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Something…wasn't right.

For awhile now, peace had transpired over the realms of Hyrule, stretching from the great sea to the lands above and even to those below. Termina was fine. The Kingdoms of Holodrum and Labrynna were fine. Even New Hyrule was fairing well.

But as the Links all knew, peace never lasted. Something evil was at work in the land of the goddesses' creation. It was a subtle darkness, noticeable only to those sensitive to its ways and of a higher power.

It had crept throughout the lands almost undetected, spreading no mischief, no trace of malcontent. As soon as it appeared, it quickly vanished, leaving no trace as to its workings. But right before it would disappear, an even greater power would surface before it too vanished.

For months now, the more sensitive of the heroes, Dark Link, had been bothered by this fact. He hadn't said anything to the others, not wanting to present this information without solid evidence, but the fact remained that something was definitely happening. Even without him saying anything, some of the heroes knew for themselves that the world was headed for trouble.

Sightings of the Fierce Deity had almost become common and that was not such a common thing. However, not even Oni could decipher what these flares of darkness led to.

It was only later, after it was too late, did they understand…



Colder laughter of mirth and delight escaped the lips of the demon as his dark ritual was complete. Finally, after months of toil, his dark deeds would come to fruition. Now… Now he would have to round up those pathetic excuses for lords and demons, make them bend to his will. But would they listen? The demon lord scoffed. Manipulating those aimless fools would be an easy task for one such as he. Besides, they owed him. If it weren't for him…

He watched the once lifeless object before him come to life with a self satisfied sneer. He was truly good at his work, resurrecting those once sealed or lost. This latest ritual had been the last. Now he was ready. They were ready. He gazed around the room one last time. It was a circular space, filled with brightly intoxicating colors, though it was a tad small. He preferred to rule a much larger space, but who was he to judge? The object before him obviously lacked his fabulous sense of taste.

The object in question rose off the ground, hovering a couple of feet into the air as it surveyed its surroundings. "Back here again…" Its tone was light, playful, but an underlying sense of danger was ever evident. "Seems the boy won again, hee hee…" It turned, spotting the other in the room, "Round three? Or perhaps you wish to play yourself?"

"No games for me, no. Although…" his grin widened, "How about we play another game? A masterful game with much suffering and delight where heroes fall to darkness and all is subjugated to our might?"

No expression crossed the figure's face for there was no need. Several brownish tentacle-like appendages wrapped themselves around the object as it giggled darkly, "And all shall be consumed, doomed, terminated!"

He nodded, "Precisely."

The tentacles receded slowly, "I will need a proper host however. To fully enjoy this game."

The demon lord licked his lips, "I know just the one… Now, before that troublesome deity arrives. Let us be gone."

The object gave an angry shudder at the mention of 'deity' and disappeared as the demon snapped his fingers, teleporting the two to a distant dimension where others of their kind were waiting…

No spell or battle was waging in this space but the air was filled with chaos. Darkness and anger, malice and regret filled the air making the once pristine scenery seem ugly and repulsive. The clear blue sky, once reflected in the water-like landscape, had turned dark, mimicking the evil aura pervading the area.

The demon lord scowled with disgust at the rabble before him. Each one he had brought back from the brink of death, all accept four. Three had been revived by another. The fourth was eternal and thus could never truly perish, a perfect candidate for his masterful plan. With a short sigh the demon lord snapped his fingers, causing lightning to flash across the sky, garnering their attention.

All eyes focused on the figure before them. From their expressions it was easy to tell they weren't exactly grateful for their resurrection at the hands of this upstart demon.

He of course, could care less what they thought. They were just tools, pawns, in his game. Nevertheless, he put on a smile. This was to be his grand introduction after all. "Welcome! Welcome all to the glorious realm of my master." He bowed deeply, more to his master than to the crowd. "I do hope you are finding it to your liking…" A pleasant smile belied the sinister look in his eyes.

"Enough of your theatrics. I care not. Allow me to leave at once; I demand it."

The demon lord grinned widely at the one who had spoken, "My dear wind mage, if I were to do that, you would simply be defeated at the hands of four young children again."

Laughter and snickers were shared amongst the crowd.

Vaati however, was not amused. The air around him began to swell as he flushed in angry embarrassment, "Quiet! Like any of the rest of you can speak!" He turned to the demon next to him. "You were defeated by a single child…and a girl!"

The tall demon towered over the small minish-turned-sorcerer as he drew up to his full height. Though he was no longer in his beast form, aiming for a more humanoid vessel, he still was quite a formidable sight. "Quiet, mage, before I make grape jam out of you, purple boy," he growled angrily.

"P-Purple boy?-!"

"Seriously…can we leave? I'm kinda hungry over here…"

Vaati turned to the life force stealing creature of the deep, "Then eat this!" The mage released his pent up rage, blowing Bellum away with a fearful gale before turning his wind onto the one who had brought them all there, "Now, allow me leave at once."

One of the tallest demons there, indeed the most famous, chuckled at his once partner's attitude. "Vaati, the young lord here has gone through all of the trouble of bringing us here. Don't you want to at least know his reasons?"

"I do not."

"Well I do." His eyes flashed dangerously. If there were to be a fight, he had the numbers on his side and Vaati knew this. Out of the ten demons there, three were on his side. All others fought for themselves.

The mage folded his arms, the wind dying down, "Fine then, Ganon. Let us hear what he has to say." He turned his attention to their host, "Make it quick, Ghirahim."

Ghirahim grinned, relishing the attention once again, "If you are to ask something of me, it would be wise to address me by my full title next time, if you wish to live that is."

"As if a mere pawn could overpower me, the greatest sorcerer of all time," scoffed Vaati.

Ghirahim was silent. He was a strong swordsmen, but when it came to magic he was lacking. He flicked a strand of hair out of his face. This is why he himself had pawns. The sorcerer would meet his end. It may not be by his hands, but eventually, they would all die. Of course, they weren't aware of that part of his plan. He extended his arms in a matter of greeting, "My fellow villains, I have brought you all back from the brink for a reason. More specifically-"

"It was Lord Ganondorf that brought me back from the abyss, whelp," hissed Veran. The Sorceress of Shadows held respect for only one person, Lord Ganon, and she was not about to bow before some young pup who thought he was better than them all. What brilliant plan could he have concocted that she couldn't have thought up? Simple. There was none.

"Indeed! It was the Master who saved us!" agreed the Twili standing just to the side of the King of Thieves. He bowed respectfully to him before glaring at Ghirahim.

Onox rolled his eyes at the small usurper king as he shouldered his large weapon, "Just get on with it already. I wanna pummel me some Link once I get country-side." A small grin crossed his rather bored face. All this talk, this waiting around, it was really making his armor rust. They were back; it was action time! Where was the action, dammit?-!

"As it just so happens, my plan involves Link." Ghirahim's smile was replaced almost by a look of repulsion, "Or rather 'Links'. How you allow these heroes to continue to multiply while our numbers remain so few…" He glanced over Veran, but just for a moment. "We must defeat them."

Ganon nodded, "Agreed."

"Then what the hell are we waiting for?-!" Onox swung his weapon down, "Lets slaughter them!"

"Destroy who they are, where they live, bring ruin to the world," continued Malladus. "Bring destruction to the land so that no amount of light force could restore it."

"Did someone say life force?" asked Bellum as he floated his way back causing Vaati to roll his eyes in disgust.

"No. I will not allow you villains to just make your way to Hyrule and pillage and burn as you please." Ghirahim glared at them all, "That kind of act is gross and highly unfashionable."

"Surround them and force a surrender!" offered Zant. He glanced up at Ganon, "That is, if it is your will, Master…"

The demon didn't even look at him as he said, "Somehow I doubt a general gang bang is his master plan. Ghirahim?"

"Indeed. It would be boring." Ghirahim eyed their newest companion, "And boring is out of the question, correct? Majora?"

The large mask hovered up and down, two of its many tentacles swinging about, "Yes, yes, boring! We need chaos, and destruction, and trickery, and play! Let us enjoy our little toys while they breathe yet…hee hee hee…"

"I see." Ganon eyed the pair standing together. Majora and Ghirahim… A dangerous combination, however… He turned his gaze to the rest of those gathered in that space. The Wind Mage, Veran, Onox, Zant…Bellum and Malladus…and then there was the last one… He folded his arms. Ghirahim had indeed achieved a lot however, there was one crucial member missing. The sword was there but not the wielder. "And what of Demise? Your plan involves your master no doubt."

Ghirahim's smile barely faded as he answered, "Oh I plan on resurrecting my lord, there is no doubt about that. However…if I were to just go about my plan, as you all have done in the past, there would be one crucial element, seventeen actually, that would ruin that wondrous scheme."


He nodded, as did several others. "Link."

"So, you plan on attacking Link directly, is that it?" Veran scoffed, "Don't you think we've tried that already?"

Ghirahim laughed. It was a true laugh, one of delight and amusement, but all too soon it was cut off as he pointed accusingly at the sorceress, glaring darkly, "Do not think that my plan will fail as yours have, woman. I have thought on this for years, slaved away bringing you all from the brink, escaping that meddlesome deity. No, my Sorceress Veran, my plan is far superior to any plan you fools could ever think up! Attacking directly is a reckless plan which could only be derived from your madness."

"How dare you-"

"My plan, however…" He sighed with pleasure, "Is perfect."

Majora giggled delightedly, "Do tell."

Ghirahim straightened up, "Light force, Life force, Triforce, none of it really matters if you don't get rid of the one protecting them. Attacking head on however, has proved disastrous. So what do we do? Simple. Attack them where they're vulnerable."

"And where would that be?" asked Bellum.

"Their head of course, idiot," replied Onox.

"Fool, their whole body is their vulnerability." Malladus crushed his fist into his hand, "Smash them into nothing until only their unidentifiable remains are left."

Vaati looked away, clearly repulsed, "Ignorant savage… Their weak spot is the princess.

"Oooh! The one with the shiny life force…"

Ganon remained calm despite his general hatred for the idiocy around him, "She's not your target though is she, demon lord?"

"Oh, she's one of them to be sure."

"Ooh! Ooh! I want to play with the pretty princess! Oh yes, I shall play with her real good…heh heh heh…" Already Majora was formulating its own plans. Things here were beginning to turn boring, but playing with a new doll…that sounded like fun.

"Hey! The princess is mine to take!" shouted Vaati.

"Not if my Master wishes to play with her first!" yelled Zant.

"Ha! I shall destroy that puny girl for the suffering she has caused me," vowed Malladus.

"Can I have her life force first…?"

Demon Lord Ghirahim sighed as the villains began to quarrel amongst themselves. This was why they always failed. They lacked what the Links had: Teamwork. One villain wanted the Triforce, another wanted the Light force, still others wish for nothing but destruction. They lacked unity, someone who could bring them under one cause and since Demise was still imprisoned…

"Hee hee hee, whatever you decide, it doesn't matter! For in the end, all shall be consumed by rage, darkness, and hatred!" cheered Majora as it floated above the crowd.

Ghirahim sighed, "Honestly… Majora!"

"Yes, Ghiry?"

"Have you ever undergone combat with the Link of Twilight Princess?"

The villains once again turned their gaze to Ghirahim as the mask floated back down. What a…strange question to ask. Of course the mask had never fought against the Link from Twilight Princess. That was Zant's Link.

"And what of you, Malladus? Has any of the Four Sword Links ever been to New Hyrule?"

Once again, what a strange question. Why would they ever have need to go there?

Slowly, Ganondorf began to smile. It was a dark, twisted smile as he finally understood Ghirahim's plans. Attack them where they're vulnerable…especially now that a new Link had arrived. Get them separated so that they are easier to pick off. "Throw at them challenges unknown. Not a bad plan, Ghirahim."

The villain of Skyward Sword played with an orange diamond as he said casually, "Of course."

But that wasn't all the demon lord had planned. Ganon could sense some ulterior motive behind the villain's plans. Nothing was more important to Ghirahim than the resurrection of his Master. Were they to be mere pawns as he played behind the scenes bringing Demise back to life? Of course; that's what he himself would do. He'd play along until the Links were all but spent and then…he would take his own pawns and make his move. Demise may be strong, but no one could stand against his own forces. As for the other demons… Heh, they would all fall as well. All except maybe for…

A dark aura, far darker than anything felt in any plane, surrounded the villains. Its sinister thoughts filled the air, making all unnerved and bothered, yet no words echoed from it. It was pure darkness created from nothingness and although it had no definite shape, it could assume the shape of others. For as long as creatures existed, it too would live on. Nightmare had been summoned for one reason and one reason alone. To bring true darkness to the Links and make their world a living nightmare.

"I trust there wont be any fighting over who gets to tear apart which Link, correct? That would be so droll…" The small diamond dissipated as Ghirahim licked his lips, "So? Shall we?"

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