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Chapter one

The traditional prank week. It was a big deal to the girls at Queens All Girl Prep School. Every year, a single girl would be chosen by the seniors to pull a prank in the boys of Leviathan Prep. The prank was always a secret until the first day of the prank, when it was reveaked to all.

The teachers, unknowing about the prank, encouraged the outing of that single girl because they believedit built character and helped with the boy/girl relations. They believed it was some sort of exchange project or some nonsense like that.

I scoffed at that thought. All boys at Leviathan Prep were stuck up jerks. Their holier-than-thou attitudes got annoying fast, and all the girls knew it. We had to knock them off their high horses, so every year, the prank got more intense than the last.

I was walking down the hallway to my dorm room, lost in thought, when I heard my name being shouted.

"Deryn!" came the call once again, this time a little closer.

I came to a halt, and turned in place to see my best friend and roomate, Lilit, sprinting toward me as best she could in her awkward, school required heels.

When she finally caught up, I let her catch her breath, then we continued strolling to our room.

"Lilit, what in blazes has got you so excited?" I demanded, on edge.

She shot me an excited smile, before her face became serious and she said, "The seniors announced the prank girl."

I stared at her, waiting.

"It's you, Deryn!"

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