The air was merciless and cold as it whipped Naboo's cloak around his ankles. He was shrouded in darkness, a single streetlamp leaking weakly onto the ground nearby. It was raining mildly – the sort of rain that almost doesn't count – sputtering uselessly down and coating Naboo in tiny, shining droplets.

Curly fabric elfin-boots really aren't the most practical footwear, Naboo thought to himself grimly, looking down at his sodden shoes. Where the hell is this guy?

A crackling sound caused Naboo's head to jerk up suddenly, his turban being knocked slightly askew in the process. He peered into the murky blackness of the alleyway he waited beside, but could see nothing. Naboo straightened his turban.

Crackle, hiss, crackle.

This time the sound was unmistakeable and definitely emanating from the pitch black alleyway next to him. Naboo stared into the oblivion, willing his supposedly shamanic-vision to adjust. There is something… is that something? A faint glow, like a lit match.

It could just be his mind playing tricks on him – but that would be so human. Surely that kind of nonsensical reaction of mortal fear wouldn't happen to a Shaman. If it was something, it would most likely have something to do with the reason he was standing there at this godforsaken hour.

If only Bollo was here, Naboo thought wistfully, when he has a bad feeling, you know what to do. Naboo cast one last look around and ducked into the alleyway, keeping his gaze fixed on the dim, flickering light ahead of him. As he approached, the light got gradually brighter and large enough that he could vaguely make out a few features behind it. A curved, hook-like nose was the most distinctive object he could see, followed closely by two perfectly straight and unnervingly scarlet eyes.

"Nnnnnnabooo." The figure's voice snaked through the flame, eerily quiet and raspy.

"Alright?" Naboo asked uneasily. The Shaman noted with unease how the light rain seemed to have no effect on the flames before him.

"Yoooou. You haaave done muchhh wronggg to usssssssss."

"What? No I ain't! What did I do?"

"I sssssummoned you heeeere. Yoooou ssssold me-"

"Could we speed this up a bit? I'm supposed to be DJ-ing with my familiar at ten."

A sudden burst of flames ignited the air in front of Naboo, causing him to reel back at the scorching heat.


Naboo peered above the arm he was using to shield his face and held back a whimper at the sight he beheld. An eight foot tall fire demon loomed over him, his face a dripping mass of melted wax sculpted into an abhorrent scream. Flames of blue, orange, red and yellow engulfed his entire form, licking the air in rapidly curling tendrils and sending off sparks.

"Sorry mate, I-"

A burst of sparks leaping furiously into the air silenced the cowering Shaman before he could finish his apology.

"Yyyoou sssold ussss fffaultyyyy goodssss Nnnnabooo. Yoooou mussssttt ppppaayy."

"No! I never! I do refunds! You must've just got a bad batch! I'll take it home and-"

"ENOUGHHHH. Yoooouuu arrrree notttt going hoooome. Evvverrr again."

Naboo stumbled backwards, blinded by the brilliant bright light. The demon leapt forward like lightning and Naboo was encircled in the technicolour flames. He whirled around, desperately searching for an exit but the flames reared up in every direction. Suddenly, everything started to spin, the fire swirling around him in a flourish, gradually speeding up until Naboo could see nothing but the blinding, orangey light around him. The last thing he saw before he shielded his eyes were two piercing red lights boring into him from the midst of the flames.

Then, in a blink, the fire towered to its peak over the Shaman and was gone. The alley was deserted once more, the street light the only faint illumination from back out on the pavement.