Chapter nine

Alek stared at the bleary, grey wall, listening to Dylan fidget in the dark. The only light in the room came from the moonlight streaming in from the single, dirty window.

Alek knew there would be no sleep for him that night; he was too suspicious of the new boy's behavior. He wasn't sure what had him so on edge about Dylan. Maybe it was the fact that Dylan's voice got a little higher pitched than a normal boy the age of sixteen would have when he was talking to his 'sister' out in the hall.

Alek had only heard a little bit of that conversation, but what he had heard just added fuel to his suspicious fire.

Alek was broken out of his own little world by the slight squealing of Dylan's bed springs shifting as the other boy sat up. Alek's soft snores abruptly stopped for a second as he listened, trying to keep his body relaxed. The air around the two boys felt tense, as they both waited for the other to move.

Giving off another snore, Alek heard Dylan release a breath, and continue on his silent journey.

A few minutes of complete silence on the newcomer's side of the room made Alek curious.

The creaking of the old wooden door broke the silence, the squeaking especially loud in the place of the silence, startling Alek. He sat up and rubbed the imaginary sleep from his sleep-deprived eyes.

"Dylan?" he called, lacing his tone with the act of sleep.

Dylan froze, his whole body tense, before he relaxed and turned slowly, keeping his right hand plastered to his side.

"Alek, why are you awake?" he demanded, his voice a quiet hiss.

Alek caught this. "You were making too much noise. What are you doing?"

"I'm... going to the head. Go back to sleep, you ninny." he replied, a little shakily.

Alek pretended to agree and lay back down, listening to the creak of the door as Dylan slipped out and shut it behind him.

Alek waited a few moments, letting Dylan get a head start, then pulled out his secret weapon when he wanted to sneak out; WD40.

He gave a coy smile to himself in the darkness.

Throwing his blankets off, he stood up, oiled the door, and snuck out, ready to find out the mysterious boy's secret.

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