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The Great Sea

Tracks sat by himself near the Fairy Fountain, hugging his knees to his chest moodily. For a brief moment he wondered where all the fairies were. This was a fairy fountain right? But thinking about that stuff was stupid and unimportant compared to their current situation. Just what the hell were they doing?

He glanced over at the two other Links in the underground cavern. The Hero of Time and the Link from the Oracle games. What an odd pair they were. A console and a traitor portable. Just what did they have in common? More importantly… He rubbed his neck slowly. What was that back then? Back in the castle it had almost felt as if someone were choking him, but there had been no one there, almost as if it had been a spirit. Though he would never admit it, Tracks had always feared ghosts and spirits, especially since traveling with Zelda. Being choked like that… It was like a nightmare…

"Wait. So you're saying we're facing more than just one enemy?"

Ocarina nodded, a serious look on his face. "Back at the castle, after the darkness had taken over, I was confronted by Ganondorf. There were several others though I couldn't place their voices." He folded his arms, trying to remember back to that time. "Eight…no. Nine. Ten including Ghirahim."

Ten villains? Seasons tried not to sigh as he thought of all the possibilities. This was worse than before. Way worse. With them split up like they were, it would be easy to pick them off. Was that their plan? Were they working together? Was it even possible that they would…? He shook his head, not wanting to think of their enemies joining forces. "Ocarina, we need to locate the others."

"I know…" The Hero of Time glanced over at Tracks. The Link hadn't said a word to them since they had entered the cave. Why couldn't he just forget about this petty console/portable thing and work together? It was in everyone's best interest, right? "H-Hey, Tracks, got a minute?"

He looked away, "I don't know. You're the 'Hero of Time'. You tell me."

Seasons let out a short laugh as Ocarina glared at the Royal Engineer. They most certainly didn't have the time for this. "Listen, Tracks, I don't care whether you're a console or a portable, okay? You're a Link, like us, got it? Now, help…or something."

"Or something?" He frowned at him disbelieving. "And what exactly is it you want me to do? Cant do anything until that storm lets up."

"I know that, but you can at least help with-" He faltered. What exactly could they do? Trapped down in that cave-

"Strategizing." Seasons gave Ocarina a nod as he said, "We need to work out a plan. You were separated from your friends just as we were, Tracks, and we'd like to all reunite."

"Exactly." Ocarina grinned at his friend. Though he had a tendency to blend in with the background, Seasons was always there to set them back on track. "So what can you tell us? Im thinking these baddies are all from our past so we should at least know something about what we're up against. Who was your villain? Ganon?"

Tracks scowled at his smile. "No. Ganon was not my boss, idiot. Ganon doesn't have to be the main bad guy for everything, you know." He sighed. "Malladus was my bad guy."

Though his smile lessened somewhat at being called an idiot, with the mention of Malladus his smile resumed, "Great! Malladus. So, who's Malladus?"

Seasons could tell this conversation was not going to go well at all. But why? Why did Tracks hold such a huge grudge? Sure, he himself had felt annoyance at his friends for not even knowing what a Subrosian was, but he had come to accept that the Links were just not all that smart. As for Tracks, well… He'd find out sooner or later.

Tracks scoffed as he glared at Ocarina, "Are you stupid or just plain ignorant? I told you. Malladus is the villain from my game, Spirit Tracks. In case you weren't aware, which Im pretty sure you arent, Malladus is the guy wanting nothing but destruction and junk. He was sealed away by the Locomos by using the Spirit Tracks or something, but thanks to the evil leprechaun, he was freed. Long story short, we annihilated him."

Ocarina did his best not to glare back as Tracks continued to regard him with contempt. Just what was this Link's deal? Here he was trying to be nice and this…kid- He closed his eyes and shook his head of such thoughts. Thinking like that would only lead to more discourse. Instead, he smiled softly, saying, "So, is there any chance he could have been brought back?"

Tracks stood up, dusting himself off slightly as he stared back, "No way."

"Yeah, but-"

"What if he had help?" asked Seasons. "Ganon perhaps?"

Silence enveloped the Links as neither said anything. The Hero of Labrynna nodded to himself as his thoughts were confirmed. Tracks may be all over Ocarina for not knowing about Malladus, but the Link himself knew next to nothing about the foes of the console Links, save perhaps a name or two, and he was too stubborn to admit it. Sighing once again, Seasons shook his head. This was just like their first journey all over again…

"Seasons…" Ocarina's brow furrowed with worry as he gained the Link's attention. "I think I know who two of the voices were now." He shook his head, "I knew they sounded familiar but I just couldn't place them, but now that you mention it… It wouldn't be exactly unheard of for Ganon to bring back Onox and Veran, now would it?"

"Tch." Seasons looked away bitterly. Great. Just great. Bring back all of them, why don't they? Who was responsible for this? Ghirahim? If so, that skyward Link was going to pay for this.

Tracks shrugged off the seriousness with a frown as he said, "Who cares? You know who the bad guys are. Shouldn't be that hard to defeat them."

Ocarina sighed, "Tracks, you don't understand-"

"Oh I understand perfectly. You're afraid to go after some villain whom you've destroyed in the past. Done it before, you can do it again, right? Whats the big deal?" Seriously, everything had to be thought out with these console Links. What a pain.

Ocarina rolled his eyes and was about to reply when a loud thumping sound caught his attention. The three Links turned towards the source of the noise somewhere near the cave's entrance. Ocarina's hand moved towards his sword as the newcomer got to his feet, dusting himself off. But as he stood up, Ocarina lowered his hand. This guy…he-

Tracks had to do a double take before finally face-palming as he recognized their visitor. How on earth could he ever forget that lazy, good for nothing, swindling crook? Although, as he continued to stare, he started to think something was…off.

The tall man eyed the three Links in the cave with mild disinterest before settling his sights on Tracks. Instantly he frowned and pointed at the youth as he called out loudly, "You there! Shrimp! Just what in blaze's do you think you've been doing, ya little monkey?" He quickly turned to the two other Links, unimpressed. "Been playing dress up with your lackeys? That's mutiny boy!"

"Now hold on!" Tracks glared at him. Just what the hell was he going on about? Lackeys? Mutiny? "You're not making any sense! Not that you made any sense to begin with…" he mumbled to himself.

"Ha!" The tall man folded his arms, "Don't pretend like you don't know what Im talking about, boy. I always make sense. And when Im not making cents, Im making dough!" This last was accompanied by a wink followed by a grin.

Both Ocarina and Tracks stared at him confused.

"Strange company you keep…"

"Shut up, Oc."

Seasons eyed the tall man curiously. For some reason, he felt like he should know this guy, if only through conversation. He had on a long dark blue coat over a lighter blue vest with a red ascot tie. But what stood out the most was his droopy eyes and posture. The guy staggered around like he was the best thing ever and the way he acted towards Tracks…

"Excuse me…"

The man turned to stare at Seasons. "And what do you want, girly?

"G-Girly?-!" Seasons stared at him in shocked rage. No one called him girly.

Seeing the enraged look in his eyes, Ocarina tried to divert the attention to himself by saying, "Excuse me, Mr. uh…"

"Honestly!" The man huffed as he placed his hands on his hips and said in a grandiose tone, "Don't you people know the Great Captain Linebeck when you see him?" He eyed Tracks as if he were a disobedient student, "Been slacking there, boy."

"Sh-Shut up! And whats with that title? You're no captain! Just a shady salesclerk."

"Insolent whelp! Know yer place!" Instantly he turned his anger on Ocarina, his eyes full of suspicion, "Just what have you done to my first mate, kid?"

"Eh? I uh…um, well-"

"I am not your first mate!" denied Tracks.

"And I'm not girly!" yelled Seasons.

Ocarina frowned. This was not going so well. Seasons looked like he was about to murder someone, Tracks was just behind, and Linebeck was just a lot to handle. Wasn't the Captain someone Toony always talked about? If so, how did Tracks know him? What was the Captain doing here of all places anyway?

Ocarina cleared his throat and held up his hands in a friendly gesture, "Listen, Linebeck-"

"That's Captain to you, Mr. Cosplay."

The Hero of Time bit his tongue to stop himself from retorting. He had worn the uniform way longer than Tracks had and- He shook his head once more. Not helping. "Captain Linebeck, what are you doing here?"

It was a simple question and the answer he gave was even simpler. "Cuz I felt like it."

"Hardly." Seasons glared at him. That stupid captain was going to pay for that 'girly' comment. "Whats the real reason?"

Linebeck ignored him and instead turned to Tracks, "Hey, Link, who is this guy anyway?" he asked, pointing at Seasons. "They giving you trouble or something? Is that whats going on here?" Once again the Captain eyed the two older Links suspiciously, "You guys don't want to mess with the Great Captain Linebeck, boys. I'll mess you up real good. Count on it."

Just then a particularly loud crack of thunder sounded from outside, causing the boastful captain to cower in fear.

"Ha, 'real good' my ass," mumbled Seasons snidely.

Seeing this as a golden opportunity to change the subject, Ocarina said, "Captain Linebeck, you have a ship, don't you? And you know Toony- er, Link. Any chance you can take us to his island?"

"Eh?" The captain turned from Ocarina to Tracks with a frown. "I thought something was odd here. Yo, Link, what happened to yer boat, kid? Its totally not up there. Didn't tie it down right?" He shook his head, "Rookie mistake."

Tracks rolled his eyes. He was getting sick of being regarded as Toony. Whats more, how did Linebeck know Toony? Was this a different Linebeck? It had to be. "Look, Im not-"

"That's exactly it. Lost the boat. Storm and all that." Ocarina forced an embarrassed smile as Linebeck turned to him. "That's why we've been stuck here hanging out. Real stroke of luck you turning up here, Captain."

Seasons eyed their leader questioningly. Just what was he playing at?

Linebeck seemed to be thinking the same thing as he tried to figure out the Link. He glanced at Seasons then to Tracks before folding his arms and averting his gaze. "Well too bad for you, sonny. Ain't no way Im going back out there. Nuh-uh."

"Why not?"

"The "Great" Captain Linebeck afraid of a little storm?" challenged Seasons rudely.

"Ha! Mind your tongue, boy. The Great Captain Linebeck is afraid of nothing!"

"Then why the hesitation?" asked Tracks.

Linebeck was silent. Truth was, there was a good reason why he didn't want to go out there. Lightning, rain, and thunder? Nothing compared to what lay in the center of it all. A dense, deep fog that would chill any sailor to the bone. He had no clue how this evil was allowed to resurface, but he had no desire to go chasing after it again. The Captain faced Tracks, a look of seriousness crossing his face for once, "Yer not gunna believe it kid, but that Ghost Ship creature's back."

Tracks stared at him blankly, "The what?"

"You sure you're alright, Link?"

"Yeah, yeah, he's fine. Shock of losing his boat and all that." Ocarina glanced at Seasons who nodded in understanding. For now it was best that Linebeck continued to believe Tracks was Toony. That way they would be in the captain's good favors and the chances of getting off that island remained high. This news about a creature being back though… That didn't bode well. "Linebeck, is there any chance you can get us to Outset? Its…kinda of important."

Seasons had to hand it to Ocarina; the guy was definitely getting focused. If indeed they had all been scattered across the Great Sea, Outset Island would be the first place Toony would go, along with any other Links scattered amongst the islands. He looked to Linebeck, as did the others. Everything was riding on the captain.

The tall man eyed the two older Links before settling his sights on Tracks. Though he coudnt place it, something was 'off' about his happy go lucky first mate. But he owed the kid, and he wasn't exactly going to deny him his family. Linebeck furrowed his brow in mock concentration as if the decision was a hard one, just to keep those guys on their toes. After a long drawn out sigh, he grinned, "Fine fine, yeah yeah, sure sure." Linebeck waved his hand dramatically as he turned his back on them, "I guess I can allow you guys passage on my ship. Though the fee aint cheap."

Tracks and Seasons glared at him but Ocarina just smiled, "That's alright. We can pay you."

"Eeeh?" The Captain turned to him disbelieving. "Jeez, kid, I was joking. Gosh…" He shook his head. What kinda captain would he be if he forced his best buddy to pay a fee?

Tracks frowned. Now he knew it wasn't the same Linebeck. The Linebeck he knew would for sure force them to pay. Shrugging it off, the small Link headed for the exit. So they were going to some place called Outset Island? Whatever. At least it was better than this empty Fairy Fountain.

Seasons shrugged and followed afterwards but Linebeck stopped Ocarina before he could follow suit. "Just what are you to the kid?" he asked curiously.

Ocarina smiled, "He's my friend."

"'Friend', huh?" Linebeck narrowed his eyes. If they were such good friends, then how come the midget had never mentioned his look-a-like buddies? "Whats yer name, kid?"

"Ocarina. The other one is called Seasons."

Linebeck let out a quick laugh. "Ocarina? Seasons? What were your parents on? Ha!"

The Hero of Time had to force a smile. Talking about their parents… It wasn't exactly a topic discussed by the Links and for good reason. With a few exceptions, the Heroes really didn't have family and it had always been a sore subject.

"Well come on then, Mr. Instrument. Don't want to keep 'nature' waiting."

The two then hurried to the surface to unite with the others. It was no longer pouring but the skies were still dark as a thick drizzle fell down from above. Tracks and Seasons were waiting by the S.S. Linebeck II, their arms folded and sour expressions on their faces from getting wet.

"Will you two hurry up?" complained Tracks.

"Yeah yeah, hold yer cuckoos, squirt." Linebeck walked over and hopped up on his ship, unlocking the passage below deck. "All aboard!"

Tracks seemed to roll his eyes as he headed inside followed by the rest of the crew as Linebeck quickly set to work getting the ship ready to depart.

"How long is this gunna take?" asked Seasons as he looked around.

"Hour. Half hour. Two hours. The Sea is a fickle mistress, Spring."

He blinked, "What did you call me?"

"What? You rather I call ya Winter? Summer? What about Fall?" Linebeck straightened up as the ship whirred to life. "Never liked Winter much. Too many blasted icebergs…"

"Seasons will be just fine," he replied flatly. He resisted the temptation to glare at Ocarina. It wasn't his fault the captain was an idiot.

"Alright, and we're off." Linebeck turned to face his crew. They sure did look weird all wearing the same outfit and such. They even all sort of looked alike too. "You guys...arent related are you?"

"Oh brother…" Tracks readjusted his hat before heading back up to the deck. He didn't want to play 'small talk' and if enduring some light rain would get him out of it, that was fine by him. He didn't like how the Captain kept treating him either.

Seasons glared after Tracks. That Link needed a serious wake up call and since being nice wasn't working…

Ocarina sighed as Seasons followed Tracks on deck. The Link was a problem they would have to deal with sooner or later. Hopefully Seasons could get through to him. Shrugging off Linebeck's question, the Hero of Time brought out his ocarina.

He wanted to know if the others were okay or not, but he had no idea where they were. Slowly he brought the instrument up to his lips and played Saria's Song. Hopefully, if Young Link was alright, he would be able to get in touch with him. After that… The Hero closed his eyes as the notes faded.


Once again he tried playing the song. Still nothing. By this point Ocarina was starting to get worried. Why wasn't Young Link answering? Was he in trouble? Was he alright? Had something happened to the others? Maybe- Quickly he tried another song, one of the many teleportation songs taught to him by Sheik. The Prelude of Light ended but the usual sensation of weightlessness didn't come. Ocarina stared at the instrument in his hands perturbed. Just what was going on…?

"See why they call you 'ocarina'. Yer pretty good with that thing."

Ocarina blinked, suddenly aware of the captain's presence. "Uh…yeah." He turned his attention back to the Ocarina of Time. Was it…the instrument wasn't working? Or…something worse? Since it was raining, the only way to know for sure was to play the Sun's Song. Before he did that however… "Linebeck, what can you tell me about this Ghost Ship creature?"

The Captain narrowed his eyes, "You're a friend of the kid, right? Didn't he tell you?" At Ocarina's silence, he folded his arms, his suspicions confirmed, "That's not Link, is it?"

Ocarina put his instrument away and looked down, his hands clasped. "No, no that's not Link. Or at least, not the one you know. To be honest, I have no idea where your first mate is. Im hoping he'll be on Outset but… I cant say for certain."

"Hmph." Linebeck scowled at the Hero before him. "Should have said so sooner! First mate in trouble, Ghost Ship sailing 'round, what the hell is going on around here?"

"I wish I knew Line-"


Ocarina sighed, "Captain Linebeck."

He grinned. He liked this guy; he was easy to push. "So you wanna know about Bellum, right?"


"Honestly, I thought you said you knew the kid?"

Ocarina was silent. He did. Toony was his friend. The Hero remembered Toony telling them about his second adventure once or twice but… Ocarina frowned feeling suddenly depressed. Had he not paid attention? How much did he know about the Hero of Winds anyway? He had always been cheerful, surprising them with his sudden outbursts, getting them on track. But had he ever really listened?

His frown deepened. Was he this way towards everyone…?

Up on deck, Seasons was having problems of his own. The rain had died down to almost nothing so that wasn't it. The problem was the Link standing next to him. He tapped his foot impatiently. Just how was he supposed to crack this guy?

Tracks stared ahead, one hand on his hat so that the wind wouldn't claim it. He tried his best to ignore the Link next to him, busying himself with counting the small islands they passed, but that incessant tapping of his foot was starting to get on his nerves.

"Just what the hell do you want?" asked Tracks rudely as he turned on him.

Seasons almost laughed as he said, "What do I want? Heh, I want a lot of things, but right now I want to know what the hell happened to you to make you like this. I realize your hate for consoles and I get it, but that's no reason to be an asshole to people who only wish to help. Ocarina may not be the smartest Link in the world but he's my friend and I will not stay silent and allow you to constantly drag him down as you have been doing. So tell me Tracks, what the hell do you want?"

Tracks glowered at him. "I just want to be left alone!"

"Hmph." Seasons folded his arms, "Shouldn't be hard what with that attitude of yours."

"What would you know, huh? You've already thrown in your lot with them so don't even try-"

Tracks was cut off as he was suddenly struck across the face. Seasons gave him a piercing glare as he said sternly, "Enough. I don't care if you're a portable. I don't care if you're a console. I don't care if your game is well received, difficult, or an all around flop. And you know what? Neither does any of those consoles you are so adamant on hating. You're not perfect, Tracks, and neither are they. Brunette? Have you talked to that Link? He's worse than you are. Knight? The guy is a ticking time bomb waiting to go off. Ocarina? Hell, you've seen Ocarina. Young Link is the biggest tsundere I know and Toony still hasn't been fully accepted by consoles, and he himself is one. Twilight's an idiot and as for Sky," Seasons scoffed, "the guy should try diving without that sailcloth of his."

Tracks stared up at Seasons, a hurtful expression on his face as he massaged his bruised cheek. He wanted to slug the guy back but was rooted to the spot by the Link's words. He knew it didn't matter, really, if you were a console or a portable. He just used that as an excuse. In truth, he was jealous. The console Links all seemed like such a tight knit group but to see the way Seasons tore them apart like that… Maybe they weren't as close as he had thought. Still, when it came down to it, they would always unite. Who did he have? Minish?

Tracks looked down sadly. Ocarina was worried about Toony and his friends. How was that any different than how he felt about finding Minish and the others?

Seasons sighed and placed a hand on his hip, watching the Link before him. Had that done it? Had he finally got through? "Look, Im not going to apologize for hitting you, but do you understand now? Everyone has their problems. Hell, I think everyone's stupid compared to me. That's a problem. But you have no right-"

"I get it. I get it." Tracks glared up at him. He was through with 'circle time'. "Don't judge a book by its cover, right?" He looked away, staring off into the horizon. The skies had darkened again and the rain had picked up. Seasons was right of course and he hated that. Why did he have to be so right, dammit?

"Right…" Seasons shook his head as he stared at the Link in front of him. He may say he understood but his actions would tell the truth. Only time would tell if-

"Hey…Seasons? What is that…?"

The Hero of the Oracles stared out to where Tracks was pointing. The sea looked especially green as the storm began to intensify causing the two Links to get soaked again, but what Seasons saw as a bolt of lightning streaked across the sky was a far worse problem than a little rain. Seagulls were beginning to circle and where seagulls circled…

"That… That is trouble."

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