yeah, I... I know... But I don't know, Barry... Something seems pretty... Off, you could say? I mean, I'm sure this is a genuine relationship and all, but two days ago... Two days ago, Paul acted like a douche..."

"More than he usually is?"

"Yeah... He was really snappy too... I'm assuming maybe he saw her relationship status and that's why he got so PMS-y and all that." She thought out.

"Mm... It would make sense if you think about it." Barry paused. "I mean. If I were in his shoes, I don't know what I'd feel... But at the same time, it's a little weird. This Salvia chick is his ex... Why would he be so hung up with her if they're over?"

"Dunno... But I mean, apparently they're still on talking terms... I'm looking at the chats she and Paul had. If I hadn't known they were broken up, I would have thought they were still together..." Dawn scrolled down the page. Salvia's wall was filled with posts and comments from Paul. She would find posts by other people, but it was so rare.

"Maybe they're... I don't know... Still trying to be friends? It can happen, ya'know."

"Maybe... Or maybe I'm just thinking too much, like always, ha ha." She cooed.

"Pfth... You? Thinking? That'll be the day!" Barry roared with laughter. Dawn scrunched her nose and pursed her lips out in a pouty way as she heard Barry continue to laugh at her expense.

"Yes, yes. Very funny." She replied monotonously.

Curious, she scrolled back to the top and clicked on pictures. She wanted to know if there were pictures of Salvia and Paul back when they were younger.

"Oh man..."

"What? What happened?"

"There's like, an album solely meant for Salvia and Paul..." Said Dawn.


"Yeah! Here, I'll give you the link." Dawn copied and pasted the url and sent it to her friend through the chat message. "Did you get it?"

"Yeah... And wow... That's really crazy..." Barry replied with disbelief.

"I know... There's probably like, thousands of pictures. The album is endless!" Her eyes widen as she saw a picture of Paul and Salvia happy. It was strange to say the least. Paul had actually looked very content and pleased. The scowls, the frowns, the looks that judges you silently were gone. His cold and distant eyes were replaced by warm ones that could melt ice cream if he were to hold onto it. It was completely out of character for him. She then looked over at the girl, Salvia. Her hair was in a low ponytail that draped over her shoulder. Her lips pink and lush as they touched Paul's tanned cheeks. Dawn couldn't help but feel a little awkward. It was like seeing herself kissing Paul, really. But she knew Salvia was just someone who resembles her.

"Why so quiet, chump? Found something interesting?" Barry asked, breaking the silence like how one would break concrete.

"No... Just... All these pictures... Paul looks so different... It's like a totally different person... In one picture, he's actually smiling... Not the sarcastic smirk or 'you're so stupid and annoying get the fck out of my sight' smile... Like, a genuine 'I love you' smile..."

"That must be crazy."


She continued to scroll down, her heart filled with mixed emotions, some she didn't even know how to explain. All the pictures of Paul and his ex. Him being happy for once. Everything she saw seemed like it could be pretend, but at the same time, not.

"Hey, I gotta go. I have a test tomorrow first thing. I'll talk to ya later, kay?"

Dawn flinched as she heard Barry's voice. "W-what? Oh! Yeah, sorry to keep you up. Night."

"Morning... Or afternoon... Or I don't know... Talk to you later."

The two laughed and the call ended. Dawn decided she had enough looking at pictures of Paul and his ex-girlfriend and closed the window. She turned her laptop off and headed downstairs. She hadn't seen Paul all morning at all. She had wondered if Paul was cooped up in his room like usual, but she saw that his shoes were gone and all that was left of him were his slippers that he wore. Reggie was still sleeping, apparently.

She quietly opened the door and glanced down the hallway. Paul's room was open. And since his 'I-have-a-dark-cloud-looming-over-me' presence is not in the house, she figured taking a peek inside and getting a more closer look wouldn't be too bad.

"What he doesn't know can't hurt, yeah?" She muttered. Dawn tread into his room with the sheer quietness of a ninja. Her movement was slow, but she was able to make it into Paul's room without any faults. She gently pushed the door closed – but not completely so she would be able to hear the sounds outside and to be able to make a quick escape. She looked around and noticed the room was absolutely clean. Nothing was out of place. She turned around on the spot as she took in the sight. Her eyes wandered around until she found his laptop. Dawn checked the door from over her shoulders before she made her way to the sleeping laptop.

Dawn pulled out the chair and gently lifted the screen up. The laptop was still on. Thankfully she hadn't crossed paths with the predicament of having to guess the password – if Paul had one to his laptop of course. She noticed the Pokedex page was still up and decided to check that out first. She scrolled down the page and skimmed the unimportant parts until she found what she was looking for. However, her plan was stopped short when she received a message from the very person she hoped to learn more about.


Hey Paul!

'Crap, crap, crap, crap, crap! What do I do now!?' Dawn thought furiously. She had gotten herself into the deep end. She wasn't even sure if it was possible to abort the mission and fly on out of the room.



Dawn mentally slapped herself. 'Hiya? Paul's a cold hearted assface. He doesn't go around saying hiya... Ugh. I need to tap into that jerkiness of his...'


Hee hee

I never pegged you as the type of person to say something like that Paul

It's refreshing

N-no offense or anything!


No it's uh, not a problem

Uh. I just remembered I have to do a project

I'll um. Talk to you later?


Sure (:

Maybe we should have a video chat

It's been such a long time since I've seen you

and heard your voice...

"Damn this girl is bold..." Dawn muttered under her breath. Irritation quickly controlled her mood.


Uh yeah sure

Talk to you later then.



Dawn closed the chat and stared at the monitor. What had she done? She invaded someone's privacy and pretended to be Paul. Before she was just at the deep end, but now? She was fifty-feed under water. There was no turning back now. She sighed and resumed her mission. She made sure to get an even better look at this Salvia person. She checked Paul's photo albums and saw one album dedicated to Salvia – but it was on a setting where only he himself could see it.

"This looks interestingly suspicious..." She voiced. Dawn moved the mouse and clicked on that photo album. A small gasp let out as she saw the pictures.

No, it wasn't because the pictures were the type stalkers would take. But they were outright beautiful. Every shot captured Salvia's outer beauty. The lighting reflected almost perfectly and made the object of the pictures glow radiantly. Dawn was surprised at the fact that Paul didn't want to become a photographer – because he was damn well great at it.

As Dawn looked closely, she noticed that Salvia was just a little bit more different than Dawn in appearance wise. Salvia's hair was fairly lighter by maybe ten shades tops. Her face was a bit more round, like she still kept her baby fat in her face or something. Her nose pointed a little upwards and there was actually a beauty mark under her left eye.

"What the fck are you doing in my room?"

She felt her heart stop.

"I'm asking you a question! Why the fck are you in my room!?"

Dawn turned around and saw the anger within Paul. She gulped and moved away from the computer. She silently cursed herself for forgetting to minimize (or at least close) the window. Paul noticed the contents on the screen and if possible, his anger turned into a fury of rage.

"GET OUT!" He lashed.

"I-I'm sorry..." Her voice soft and meek.


Without a second thought, Dawn rushed out of there and into the guest bedroom. She locked the door quickly and pressed her back against it. Her heart throbbed with a mixture of hurt and guilt that her eyes had even started to water. Dawn stifled her sobs and immediately found herself sitting on the floor of the room. She had crossed the forbidden line of being someone's guest. She invaded someone's privacy and was caught doing it. She didn't know how she was going to make it out here alive. Will she even be able to make it downstairs for dinner?

A quiet knock reverberated through the silence of the room. Dawn quickly wiped her tears and straightened herself out. "W-who is it?"

"It's Reggie. Is something up?"

Dawn bit her lip. How was she going to explain this to Reggie? She slowly got up from the ground and unlocked the door. The door knob turned and behind the door was Reggie with a worried look. She could tell she was going to get the lecture and cold shoulder of a life time.

He closed the door behind him and turned to face Dawn, who was now on top of the bed and under the covers.

"I heard Paul shouting something..." He had started. But Dawn made no other movements.

"What were you doing in his room, may I ask?" He asked.

"... I... I just wanted... I... I don't know..." Came a muffled reply.

Reggie sighed. He unconsciously reached behind his head and started to play with his ponytail. "Look. I don't know the full story here. But you have to understand something here, Dawn. Paul is a really private person. I even have a hard time trying to pry things out of him these days. Ever since he broke it off with the one girl that made him happy, he's reverted back to his old self when our father left us. Things like these are hard for him to get over. He won't just willingly spill everything about his past to you...

"And I think what you did by going in to his room like that was wrong. If you do want him to tell you stuff, you'd need to earn his trust before hand. And I'll warn you, it'll probably take maybe several months before he can fully trust and accept you. But for now, please don't do something so stupid and reckless... The stunt you pulled has probably earned you into his bad books..."

Dawn gave a slight nod. "I'm sorry..."


Sometime after the whole fiasco, Dawn brought up the courage and let herself out. She glanced over at Paul's room and saw that the door was closed.

'So he's locked himself inside his room, huh?' She sighed. 'Guess I won't have to see him too much then... I already feel like such a stupid bitch for doing something like that... Ugh...'

Dawn quietly made her way down the stairs and into the kitchen for some lunch. Reggie was out with his friends, so that left her and Paul alone in the house. She rummaged the fridge and saw that Reggie had cooked her and Paul something for lunch. A note was also attached to it.

I know the predicament you're in right now with Paul,

But I do still want you to tell him that his lunch is in the fridge.

I hope you and him will resolve this conflict soon...


"I hope that I'd never have to remember that at all... And he was so scary when he told me off... Still have chills from this morning..." She said to no one in particular. She took our her share out of the fridge and shut the door.

"Looks like I'll actually have to be the bigger man..." She sighed and placed her lunch onto the counter and made her way back up the stairs.

She made sure to be extra cautious when she took a step towards Paul's room. Not wanting anything bad to happen anyways. Her ears pressed up against the door for a brief second before she stood up straight and knocked.

"U-uh... Paul? Uhm... Your lunch is in the uh, fridge..." She called. No response. "... I'm also really sorry for being in your room and looking at your laptop without your permission... It was stupid of me and I'm sorry..." She turned around and headed back down. At least she tried to make amends.

"Man... I'm starving..." She whispered. She took the plastic wrap off of her bowl and popped her lunch into the microwave, setting it to a minute. As the microwave is slowly radiating heat into her food, she went to the drawers to fetch a fork. The small chimes and clashes of utensils went unheard in the kitchen. It was just as loud as the sound of the microwave even.

"Where is that fork...?" She questioned.

"They should still be in the dish washer."

"Oh, okay thanks," she replied warmly. That was until she realized who voice that belonged to. She spun on her heels and was faced to face with the guy she had angered earlier. "P-Paul! W-what are you doing here?"

He rolled his eyes. "I live here you idiot."

A blush crept onto her face. "O-oh y-yeah... R-right..."

"I'm here because you said my lunch was in the fridge."

"O-oh. O-okay..."

"Stop stuttering."

"Y- I mean, yes..."

A groan escaped his lips. "Troublesome..."

She shuffled back and watched as Paul tossed the saran wrap into the trash bin. She noticed how oddly calm he was behaving towards her right now, especially after he had exploded at her after he found her in his room and on his laptop earlier that day.

"Your lunch is done, Troublesome."


He clicked his tongue. "Don't you ever pay attention? I said your lunch is done. Take it out of the microwave already."

"O-oh! Right, yeah, um, sorry..." She flustered. She bustled over to the appliance and readily got her lunch out and headed towards the dinning table. Her eyes glanced up briefly to watch Paul, but what she hadn't expected was that he was looking right at her. Their eyes connected shortly before she turned her attention back down to her food.

"A-ah... You said the fork was still in the dish washer, right?" She asked, her eyes still on her steaming food.

"Hn." He grunted.

"Okay..." She pulled away from the table and made her way to the dish washer, her head lowered for fear she may see something she didn't want to see.

The silence was unbearable, even for Dawn. Sure she was happy that Paul was not throwing sick insults her way, but at the same time, she sort of wished he was – just so she knew he was himself. She closed the dish washer with a fork in her hand and made her way back to the dinning table. She passed by Paul once again but something held her back. She inched her head down to her arm and noticed his fingers were wrapped around her pale arm. She tilted her head back and met with his gaze.


Without even a second thought, she knew exactly what he had meant when he asked.

"Because I needed to know..."



[goes off into a corner and cries]