Clark, I never spanked you. I never had to. But right now, I'd like to drop your britches and tan your hide like cheap leather.

"Clark is in trouble!" Lois teased.

"Shut up, Lois." Clark said sharply.

"Clark." Martha said with a tone of warning that if he knew what was good for him, he would shut his mouth or his bottom was going to be feeling the pain now.

"Perry, is there a place where Clark and I have a discussion without being interrupted?" Perry White, the editor of the Daily Planet, pointed to his office. After the day they had as a result of Mr. Schott's creation where adults were acting like spoiled children, he was ready to take both Clark and Lois over his knee. He was thinking that he might have to take Lois over his knee before the day was over.

"Clark is in trouble" Lois teased again. Clark stuck his tongue out.

"Lois, would you like to have a discussion too?" Perry asked Lois. He had the tone of an angry father and Lois realized she was on thin ice.

"No thank you, Perry."

"Then get back to work."

"Yes, Perry."

"Mrs. Kent, why don't you-"

"Call me Martha."

"Martha, you can use my office. I have a paddle in my desk for when my kids come to visit, if you need it." Perry said with an all-knowing grin.

"Clark is in trouble." Lois teased.

Clark smacked Lois making her cry. "Clark Jonathan, you and I will be having a discussion. You will apologize to Lois for hitting her."

"She was teasing me!" Clark whined.

"Let's go into Perry's office and take care of our discussion."

Once in Perry's office, "Clark Jonathan Kent, I am disappointed in your behavior. You are acting like a spoiled brat. What is your problem?"

"Lois made me angry."

"Clark, I am going to blister your backside."

"I am an adult, Mom."

"I am treating you like a child that you are acting like. Now, why are you getting spanked?"

"Lois is a brat who got me in trouble."

"Try again, Clark. Why am I going to paddle you?"

"I was acting like a brat."

"What else, Clark?"

"I was mean to Lois. I told her to shut up and I hit her and I made her cry."

"Bend over the desk, Sweetheart."


"What was that?" Martha Kent asked.

"I said 'No!'"

"Clark Jonathan, do not make me call your father."

"Dad is in Kansas. He is not here to make me do anything."

"Clark, I am sure that if you will not bend over and get your well-earned paddling that Perry would be willing to help me.

"Fine." Clark said.

"Clark, bend over Perry's desk." Martha said as she pulled the paddle out of Perry's lower desk drawer.

"Yes, Ma'am." Clark said putting his hands on the desk and bracing himself for the punishment. His dad had spanked him a few times when he was growing up. He remembered the last time his dad had needed to punish him. Clark had sassed his mother and Jonathan quickly upended him and took his belt to Clark's boxer-clad bottom.

"Clark, drop the britches." Clark swallowed hard. He was not relishing the punishment he had earned. Clark undid his belt and unbuttoned his suit pants. He quickly pushed them down to his knees and bent his six foot frame over.

"Are you ready?"


Martha placed her hand on Clark's back and swung the paddle back then brought it forward where it connected with his backside. Clark winced and said, "Ouch!" Martha Kent gave Clark ten swats. By the tenth swat Clark was sobbing like a ten-year old boy who got sent to the principal's office.