I do not own Vladimir Todd, just my oc

When the first bell rang, Vlad and Lilli went to health class. "Ahh, Miss. Connors. Have a seat anywhere." said, welcoming her to the class. She saw Vlad in the back and went to take the seat next to him, smiling. By the end of the class, her face was red and she kept hitting her head on the desk. "I hate health" She said, as she and Vlad walked out of the class. "Its only this bad on your first day. You'll get used to it." He said, smiling. During Geometry, Vlad succeeded in sleeping through the whole class and Lilli succeeded in hitting him with paperballs. The next class was Chemistry. Since there was a lab that day, Vlad and Lilli chose to be partners. They almost started a fire tho because Vlad mixed up a couple of chemicals.

When lunch finally came, they sat down at the table in the far left hand corner since it was awkward between Merideth and Vlad. Lilli and Vlad pulled out their home made lunches and Henry got his school lunch. "So how come you and your family moved here anyway?" Henry asked. "My parents died about a month ago and my new guardian lives here." Lilli said, taking a bite of her peanut butter and jelly sandwich. "Ohh, I'm sorry about your parents dieing." Vlad said, frowning. "Its okay. I just wished they died a different way and not ripped to shreds and all their blood drained out of their body." Lilli said, putting her food down, not hungry anymore. "Did they catch the guy that did it?" Vlad asked, nervous now. "Yeah, but he was let go for being some president of something." She said, shrugging. Vlad nodded, nervously. "Hey Vlad since we have homework in Health and I dont have my books yet do you think I could come over after school to look at yours? I have a lot of catching up to do." Lilli asked, smiling sweetly at him. "Uhh, ya sure." Vlad said, a bit confused. Usually, since Henry had the Lillie class, the girl would ask him.

The rest of the day was uneventful, besides a few guys asking Lilli out. And each time she would reply the Lillie way, "Sorry, but one, I dont know you and two, I have my eye on someone else." Vlad was sure it was Henry. As they walked home from school, Vlad saw a camera flash. Vlad turned around and saw Eddie Poe walking up to them. "Hey, new girl! I'd stay away from Vlad, he's a vampire and I have proof." He said, waving a picture infront of her face. She grabbed the picture and looked at it, shrugging. "It just looks like Vlads drinking some punch. Whats so vampire about that?" "Dont you get it? Thats blood!" Eddie said, snatching the picture from her. She shrugged again, "Your gunna need more proof that indicates what he is. I mean it cant make him look like he's drinking punch. You'll be a definite nobody if you show that around." Eddie looked at the picture and smiled. "Your completely right. If you ever want to help me expose him give me a call." He said, giving her a piece of paper with his number on it. "Uhh, sure. Bye" "See ya, and Vlad... good luck now." Eddie said. running off. Vlad looked at Lilli, smiling. "Wow, you actually got him to leave." Lilli nodded and put the paper into her pocket. "Your keeping it?" "Why not? It could be entertaining later."